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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASSUMING

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Astrology, 16:ever to be found as yet. Second: By consciously assuming the position of the spiritual Observer,Astrology, 523:of those who seek to keep the United States from assuming her responsibilities and her rightfulAstrology, 569:of aspiration, irregular and vague but gradually assuming power. The stage of mysticism, mergingAutobiography, 113:and to befriend me still more. His tempers were assuming serious proportions but the curious thingBethlehem, 36:opportunity. The expectancy in the race is assuming vital proportions. Destiny, 97:of those who seek to keep the United States from assuming responsibilities and her rightful placeDiscipleship1, 94:would you say was the Master's problem? I am assuming that the Master knows his disciple well, isDiscipleship1, 94:of the appropriateness of his appeal. I am also assuming that you realize that the so-calledDiscipleship1, 159:Steady Will. For you, meditation is an assuming of an attitude and its preservation throughout theDiscipleship1, 221:the personality to the service of the Light. The assuming of the responsibility of a Light bearer.Discipleship1, 244:to awaken you to the risk of constantly assuming the position of the "one in the center." ThatDiscipleship1, 280:union with the soul in group formation is assuming importance to you. A living organism and not aDiscipleship1, 396:for the group. They are to be handled by the assuming of a right inner attitude and not by theDiscipleship1, 513:its power in your life by doing three things: By assuming more definitely the attitude of theDiscipleship1, 659:to do the Review on Indifference, prior to assuming the duties of the day. For you, indifferenceDiscipleship2, 81:"outward movement" of the Hierarchy requires the assuming of a certain attitude on the part of allDiscipleship2, 116:plexus, heart and head, and the focus of the assuming consciousness to be in the region of the ajnaDiscipleship2, 144:STAGE THREE - The Recipient of Impression. Assuming an attitude of the highest expectancy, youDiscipleship2, 475:the thread of his life with theirs," thereby assuming responsibility and forming a more permanentDiscipleship2, 689:upon another incarnation. You are probably now assuming that I am referring to faults, handicaps orDiscipleship2, 697:for it means that the physical elemental is assuming power. Be careful in this connection, for theEducation, 105:reaction to a freedom and a license which are assuming undesirable dimensions. The widespreadExternalisation, 72:this century see the Purpose of God for humanity assuming right direction and proportion. 3.Externalisation, 121:in whom the more intangible values were slowly assuming a vague control, thus making the lines ofExternalisation, 192:goodwill and patience - they can be solved. Assuming that humanity will not rest until theExternalisation, 337:and vague but gradually becoming focused and assuming power; and the stage of mysticism with itsExternalisation, 659:year 1952 will see the five specialized energies assuming great potency. I would again call yourExternalisation, 660:earth. The Ashram of the Master K.H. is already assuming an increased stimulating potency, but itFire, 260:plans of the Logos. When these qualities are assuming a foremost place and when man hasFire, 320:ether of the physical systemic plane is likewise assuming its rightful place in the minds of men,Fire, 406:the fourth spirilla, in this fourth round is assuming a vibration that will cause the intenseFire, 964:and the throat - begin to vibrate, gradually assuming a greater sweep of activity, till theirGlamour, 114:This experience will lead eventually to the soul assuming control of the mechanism, theHercules, 61:sea". He was not only wise, but very elusive, assuming many forms, and refused ever [62] to give toHercules, 157:time; it covers what lies behind us. I am assuming that each one of us is the one-pointed aspirant,Hercules, 186:in any lodge or organization; it negates all assuming of official prerogatives. I do not think theIntellect, 65:knows himself as he is in reality." - Patanjali Assuming the correctness of the theories outlinedMagic, 190:and to creative work on the subtler planes. I am assuming in the student an elementary knowledge ofMagic, 190:the vital body and of its force centers and I am assuming that these seven centers or lotuses have,Magic, 425:and there is therefore for none of you the assuming of any sense of responsibility nor theMeditation, 26:body is becoming gradually more rounded out, and assuming its proportions. The man has control ofPatanjali, 9:psychic nature," To prevent the mind from assuming the many forms it so easily does. These arePatanjali, 13:are constantly and ceaselessly active, endlessly assuming the forms of impulsive desires or dynamicPatanjali, 259:upon the mind will naturally lead to the mind assuming the shape that controls it and it will bePatanjali, ix:through the practice of Raja Yoga, and through assuming that point of directional control which isPsychology1, 300:only a recapitulation of life experience, but an assuming of ancient obligations, a recovery of oldPsychology1, 304:matter, and the injunction as to celibacy is assuming the position of a religious doctrine. We arePsychology2, 493:now touch upon the subject of dreams, which is assuming such importance in the minds of certainRays, 25:experience and of agelong undertakings and - assuming neither the form of laws nor the limitationsRays, 192:was aware. He therefore veiled the light, assuming towards this end a fragment of that which he hadRays, 492:when the sacrifice petals of the egoic lotus are assuming control in his life, when his knowledgeReappearance, 73:of the Kingdom of God are gathering momentum and assuming direction through the agency of theSoul, 107:the mind and brain consciousness, and from there assuming control of the energies of the entireTelepathy, 61:are united. The etheric body is at the point of assuming great power. It can now be consciouslyTelepathy, 185:each other. This secondary function is only now assuming proportions which can be recognized and
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