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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASSOCIATED

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Fire, 912:plane. These four are in two divisions, those associated with the building of the etheric doubles,Fire, 914:covering of the earth's surface with verdure. Associated with them are the [915] lesser devas ofFire, 1085:Pleiades, Draco or the Dragon are in some way associated with the solar system but as yet He knowsFire, 1176:prepared percentage of humanity, and is closely associated with a group who pass with facility andFire, 1185:and superhuman) which have earlier been associated, and have, therefore, somewhat to work out. TheFire, 1185:for instance, are a few out of the great band of associated Lives Who have chosen to come intoFire, 1266:the carrying out of His behests. This group, associated with the Logos, forms a special groupGlamour, 210:this which has given Hitler and the six evil men associated with him their power to destroy uponHealing, 82:and from the soul; they come also from associated and contacted groups, from the planetary life,Healing, 284:one case, an intensification of the life of the associated center, with a consequent definiteHealing, 397:when speaking of death. The outstanding attitude associated with death is one of fear. This fear isHealing, 406:Bible, which is in this present planetary cycle associated with the death of all astral controlHealing, 559:of the highly developed patient will then be associated with the impact of the soul energy upon anHercules, 51:"What is best for the group with which I am associated?" It is by doing this that the bull isHercules, 52:for the welfare of those with whom he is associated, and a life of loving service: these constituteHercules, 68:of the first magnitude. Sirius has always been associated with great heat, hence we have the phraseHercules, 69:learns the meaning of service. Lepus, the Hare, associated with these two constellations, containsHercules, 90:The thought of the sheepfold has been closely associated in the minds of people with Christ.Hercules, 90:astronomy as to how the name "bear" came to be associated with either of these groups of stars, forHercules, 100:the slaying of the Nemean lion has always been associated with Hercules, though it is interestingHercules, 105:immense constellation called Hydra, the serpent, associated with the sign Leo. We find also Crater,Hercules, 144:Three of these heads symbolize the appetites associated with sex, comfort and money. The secondHercules, 186:particular section of humanity with which we are associated. It negates ambition; it negates theHercules, 199:them. The term, world savior, has until now been associated with the thought of the emergence of aInitiation, 76:to a closer link at a later period with all associated with the disciple through the karma of pastInitiation, 120:group units with whom he is intrinsically associated; he realizes who they are in theirInitiation, 130:shield and envelope. The Rod of the cosmic Logos associated with our solar Logos is secreted inInitiation, 191:the carrying out of his behests. This group, associated with the Logos, forms a special groupInitiation, 199:occult work or knowledge, the affairs of those associated with them, and the work of their occultIntellect, 109:because the mind in ordinary activity is always associated with and affected by desire of someIntellect, 192:imperfection, and the more a man's thoughts are associated with other than God the more is heIntellect, 245:made application to the group with whom I am associated. This they did, not because they wanted toIntellect, 247:alike of Angels and of men. When He and those associated with Him find an aspirant who is engrossedMagic, 19:Peripheral system of nerves. It is closely associated with the energy aspect, being the apparatusMagic, 129:that I am on the Teaching Ray, and closely associated with the Master K. H., that part of my workMagic, 171:of the group of disciples with whom he is associated. The vibration of the Master. All three areMagic, 390:and rules the mental plane but he is definitely associated with [391] the work of arousing theMeditation, 24:dough. The man is conscious of vague desires not associated with his physical body; he is capableMeditation, 117:and his response to any surrounding need. His associated band of servers, the group under someMeditation, 326:rest entirely from all mental effort save that associated with the practice of the imparted occultPatanjali, 292:has been aroused, by the term "central organ" associated with this light. Some commentators referPatanjali, 306:same close relation existing between the glands associated with the centers below the diaphragm asPatanjali, 315:intuition. There are three aspects of knowledge associated with the light in the head. First, thereProblems, 121:and in their own