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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASSURED

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Astrology, 348:the entire universe. God is love, we are assured, and this statement is both an exoteric and anAstrology, 436:future unity of purpose, plan and effort is assured. Mercury brings about those changes in mentalAutobiography, 113:then tucked Dorothy under her arm, nodded to me, assured me that Dorothy would be quite all rightAutobiography, 166:with K.H. we talked the whole thing through. He assured me that I was in no danger, eitherAutobiography, 210:perhaps be willing to meet them. Whereupon he assured me that he would do anything I asked him andAutobiography, 210:We cannot find out anything about you." I assured him I was not surprised, because I was nobody -Bethlehem, 102:underwent no further development. For now he is assured that, until the near coming of theBethlehem, 109:of life could affect Him, we too can stand free, assured of our own ultimate victory. Christ as manBethlehem, 220:He had relied, the divinity of which He had felt assured, was found to be related to feeling. ThatBethlehem, 220:Only when the soul has learnt to stand alone, assured of divinity, and yet with no outerBethlehem, 221:no defiance or wrong intent, then forgiveness is assured, for sin consists of definite action inBethlehem, 221:to the dying thief, and had told him that he was assured, not only of forgiveness, but of peace andBethlehem, 223:that all things were ordered for the best, nor assured that the overwhelming disparities of lifeBethlehem, 231:what body He appeared, we cannot tell. We are assured by the Apostles that it resembled the one HeBethlehem, 253:values are real, its integrity is being steadily assured, and the world indications (as manifestedBethlehem, 254:result is chaos. But the new direction is assured, and nothing car arrest the progress ofBethlehem, 277:is possible. We rest back upon divinity, and are assured that it will not fail us. But revelationDestiny, 85:Great Britain, and the happiness of the world is assured if the soul energy of both these countriesDiscipleship1, 159:give stability and [159] you carry the gift of assured belief. Each member of my group has beenDiscipleship1, 180:ray meditation. Know that those results are assured just as long as you can "stand with power inDiscipleship1, 408:and your soul will carry you through to a more assured understanding and a more established peace.Discipleship1, 514:teaching to you. Of its value, I know you are assured and in voicing the expression of your need, IDiscipleship1, 545:First, you must enter into a deeper and more assured soul experiencing. This will involve outerDiscipleship1, 594:lies behind you. Your place in my inner group is assured. Your work in the outer group is openingDiscipleship2, 12:provides a standard which has no competition. I assured you that I would deal with directness whenDiscipleship2, 514:in discarding impediments upon the Way but am assured, through study of your soul contact, that youDiscipleship2, 559:Ashram with clearer knowledge [559] and a more assured faith. Fuller service opens up before you -Discipleship2, 592:peace and international relations. Success is assured, though movements may progress slowly... ItDiscipleship2, 669:to the watching Master that your stability is assured and immovable. Much further trainingDiscipleship2, 720:which you need to find and express is the assured peace and inner confidence which characterize itsDiscipleship2, 740:There is no cause for anxiety, for the future is assured, but seek during the coming year to takeDiscipleship2, 761:and with the Master. Forget not that I have assured you that such a contact is relatively easy forEducation, 49:Aquarian Age is in full flower, this will be the assured and recognized objective of the educatorsExternalisation, 603:power, the welfare of the world will then be assured. What is that welfare but love in action? WhatExternalisation, 607:but unobserved Presence. The watchers were assured by two of the Knowers of God Who were alsoFire, 41:the period of the Maha Kalpa seems to be, we are assured that thousands and thousands of millionsFire, 598:most closely associated with us. But we can rest assured that there is some fundamental principleFire, 970:response is such that the solar Angel can rest assured that it is intelligently registered andFire, 1002:to ensure achievement of the egoic purpose is assured; it stands ready to be sent forth upon itsFire, 1007:eye is open, force streams forth, direction is assured, fulfilment is certain, and the plansGlamour, 272:may shine upon your way and bring a certain and assured consummation of all the travail andHealing, 559:environing area of conscious substance. We are assured in this ancient law that disease is anHercules, From n:Gate? And the Teacher answered: "Yes." He was assured within himself that when the word went forthIntellect, 76:and, therefore, of no use to others. We are assured in that basic text book on meditation, the YogaMagic, 55:soul so that in the physical brain there is an assured consciousness as to the reality of thatMagic, 120:and deficiencies. He can nevertheless [120] rest assured that, until the path of Knowledge has beenMagic, 194:and with a desire for purity of character. He is assured by those who know that, as he strives,Magic, 273:building his form until its adequate potency is assured. Then let the "outer builders" cease fromMagic, 415:barriers. When this is present also there is an assured belief in the continuity of life and itsMagic, 479:will cease, and the time will come, as we are assured in the Christian Bible, when there "will beMagic, 621:emerging new conditions. That is most definitely assured, and the growth of human realization andMagic, 627:for the sense of safety and for convinced assured security - based on numerical aggregations - menMagic, 628:of self-preservation finds its consummation in assured immortality, and of this the work undertakenMeditation, 214:the only two of which you can be absolutely assured. One is the goal of endeavor, and the other isProblems, 123:way, then the salvation of humanity is assured. It is above all else essential that a vision isProblems, 137:an example of simple faith, confident joy and assured knowledge of God as Christ did? Can churchmenProblems, 138:belong to all men everywhere. Men want to be assured that a great spiritual revelation is due andProblems, 145:only expectant of the return of Christ but is assured of His [146] coming and reappearance - notPsychology1, 94:world (so-called) of form life? When humanity is assured of divinity and of immortality, and hasPsychology1, 99:is among the thinkers of the race that the first assured recognition of the soul will come, andPsychology1, 154:and then go forward in certain confidence of an assured goal. Psychology1, 358:and this today can provide the basis for an assured hope. a. The Outgoing Sixth Ray The sixth rayPsychology1, 388:their goal. The inevitability of that goal is assured, as is the ultimate achieving of it, but thePsychology2, 401:as yet, but one which leads eventually to that assured faith which is based upon direct knowledgePsychology2, 571:adepts; he may hear words spoken and thus feel assured, past all controversy, that the Great OnesPsychology2, 573:dramatically the state of mind and describes the assured nature of the consciousness of many of thePsychology2, 652:going on upon our planet. It is therefore assured of ultimate success. The work that the New GroupPsychology2, 652:this effort succeeds or not, the final aim is assured, but it can be hastened if men will onlyRays, 343:group solidarity. The subjective relationship is assured by an objective contact. Recognition isRays, 362:the possibility; for there is at this stage no assured [363] recognition of this goal; it is anRays, 383:interplay within and without the great Ashram is assured, and for it all true disciples areRays, 626:security and better living conditions have been assured. Germany has a bitter price to pay becauseRays, 630:between them, then world peace will be assured and the Christ can come. This understanding and thisRays, 652:Higher Evolution which leads inevitably to that assured center of the Most High. The three worldsRays, 659:prepared by humanity, and thus the future is assured, not for the planetary Logos alone, but forRays, 666:the world of mysticism into the scientific and assured perception of God as life or energy. [667]Rays, 680:man is free and fundamentally divine, and it is assured (from the long range vision) that masses ofReappearance, 50:power, the welfare of the world will then be assured. What is that welfare but love in action? WhatReappearance, 54:but unobserved Presence. The watchers were assured by two of the Knowers of God Who were alsoReappearance, 66:the reappearance of the Christ is inevitable and assured. That He is today and has been activelyReappearance, 107:in many symbolic ways who and what He was and assured them that they could do even greater thingsReappearance, 150:be based. To these facts must be added man's assured, instinctive knowledge of the existence of the
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