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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASTRAL

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Fire, 435:for a scientific, intelligent manipulation of astral matter. When this is the case, the higherFire, 449:kingdoms of nature. It first reacts upon the astral double or ethereal body of the man himself,Fire, 455:tinged with mentality and not being of a purely astral quality, will be even more dangerous than inFire, 459:leaving their consciousness to be stimulated on astral lines. Owing to this repulsion, we have oneFire, 464:the force of its vibration pouring on to the astral bodies of the animals, and producing response.Fire, 466:and not, to the same extent, the devas of the astral or mental planes. Every Ray affects in more orFire, 466:or the lowest subplane on the physical, the astral and the mental planes. On the seventh or lowestFire, 473:of the cosmic dense physical plane (our mental, astral and physical planes) disaster only resultsFire, 474:etheric levels are as sealed to them as are the astral. In the coming centuries, man's normalFire, 477:physical plane. All atoms or spheres upon the astral and mental planes. The human being in physicalFire, 499:continuity of recollection on the physical, astral, and lower mental planes. The emphasis ofFire, 500:of the life on to manasic levels. II. On the Astral Plane: The discriminative power of man toFire, 500:of man, through conscious purpose, to clear his astral body of foreign matter, and to ensure itsFire, 506:to that which the man undergoes when his astral sheath clothes itself with etheric matter and heFire, 507:which have been termed the mental unit, the astral permanent atom and the physical permanent atom;Fire, 508:unit is found in logoic gaseous matter. The astral permanent atom in logoic liquid matter. TheFire, 510:Place in the Egoic Body a. The Importance of the Astral Permanent Atom There is one fact to beFire, 510:to be emphasized with care, and that is that the astral permanent atom in this solar system is theFire, 511:for the fourth, or human kingdom, is in the astral consciousness viewing this kingdom as a unity inFire, 511:this kingdom as a unity in expression. From the astral, and through the desire nature, the majorityFire, 511:direct and control the physical vehicle. The astral body is in the direct line of force via theFire, 511:consciously in the buddhic vehicle, or when the astral permanent atom is superseded by the buddhicFire, 512:reactions; hence the relative importance of the astral permanent atom within the causal periphery.Fire, 512:of the Logos, is interpenetrated by His astral body, as is the case with the human manifestation.Fire, 512:As the Logos is polarized in His cosmic astral sheath and has not yet attained cosmic mentalFire, 513:atom and which is the animating force of the astral body is following the lines of least resistanceFire, 513:Love-Wisdom is the manifestation of the astral (or desire) nature of the Solar Logos. - S. D., I,Fire, 514:and at this stage produce most effect upon the astral permanent atom. The physical permanent atomFire, 514:the force plays through it, and passes on to the astral permanent atom in the form of five rays ofFire, 514:which blend with the intensely vivid hue of the astral permanent atom, and increase its intensityFire, 515:The difference between the mental unit and the astral and physical permanent atoms. To do this withFire, 515:of the Permanent Atom The permanent atom of the astral and physical planes is a sphere of physicalFire, 515:and physical planes is a sphere of physical or astral substance, composed of atomic matter, andFire, 516:attracts matter for purposes of objectivity. The astral sound produces the microcosmic 'Son ofFire, 522:ether. Mental plane (Ego) - gaseous plane. Astral plane - liquid plane. Physical - gross. The sevenFire, 522:- Air. Plane of mind - Fire. Plane of desire - Astral Light. Plane of physical - Ether. Thought -Fire, 526:these three aspects - the mental body, the astral body, and the physical body - are synthesizedFire, 531:hint only may be given to guide the student: The astral permanent atom has its internal streams ofFire, 533:concern lunar entities on the lower mental, the astral and the physical planes. Fire, 533:Two permanent atoms - the physical and the astral. The seven Lords of the globes in every chain.Fire, 533:of the psyche. Three permanent atoms - physical, astral, and mental. The Lords of the thirdFire, 533:Through four permanent atoms - physical, astral, mental and buddhic. Eight groups of solar EntitiesFire, 534:Through five permanent atoms - physical, astral, mental, buddhic and atmic. The Lords of certainFire, 535:schemes. Through six permanent atoms - physical, astral, two mental, buddhic and atmic. - MAN. AllFire, 540:- Love Petals: The Petal of Knowledge, for the astral plane; unfoldment is brought about by theFire, 540:to comprehend causes. The Petal of Love for the astral plane; unfoldment is brought about throughFire, 540:love of the Real. The Petal of Sacrifice for the astral plane; unfoldment is brought about by theFire, 541:proceeds, again a dual result is seen: The astral permanent atom comes into full activity andFire, 541:and the two atoms of the physical and the astral planes are equally vibrant. The three petals ofFire, 541:of the other two subsidiary; Love, on the astral