communities; let them know that associated they are omnipotent and that they canPsychology1, 188:give of your money so that the work of those associated with the New Group of World Servers may goPsychology1, See pa:person or persons with whom the animal is associated. The ray or rays of a particular periodicPsychology1, 390:States is likewise esoterically and intimately associated, in its form aspect, with Brazil, RussiaPsychology1, 397:of the Master by the three most [397] closely associated with Him in His death and burial. MasonsPsychology2, 92:series of divine expression with which we are associated, has a peculiar relation to the positionPsychology2, 134:problem to the other servers with whom he may be associated, for he sees no vision but his own, andPsychology2, 141:meditate upon and assimilate the new ideas associated with the Plan, and by the power of theirPsychology2, 141:of the New Group of World Servers is primarily associated with ideas. The [142] disciples andPsychology2, 358:also) these two major rays are always so closely associated, and why all esoteric schoolsPsychology2, 468:This produces difficult situations for all associated with him, and continues frequently over aPsychology2, 660:this must be done and the medium used is for the associated servers to decide. Attention should bePsychology2, 664:Lincoln, or Florence Nightingale) have all been associated with this center. The range of thesePsychology2, 669:The major objective and aim of all who are associated with the New Group of World Servers is toPsychology2, 674:of the New Group of World Servers, and those associated with them, stand for no party, neither forPsychology2, 682:of the New Group of World Servers and those associated with them through similarity of ideas andPsychology2, 717:disciples in the world today who are in no way associated with the present plans. This is a pointPsychology2, 745:of the Hierarchy, of the Christ and of all associated with Him (call Them by what name you please)Rays, 45:the word "tension" conveys at this time. It is associated in the minds of the reading public withRays, 45:in reality tension, occultly understood, is not associated with these aspects of personalityRays, 66:the group with which the initiate finds himself associated. The mode of working covers an earlierRays, 119:it differs from happiness and joy? Bliss is associated with complete Being; it concerns theRays, 209:sees life and its phantasmagoria (including all associated persons) in the light of the SpiritualRays, 272:of awakening. These three great Lives Who have associated Themselves with the Lord of the WorldRays, 276:relationship which exists between Those Who are associated with Sanat Kumara. Brotherhood, as itRays, 401:life, is free from all that is at present associated with the astral plane: glamor and delusion,Rays, 568:of the particular initiation with which it is associated. Its effect upon humanity, regardingRays, 643:by the establishing of the Service Activities, associated with the Arcane School. The esoteric sideRays, 671:effect - automatically induced - upon the gland associated with this center; it becomes a balancedRays, 674:Initiation. The concept of baptism is ever associated with that of purification. Water has everRays, 692:your consciousness. The idea of crucifixion is associated in your minds with death and torture,Rays, 692:this fourth initiation. The sign of the Cross - associated in the Western world with thisRays, 699:East and in the West. This is a sacrifice idea associated with the concept of pain, agony,Rays, 701:by struggle and conflict - struggle and conflict associated on our planet with pain and sufferingRays, 714:first aspect of divinity is necessarily closely associated with the first Ray of Power or Will. IRays, 724:oft been told that there are four Lords of Karma associated with the Council Chamber at Shamballa.Reappearance, 78:will foster and aid and for this purpose He has associated Himself with the Christ, working throughSoul, 49:related to fear and anger that all are always associated in any discussion. Courage is commonlySoul, 83:by its past karma, and has its own peculiarly associated ignorance (avidya). The ego is theSoul, 116:cerebrum, the activity of which is ordinarily associated with conscious volition and ideation andSoul, 155:be accounted super-rational, has, however, been associated in traditional Christianity notTelepathy, 34:the centers of those with whom the disciples are associated. Particularly should the sensitivity ofTelepathy, 145:permeating every single part. It is peculiarly associated at this time with the nervous system,Telepathy, 151:material or tangible form with which they may be associated. This form underlies every part of theTelepathy, 151:outline of the physical vehicle with which it is associated. When, however, the head center is
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