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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASSOCIATE

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Autobiography, 111:decided there was nobody good enough for me to associate with. Of course, I did my duty as theAutobiography, 190:came regularly. Mr. Richard Prater, an old associate of W.Q. Judge and a pupil of H.P.BlavatskyBethlehem, 102:his fellow initiates, those with whom he can associate, and he finds out also the mission to whichBethlehem, 120:will make life pleasanter for those with whom we associate, and a kindness and inclusiveness whichDiscipleship1, 411:family circle. Upon those with whom you associate in your social life. Upon your group brothers.Discipleship2, 299:It is not easy for the disciple in training to associate the sense of synthesis and the use of theExternalisation, 174:and unimportant - in every land, asking them to associate themselves in their own way and withExternalisation, 315:best aid in the task. I would ask all of you who associate yourselves with me in the work of theHercules, 193:of trust. Cut out distrust of all with whom you associate, believe in them and they will not letMagic, 192:the aspirant a server of humanity and a fit associate of the Elder Brethren of the race. When theseMagic, 483:remembered. If an aspirant evokes hatred in an associate, if he arouses him to temper, and if heMeditation, 291:student comes to recognize this vibration and to associate it with some particular Great One, forRays, 133:nature of Those with Whom the disciple has to associate, and the kind of world and of consciousnessRays, 727:of Those with Whom he has fitted himself to associate. What the planetary purpose is I know not;Reappearance, 76:has become, for the time being, His close Associate. [77] This is an event of supreme and planetary
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