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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASSUME

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Fire, 1194:The first is that ethereal form which one would assume when leaving his physical he would appear inGlamour, 34:Dweller upon the Threshold is likely to assume as you come into conflict with it; and if you do theGlamour, 81:cultivating ever the ability to reflect and to assume the attitude of reflection - held steadyGlamour, 97:they have no understanding. They would like to assume control over them and are determined so to doGlamour, 133:they feed his desire nature and consequently assume undue importance, creating a barrier (ofGlamour, 152:it provides to spiritual contact and realization assume potent proportions. Only then can they beGlamour, 153:forces of its ancient and potent personality assume proportions which call for drastic activity andGlamour, 190:spiritual Agent and enables the disciple to assume the attitude of the detached Observer and anGlamour, 246:Manipulation upon the Etheric Plane We will now assume that the aspirant is aware of the need forHealing, 48:to deal with the people who will gradually assume the new types and a changing physical organism.Healing, 142:ray, and finally to the soul ray as it begins to assume control. They are, in reality, responsibleHealing, 149:units of force (48 + 48 = 96) but these do not assume the flower shape of the other lotuses. TheyHealing, 268:summed up the attitude which humanity should assume in the words: "There is neither Jew norHealing, 288:expectation which today handicaps the neophyte. Assume consciously the position that nothing is asHealing, 414:vision is developed, the thought of death will assume very different proportions. When a man can beHealing, 609:arc. When the time comes that the soul can assume conscious control within and over the form, andHealing, 684:- that means those factors which emphasize and assume importance where the form is concerned. ButHercules, 66:the tremendous power that the god of matter can assume, and also the potency of divinity. Gemini isHercules, 130:finding pleasure. For Hercules, as for all who assume the labor that must be performed in Libra,Hercules, 157:the feeling that there exist superhuman men who assume the attitude of directors or masters overHercules, 165:credit for doing the best you know. If we could assume that attitude towards each other, the spiritIntellect, 3:is one-pointed and steady, it may be safe to assume that out of it will emerge that which the raceIntellect, 96:negate the form aspect which his fellowman may assume, and deal with him on the basis of the hiddenIntellect, 206:of the imagination. Through the imagination, we assume the attitude of the Onlooker, the Perceiver.Intellect, 217:point out an attitude which the beginner should assume. It is the attitude of silence. Aspirants toIntellect, 241:Causes which produce objectivity. These ideas assume a mental form, first of all, and some mindMagic, 5:I shall take for granted certain knowledges and assume the students can follow and comprehendMagic, 9:become, so to speak, grounded in matter and assume forms whereby their peculiar specific state ofMagic, 36:The soul plays upon matter, forcing it to assume certain shapes, to respond to certain vibrationsMagic, 54:them to develop a fairly true sense of values. I assume they are endeavoring to live as those whoMagic, 54:goal, though both achieve eventually. Thirdly, I assume that those who set themselves seriously toMagic, 60:the plan for the immediate share of work he must assume is realized and gradually worked out on theMagic, 158:build and vitalize thought-forms, his work might assume greater interest. The tendency of mostMagic, 168:only a temporary condition and gradually he will assume command. Increased responsiveness to ideasMagic, 171:at first. It is a safe rule for aspirants to assume when they contact a high vibration andMagic, 238:in the fight, but only by letting Krishna assume the reins of control, by learning mind control andMagic, 332:shapes which aggregates of atoms can assume. This type of energy which produces the shapes andMagic, 348:walks it alone. The capacity to stand alone, to assume [349] responsibility, and then to carry allMagic, 355:He discovers also that the mind can be made to assume the position of the controller, and that theMagic, 447:by the utterance of the "mystic phrase". We will assume that emergence into effective existence isMagic, 520:out and the selfish purposes of the form nature assume undue control. This dire event happened inMagic, 601:to be a worker in white magic. As such, he must assume and consistently hold the position of theMeditation, 20:accuracy of comprehension is desired. We will assume that the egoic ray of A is that of the Love orMeditation, 51:seem so great, that the data communicated may assume too small proportions. Fundamental PostulatesMeditation, 101:- like so much else in the Logoic scheme - assume a threefold nature, attacking [102] threeMeditation, 125:thus gives opportunity to obsessing entities to assume control. This, as I said before, is rare