plane, with the light of sacrifice weaker in toneFire, 546:the second ring of petals gradually opens, the astral permanent atom undergoes a similar process,Fire, 549:how best their threefold lower self - physical, astral, and mental - can be brought into directFire, 553:and currents. The vibrations of the cosmic astral plane as they affect the physical form of divineFire, 557:fourth cosmic ether. Bear in mind here that our astral plane is but the sixth subplane of theFire, 557:from which to reason concerning the cosmic astral plane. Only when the astral plane is a calmFire, 557:the cosmic astral plane. Only when the astral plane is a calm receiver of buddhic impulse, or aFire, 557:be able to formulate any ideas anent the cosmic astral plane. Second. That the entire sex aspect ofFire, 558:and He will function only in His cosmic astral body. Such is the case too with a chain and itsFire, 564:the builders of the lower mental planes, and the astral plane, for the human thought-forms areFire, follow:Plexus Base of Spine Man Fourth Triplicity 5. Astral Animal Generative Organs Third Duality 6.Fire, 569:is the result. The Law of Love is the law of the astral plane. It aims at the transmutation of theFire, 570:the heart of His system, is on the cosmic astral plane; he is polarized there. Just as the units ofFire, 570:bodies, but are polarized at this time in their astral vehicles, so we have seen that the objectiveFire, 570:body of the Logos, though His polarity is in His astral body. It is significant that in thisFire, 571:root-race development, and this, the fourth or astral round. 81 The system of the Sirian Logos isFire, 574:on the physical plane, and inspired by astral desire, the reflection of the buddhic. 4th Root-RaceFire, 576:evolution, we have the five vehicles - physical, astral, mental, buddhic and atmic - which have allFire, 576:refined. In the two lowest, the physical and the astral, only matter of the five higher subplanes,Fire, 576:where it naturally took bodies of the fifth astral and physical subplanes, and we can see here anFire, 576:to show love, are occultly synonymous. On the astral plane, as love demonstrating through the [577]Fire, 581:them), but the corresponding cataclysms on the astral plane, and the lower levels of the mentalFire, 581:world; it controls the disintegration, on the astral plane, of thought-forms; it dissolves theFire, 581:astral plane, of thought-forms; it dissolves the astral vehicle when left behind, and the mentalFire, 582:is effected, the man merges with his astral vehicle, establishing a consequent continuity ofFire, 584:The monadic plane, the buddhic plane, and the astral plane are all three closely allied, and weFire, 584:point of achievement in that system. System II. Astral, buddhic and monadic. System III. Mental,Fire, 587:Laws of Cohesion and Magnetic Control, and the astral Law of Love. There is a direct interlinkingFire, 588:opened; the fourth root-race also developed the astral capacity that made contact with the fourthFire, 591:fifth principle. [591] The Law of Love in the astral body also has its points for consideration.Fire, 591:There is a direct link between the astral body (love in the personality), the buddhic vehicle (loveFire, 591:products, of subduing the fluctuations of the astral body. This law of the fifth, or mental PlaneFire, 595:the Personality, of the Law of Love. On the astral plane, the home of the desires, originate thoseFire, 595:as exemplified in one of the Great Ones. The astral plane is, at the present time, the mostFire, 596:love translated or transmuted from the astral to the buddhic. So in the sixth root-race and theFire, 596:substance energized from the cosmic mental and astral planes, and built into form through the powerFire, 604:the gulf between the dense physical, and the astral body of the Logos. Only when this is the caseFire, 608:body. Electric fire. Lower Mind. Thought. Love. Astral body. Solar fire. Kama. Desire. Activity.Fire, 617:(Future men). Rakshasas - (Demons) Souls or Astral Forms of sorcerers; men who have reached theFire, 618:of the Logos, or the substance of the mental, astral and physical planes (the gaseous, liquid andFire, 620:takes form. The body of the Ego is there found. Astral Plane - reflection of the second aspect, theFire, 623:plane - our systemic mental plane. The Cosmic Astral Plane. The force from this plane plays throughFire, 623:force from this plane plays through our systemic astral plane, the cosmic liquid physical subplane,Fire, 623:The devas who are the substance or force of the astral plane, viewing it as the sumtotal of desire,Fire, 623:of the logoic physical body, for the systemic astral plane provides the nervous system of theFire, 624:Second. Those devas who are the sumtotal of the astral light. They are the agents of the karmicFire, 624:the sun Sirius. Sirius-kama-manas - the cosmic astral plane and the systemic astral plane - make aFire, 624:- the cosmic astral plane and the systemic astral plane - make a close interlocking chain, and formFire, 625:physical plane, he controls next those of the astral and dominates the mental essences. HavingFire, 625:the centers, the material sheaths - physical, astral and mental - are built. These ideas of forceFire, 626:Plane Fire. Monadic 2nd Cosmic ether Akasha Astral Plane Astral light. Spiritual or Atmic 3rd
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