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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASSOCIATES

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Astrology, 586:first ray [586] force. Hitler, therefore, found associates and cooperators who added theirAutobiography, 299:of the Wisdom known by certain [299] of his associates as the Master Djwhal Khul. It was D.K.,Destiny, 88:in metals whose influence in this case closely associates itself with the undeveloped aspect of theDiscipleship1, 163:seven ways of divine manifestation. You and your associates have - if you so choose and because weDiscipleship1, 183:different to those existing between you and your associates in your chosen field of work or betweenDiscipleship1, 191:your emotional effect upon: Your family. Your associates. Those to whom you lecture or preach. TheDiscipleship1, 195:the weaknesses and frailties of your family and associates. Let not this grow upon you, but let itDiscipleship1, 239:to whom you had pledged yourself or to your associates in service with whom you have been for soDiscipleship1, 307:judgment as to the relative soul age of his associates. He soon discovers that these vary. HeDiscipleship1, 366:glamor which is sorely needed by the immediate associates D. A. 0. in my group. You succumbDiscipleship1, 404:because of the reactions of your immediate associates and your strenuous endeavor to lift all thatDiscipleship1, 424:your environment comes to be recognized by your associates. This, in the early stages again, mayDiscipleship1, 443:with you at all times and dealing with your associates and those whom you instruct from thisDiscipleship1, 483:of life as lived by yourself, your environing associates, and also the nations of the world. EvokeDiscipleship1, 534:it makes no impact on his surroundings and his associates. It, therefore, has no value. For you theDiscipleship1, 587:you: It isolates you in your own mind from your associates and you need to learn the necessity forDiscipleship2, 488:the reception of impression from environment and associates, and there is still the recognition ofDiscipleship2, 511:have been definitely regarded by me and by my Associates as a pledged disciple. I am pointing thisDiscipleship2, 613:to contact with you and with your band of associates, [614] does have definite results. To handleDiscipleship2, 621:not yourself. Do you evoke in your friends and associates a good and happy response or the reverse?Discipleship2, 644:such as yours, environing conditions and chosen associates tend to complicate matters and you are,Discipleship2, 644:his life work, his place of living and his life associates. I refer to a free choice made whenDiscipleship2, 645:in relation to his environment, [645] his associates and his service greatly aggravates hisDiscipleship2, 699:and to lose yourself in the interests of your associates and of humanity. Can you do this, myEducation, 77:be recognized, and that those who are his older associates will always comprehend the nature of hisEducation, 89:days assume an unselfish attitude towards his associates. It can be started very simply if theExternalisation, 321:alibi of the enemy of humanity - Hitler and his associates. The Coming One will make His appearanceExternalisation, 346:of this first ray force. Hitler therefore found associates and cooperators who added theirExternalisation, 382:family and his household, his business or social associates, his casual acquaintances and all withExternalisation, 608:will gather around Him, in the flesh, His chosen associates and advisors; these will not be theExternalisation, 622:now are, among the people who are their karmic associates, and with the psychological and physicalFire, 595:of mate, love of family, love of surrounding associates, to love of one's entire environment;Healing, 386:to the relation of both parties to their associates. An effort on the part of the patient (unlessHealing, 405:the release of those like Sanat Kumara, and His Associates in the Council Chamber at Shamballa,Initiation, 102:thereby call forth from all his [102] environing associates a recognition that will show itself inInitiation, 206:by [206] the example he sets to his environing associates of spiritual living and moral rectitude,Magic, 103:whom one contacts and upon one's environing associates. May I interpolate here the remark that IMagic, 368:will have proved to you who are your chosen associates, and in community of suffering will come theMagic, 369:[369] plan will be yours, and all is well that associates you closely with Them; the joy of havingMagic, 448:kama-manasic forms and not by his environing associates. The moment that the mind factor enters inMeditation, 17:he personally loves, of all for his environing associates, and thus on and up till all is utilizedMeditation, 24:a wild unreasoning devotion for his environing associates, and of an equally wild and unreasoningMeditation, 48:work, and his relationship in that work to his associates - a very important occult factor - willMeditation, 90:anent the bodies and the karma, of environing associates solely for their wise assistance and notMeditation, 95:man's mind and the thoughts of his environing associates) so that the mental egg is colored byMeditation, 115:goal. His immediate environment and his close associates on the physical plane are his objectivesMeditation, 117:the Ego needs for adequate expression. [117] His associates and friends; the people his environmentMeditation, 117:his environment throws him with, his business associates, his church affiliations, hisMeditation, 144:embraces: Its family and friends. Its environing associates. Its affiliated groups. Its egoicMeditation, 292:see the room of the Master, and remember his associates in the work of the class. He will rememberMeditation, 349:enjoyed, and the approbation of his environing associates, provided his inner sense of contact withPatanjali, 193:There are three words which the occult student associates ever with the three worlds: [194] Maya orProblems, 63:days assume an unselfish attitude towards its associates. It is bridging work which has now to bePsychology1, 8:with our children and with our friends and associates. We shall find ourselves able to cooperatePsychology1, 19:kingdoms in nature, to those with whom he associates in the human family, and to the guidingPsychology1, 187:in which you find yourself, thus awakening your associates. I call you to a united effort toPsychology2, 116:and often troublesome. The aspirant's environing associates. It is useful for students to havePsychology2, 127:then have an effect upon his environment and his associates. This effect can then be called a "lifePsychology2, 664:associated with this center. The range of these associates is tremendous and the grades of thesePsychology2, 671:form of civilization which the leaders and their associates believe (often quite sincerely) to bePsychology2, 700:and often troublesome. The aspirant's environing associates. It is useful for students to haveRays, 58:acceptance of the Hierarchy, with all its new associates, by the Lord of the World. This acceptanceRays, 272:is of a quality different to that of his two Associates. They represent - in Their lowest aspect -Rays, 363:that the great universal Oneness which he associates with monadic consciousness, is only theRays, 378:the Hierarchy itself, is the Christ and His two Associates, the Manu and the Mahachohan. TheRays, 435:time except as it affects other people and his associates upon the physical plane. At first, hisReappearance, 56:will gather round Him, in the flesh, His chosen associates and advisors; these will not be the onesReappearance, 82:love and power - the energies of His three Associates (the great Triangle of Force which stands inReappearance, 169:they now are, among the people who are their associates and with the psychological and physicalTelepathy, 81:or invoked by the Lord of the World and His Associates; they emanate in response to the "acclaimedTelepathy, 98:creates the effects which a person has upon his associates; it is not primarily his words which
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