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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASSIGN

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Astrology, 137:of the Zodiacal Constellations Some astrologers assign Saturn as one of the rulers. [138] Alan LeoAstrology, 521:far as any world effect is concerned. To them I assign no other focal point beyond hinting thatAutobiography, 14:saves me. Leading astrologers, to my amusement, assign different signs as my rising sign - Virgo,Destiny, 63:forecasts, it will not be possible for them to assign the correct ruling signs to the variousDestiny, 96:far as any world effect is concerned. To them I assign no other focal point beyond hinting thatDiscipleship1, 46:The object of any meditation which I may assign to you is to enable you to have power in meditationDiscipleship1, 59:daily use of the group meditations which I may assign you, by a renewed interest in the subject ofDiscipleship1, 133:accomplishment? To help you do this, I shall not assign you a great deal of personal work orDiscipleship1, 159:the nature of the meditation which I must assign to you. The condition of increased sensitivity isDiscipleship1, 259:my fourth ray mentality and my physical brain? I assign, therefore, the following meditation:Discipleship1, 300:work earlier assigned. Why, therefore, should I assign more or different work? That earlier givenDiscipleship1, 330:the Science of Prevision. It has been my wish to assign higher and more esoteric meditations butDiscipleship1, 416:without any personal word. Today I seek to assign your work and to establish a closer rapportDiscipleship1, 424:but add to it the further work which I assign you. Discipleship1, 466:to the Full Moon Approach. I would also like to assign you a special task which will be of value toDiscipleship1, 489:time. There is no special work to which I would assign you, beyond impressing upon you theDiscipleship1, 501:information should prove of service to you. I assign you no special work but would ask you to doDiscipleship1, 601:to aid you in your group work. All the work I assign to individuals in the group has but one aim inDiscipleship1, 608:your fellow disciples. This is the task which I assign you. Discipleship2, 75:to esoteric understanding. When, my brothers, I assign meditation work and make suggestion over theDiscipleship2, 115:information. The meditation which I wish to assign will be divided into two parts: Stage I. A stageDiscipleship2, 120:of a preface to the one I am now seeking to assign. It should leave each of you (if carrying itDiscipleship2, 356:seven rays, do not waste your time attempting to assign the seven hints to the seven ray influencesDiscipleship2, 458:of purpose is what the world needs today... I assign you no specific meditation. Work out your own,Discipleship2, 500:of the second statement: Lean on your soul. I assign to you no particular meditation. I believeDiscipleship2, 587:and consolidation is now concluded and I can assign other work to you. Your work must now be moreDiscipleship2, 729:Do the group work and meditation as indicated. I assign you no special work. I seek to see you moreExternalisation, 216:who theorize and speculate, advise, and assign responsibility, but who refrain from any activeMeditation, 40:of vibration and the color, then he can wisely assign, but not before. Before that time,Telepathy, 136:stable, to bracket certain relations or to assign certain centers to certain ray energies. This
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