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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASSIMILATED

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Astrology, 153:Cross, in due time and when its lessons are assimilated, brings about planetary awareness. TheAutobiography, 283:covered the necessary preliminary work, to have assimilated a certain measure of technical andDiscipleship1, 39:contacted and noted and their energy has to be assimilated and transmitted. 9. This ninth groupDiscipleship1, 230:time the sun moves northward, you will have so assimilated the procedure and accustomed yourself toDiscipleship1, 351:in the late fall. By that time, all will have assimilated and grasped the essentials of the groupDiscipleship1, 353:of strain or pressure - it will be gradually assimilated. It will then become an integral part ofDiscipleship1, 465:in my last communication and not yet have you assimilated all that I gave. Study the messagesDiscipleship1, 630:go on forever. There is a limit to what can be assimilated and much remains yet to be worked out inDiscipleship1, 647:of encouragement and cheer, must be studied and assimilated. They will thus form part of yourDiscipleship2, 656:when this life's lessons have been learnt and assimilated. For this you must consciously prepare byExternalisation, 646:will be primarily involved. This energy is being assimilated in the Ashram of the Master Whom IFire, 57:the fuel of the body (pranic rays) is adequately assimilated, the human frame will function asFire, 91:etheric body, and caught up by him and again assimilated. When the etheric body is in good orderFire, 97:fire radiatory and emanative; fire generated, assimilated and radiated; fire vivifying, stimulatingFire, 228:of the inner flame, coupled with the assimilated radiation of other units - will increase, andFire, 713:plane. At first their influence is unconsciously assimilated, and the man responds to the planFire, 753:touched upon by H. P. B. and until students have assimilated and studied what she has said, thereFire, 868:of truth, progressively grasped, has to be assimilated, and welded into the experience of theFire, 871:types of force are generated, dealt with, assimilated, and used, at first unconsciously and finallyHealing, 265:symbolically and factually again, they must be assimilated into all the nations, and fused with allHealing, 265:in doing this and have fused with and been assimilated by the British, the Dutch and the French inHercules, 135:stone and rigid steel. When the Libran has assimilated the soft harmonies of Venus, he begins toInitiation, 167:types of force are generated, dealt with, assimilated, and used, at first unconsciously, andMagic, 189:Eye Later, when the knowledge here conveyed is assimilated, the aspirant will come to anMagic, 324:vitality is low and the pranic fluids are not assimilated, then the whole vibratory contact isMagic, 351:This is a lengthy process, for all has to be assimilated and made part and parcel of the disciple'sMeditation, 140:take up and elucidate. These things, if duly assimilated and acted upon, will lead to furtherMeditation, 326:pamphlets that will embody the product of the assimilated information. The best of these books willMeditation, 334:eating, and a little pure good food perfectly assimilated are all that a disciple requires. You askMeditation, 343:Food absorbed by the human body, if not assimilated and passed through the system, causes just thePatanjali, 231:consists in the senses becoming entirely assimilated to, or controlled by the mind. They must bePatanjali, 231:from their objects and fixed upon the mind and assimilated to it, so that by preventing theProblems, 96:degree and have been eventually absorbed and assimilated by the land of their citizenship. The JewsPsychology1, 67:and adapted to individual need, and thus be assimilated into the life practice. Otherwise thesePsychology1, 247:and in the building forces that transmute the assimilated minerals, the absorbed moisture, the foodPsychology2, 140:of the governing principles which must be assimilated by humanity. These ideas, when grasped by thePsychology2, 192:and [192] noted. Their energy has to be assimilated and transmitted and this is the function ofRays, 197:and later of initiation may be correctly assimilated and expressed; by its means, the hurryingRays, 473:when any abstract truth is truly appreciated and assimilated. But the time has not yet come for theRays, 694:when the experiences undergone have been rightly assimilated; and that the Master on the Cardinal
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