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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASSUMED

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Astrology, 18:form which the quota of mental energy has assumed during incarnation. The subjective and mysticalAstrology, 314:or Spirit. [314] In Cancer this living substance assumed a triple differentiated relationship toAutobiography, 42:bad that God had created hell but, naturally, I assumed that He knew what He was doing and - in anyAutobiography, 287:belief in the Masters of the Wisdom is assumed to exist and the elementary training forBethlehem, 209:constant testimony to the divine nature. Christ assumed the ancient symbol and burden of the cross,Bethlehem, 234:preaching was the good news about Jesus. They assumed that men already meant something when theyDestiny, 45:the race one thousand years ago have today assumed in our consciousness. Second: The situation isDiscipleship1, 5:these more enlightened days, no such position is assumed by the teacher as in the past, and I doDiscipleship1, 164:express itself in an attitude of real, and not assumed, joy and peace and a less weighed downDiscipleship1, 170:ray indifference - a potent attitude easily assumed by you as by all first ray types. Fight it byDiscipleship1, 307:and of those relationships which you have assumed as your physical plane dharma. Clear vision as toDiscipleship1, 327:care every statement made and every attitude assumed, so as to negate all tendency to emotionalDiscipleship1, 384:the last analysis, of small moment. The attitude assumed towards all happenings and the methodsDiscipleship1, 395:anything of reality by the laying down of any assumed responsibility. Another has been subjected toDiscipleship1, 449:exonerating some and resting back upon the assumed correctness of your decision. Yet you knew notDiscipleship1, 469:and mind (which he with real difficulty has assumed), when sudden changes occur and the work - asDiscipleship1, 524:a terrific combination of forces, but you assumed the responsibility of handling these forces inDiscipleship1, 717:reason that I say this is that they should be assumed to constitute part of the exoteric lifeDiscipleship1, 738:his group of disciples. When he did that, he assumed also the responsibility of preparing them forDiscipleship2, 32:now over and for the rest of this life it can be assumed that he has reached his high water markDiscipleship2, 41:and the powers of darkness have very nearly assumed control. But we are seeing the slow dominationDiscipleship2, 60:The judgment being given is not the generally assumed one of assigning penalties or rewards; it isDiscipleship2, 86:as desired if all talk of executive heads, of assumed responsibility, and of the need for the NewDiscipleship2, 116:process. This is a "feeling" or astral activity. Assumed relation of solar plexus, heart and head,Discipleship2, 277:speak of a disciple. You might naturally have assumed that the needed changes would be institutedDiscipleship2, 383:all the time, when, for instance, the Master R. assumed the task of Mahachohan or Lord ofDiscipleship2, 461:upon the physical plane. I refer to an attitude assumed and held by the soul and mind in regard toDiscipleship2, 539:find that the theme of "conditioning motives and assumed responsibility" will be incessantlyDiscipleship2, 607:the karma of a pledged disciple) which you have assumed. The years have proved your staying power,Discipleship2, 636:you must grasp. You must then fit the tasks assumed and undertaken into the symbolic picture whichEducation, 84:a part to be played and a responsibility to be assumed and that education is a method ofExternalisation, 113:further than this the Hierarchy cannot go. If it assumed authoritative control, a race ofExternalisation, 127:personalities in many lands so that they have assumed control of the masses and can thus determineExternalisation, 148:no authoritative control over the minds of men assumed or cultivated by the Hierarchy; allExternalisation, 194:and fused all the races. It may therefore be assumed that any attempt to isolate a race or toExternalisation, 243:adherence to ancient territorial demands and assumed rights, inherited possessiveness, the refusalExternalisation, 358:constructive attitudes and undertakings must be assumed individually by every person, and byExternalisation, 389:and particularly of man. Certain facts must be assumed, such as the acceptance in the WesternExternalisation, 559:unattainable to the average aspirant, it is assumed that they have attained; the fact that theyExternalisation, 684:of the protective service which the Masters have assumed on behalf of mankind, standing betweenFire, 139:means of consecrated mind. Only when buddhi has assumed an ever-increasing control [140] of theFire, 572:Certain fundamental hypotheses are assumed, which must form the background for all we would say. WeFire, 673:man. To the power and control which these pitris assumed must be ascribed much of the disastrousFire, 790:Two Arms. Two Legs. According to the position assumed by the man, he is seen as a symbol of theFire, 958:that is evil. When the "Science of the Self" has assumed due proportions men will be careful toFire, 1100:will have been reached, and the Logos will have assumed the desired control of His physical body;Glamour, 72:with the breaking up of the forms which it has assumed, and with the dissipation of a materialGlamour, 165:constructive attitudes and undertakings must be assumed individually by every person, and byGlamour, 227:to the position of the group members, to posture assumed, to the use of incense, or to any of