andMeditation, 252:in their just proportions, and will the forms assume their exact colors, and their numericalPatanjali, 36:stuff or the mental body, the chitta, ceases to assume the various modifications and becomesPatanjali, 79:touch with the phenomenal world) will gradually assume more and more the position of onlooker. HisPatanjali, 82:in a specific manner and these vibration-waves assume the forms we call the petals of the lotus.Patanjali, 326:sheaths or the form aspect, otherwise they will assume undue importance, engross undue attentionPatanjali, 405:they do not care for the gunas, which also assume a state of equilibrium and produce no effect."Problems, 52:to handle relationships and to recognize and assume responsibility. The power to use the mind inProblems, 63:(so easily directed) can from its earliest days assume an unselfish attitude towards itsPsychology1, 70:of forms which will enable the life to assume its many points of focus and express - through thePsychology1, 246:third initiation, the Moon and Mars struggle to assume ascendancy, and there is his battleground.Psychology1, 255:of contact be found and the opportunity to assume responsibility. Yet it should be noted that, inPsychology1, 304:and it will be long before marriage and children assume their rightful place as sacraments, andPsychology2, 216:thought here presented, but not to be quick to assume understanding. There are many ways in whichPsychology2, 314:lesser centers of experience (the lower bodies) assume less and less importance. The soulPsychology2, 317:one say "rampant"?) and even the soul fails to assume vital control? It was for this reason (whenPsychology2, 455:will descend into the world of feeling and there assume the needed sensuous quality which will addPsychology2, 457:the stimulation of the mind, as it endeavors to assume control of the personality. A sense of powerPsychology2, 540:- thus augmenting the difficulties - that they assume eventually complete control of the life. ThePsychology2, 551:out. As the heart centers and the higher centers assume control, such diseases as cancer,Psychology2, 578:become abnormally developed and prematurely assume proportions which are almost uncontrollable.Psychology2, 632:as one in which they have their opportunity to assume prominence, to come to the forefront orPsychology2, 643:yet belong to all parties and religions; they assume no attitude or position either for or againstPsychology2, 688:[688] of dedication and service and seek to assume that attitude of receptivity to that which ourRays, 10:darkness of ignorance, they might more rapidly assume their just responsibilities; if they realizedRays, 114:and that, slowly, these factors would also assume for them the outlines of a dim and distant goal.Rays, 171:points of interest. When these, in their turn, assume their rightful place in consciousness thenRays, 232:also which has enabled the Master R. to assume the mantle of the Mahachohan and become the Lord ofRays, 269:and of Leo. His work is only now beginning to assume importance. I realize that this informationRays, 318:cycle, this distorted teaching on death will assume its rightful place and be known as theRays, 373:of World Servers; this group will increasingly assume potent relation between the units of lifeRays, 398:place which calls Him," and the Master K.H. will assume the role of World Teacher. All these movesRays, 517:more into the world of meaning, these word-forms assume less and less importance, and only theRays, 579:new and better goals. These goals will assume clearer and more desirable [580] outlines when theRays, 659:a manner unforeseen by humanity - Shamballa will assume control, and from the Council Chamber ofRays, 667:help them toward a greater maturity. They should assume that all those who truly love theirRays, 667:initiation, they can, in all probability, safely assume that such people have taken the secondRays, 678:attitudes and desires may still at times assume control; selfishness may continue to play a potentRays, 706:The probability is that the Master Jesus will assume (under instruction from the Christ) the partReappearance, 72:lesser focal points of interest. When these then assume their rightful place in consciousness, thenReappearance, 129:be rejected and the major spiritual values will assume greater control. The culmination of aReappearance, 172:and over-simplifying the subject, we can assume that money finds it way into four main channels ofSoul, 23:They admit the fact of consciousness and assume a conscious entity. Dr., Leary defines these groupsSoul, 95:which alone is known by our senses. But if we assume the existence of Ether, we know that [96]Soul, 131:always been the starting point for knowledge. We assume then, as a working hypothesis that man is aTelepathy, 54:can see the geometrical pattern which thoughts assume upon the mental plane, or as the lowerTelepathy, 185:and the third Centers to each other and to assume progressive control of the subhuman kingdoms andTelepathy, 189:matter, and finally (if they live so long) they assume physical form. An idea which comes from the
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