theHealing, 12:if the right attitude towards disease is to be assumed. This is oft forgotten by the fanaticalHealing, 266:aspect of the same law; the situation has now assumed the form of a vicious circle of error andHealing, 286:same courage must be shown and the same risks assumed. The safeguard from the strictly legal andHealing, 461:physical body is, per se, vacated when death is assumed by the watching authorities, but that,Healing, 495:necessarily would be so. It may therefore be assumed that the Art of Elimination is practiced moreHealing, 595:mother is lost to sight because the Christ-Child assumed the place of interest. The soul is takingHealing, 676:be able to receive or absorb it. It is, however, assumed that goodwill colors the entire attitudeHealing, 685:animal instinct, of the obligations which any assumed responsibility brings, even when assumed withHealing, 685:any assumed responsibility brings, even when assumed with no true understanding. An illustration ofIntellect, 40:the New Age. First: In the eastern system, it is assumed that [41] within every human form dwellsIntellect, 238:of the soul. If the right attitude, therefore is assumed and the processes outlined in Chapter FiveMagic, 27:stage the development was two-fold. As the soul assumed control, via the mind, so the brain becameMagic, 39:small is recognized, the infinitely vast is assumed; but it remains as yet a concept until suchMagic, 55:divine fact. This knowledge renders the hitherto assumed reality of the three worlds futile toMagic, 121:aspirant to discipleship, it may be safely assumed that the past has seen much application of theMagic, 566:such focal points. When this clothing has been assumed by the solar Angel, a final stage isMeditation, 122:effected largely through the negative attitude assumed through the unwise following of anMeditation, 232:color. As I wrote earlier, color is but the form assumed by force, of some kind, when that force isMeditation, 261:the meaning of each confining form; then, He has assumed control and wielded the law upon the planePatanjali, 34:and omnipresent. This meditative attitude is assumed through a fourfold process: Meditation on thePatanjali, 38:modifications, but until the soul or Master has assumed control the knowledge of the soul cannot bePatanjali, 112:(or samadhi) is reached. 46. The posture assumed must be steady and easy. 47. Steadiness and easePatanjali, 213:- Book 2 - The Steps to Union 46. The posture assumed must be steady and easy. This sutra is onePatanjali, 369:past and the present exist in reality. The form assumed in the time concept of the present is thePatanjali, 398:past and the present exist in reality. The form assumed in the time concept of the present is theProblems, 57:a part to be played and a responsibility to be assumed. Education will be regarded as a method ofProblems, 147:a Christ-conscious humanity. When this has assumed large proportions and the recognition of theseProblems, 168:that spiritually minded men and women have not assumed - as [169] their spiritual duty andPsychology1, xxii:the soul exists, and its intrinsic reality is assumed, as a basic and proven principle. Those whoPsychology1, 157:word "life") settles or determines the aspect assumed and the characteristics expressed by all thePsychology2, 35:some chosen phenomenal appearance, which is assumed at will for purpose of service, but which in noPsychology2, 262:but once the garment of flesh has been assumed, that consciousness too dies out and in the physicalPsychology2, 276:gave the touch of acquiescence in the obligation assumed when the approach of appropriation tookPsychology2, 333:of [333] the glory of the One" which, when once assumed, makes all future incarnations in the threePsychology2, 538:learnt sexual control and unless it has assumed balanced proportions to his other life activitiesPsychology2, 657:self-conscious thinkers or individuals who have assumed world control and prominent place in worldPsychology2, 664:be alive in physical bodies or discarnate. It is assumed that there is belief in immortality amongPsychology2, 666:at the expense of another, or for the assumed priority of this or the other teaching. These are theRays, 76:to raise humanity, once the race of men has assumed the right [77] attitude. They correspond to theRays, 200:an alibi for grasped knowledge, if it is assumed in order to avoid responsibility, then sin entersRays, 294:hierarchical Plan as his particular Ashram has assumed responsibility for a measure of it; thatRays, 348:the character development must be present and assumed to be stable in the man's equipment; theseRays, 407:in any particular planet for which They have assumed responsibility. This definitely involvesRays, 484:[484] thousands so preparing, because it can be assumed that all earnest and true aspirants andRays, 673:is acknowledged. The burden of the future is assumed. The cave is lighted up and the new man issuesRays, 719:effects of discomfort, if right attitude is assumed) can also be related to these three words. I doReappearance, 83:and stupendous. At that time also, the Christ assumed two new functions: one is connected with theReappearance, 101:or mental body. These, the legend says, will be assumed by the Coming One and prove of service,Reappearance, 143:spiritual dismay and this spiritual demand have assumed a paramount place in the consciousness ofReappearance, 171:from the concept of personal salvation (which is assumed or taken for granted), and the preparationSoul, 21:all these processes are of the kind commonly assumed by the physical sciences in their
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