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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASTRAL

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Glamour, 42:World of Ideas Contemplation by soul Glamor Astral Illumination Lucidity Vision Dissipation Path ofGlamour, 42:which take place on the subtler levels of the astral and mental planes must be realized in theGlamour, 43:of the disciple carrying illumination to the astral plane. These two types of spiritual energy workGlamour, 43:and the light of the soul return to the astral plane through the conscious effort and the dynamicGlamour, 45:show you that one is to be encountered upon the astral plane and the other upon the mental. TheGlamour, 46:which have brought about the glamor of the astral plane, though not the illusions of the mentalGlamour, 66:of light and of truth. The glamors of the astral plane have no further hold over him, and theGlamour, 66:plane have no further hold over him, and the astral body itself fades out. You will remember that IGlamour, 66:to you in A Treatise on White Magic that the astral body itself was an illusion. It is theGlamour, 66:illusion and glamor have both been overcome, the astral body fades out in the human consciousness.Glamour, 68:living experience is on the higher levels of the astral plane. Your task is to overcome glamor,Glamour, 69:Problem - The Nature of Glamor 2. Glamor on the Astral Plane - Glamor I have dealt with the problemGlamour, 69:symbolically, I would say that the planetary astral body (viewing it from soul levels) is lost inGlamour, 70:of these shining stars. Looking, however, at the astral body of the planet, could you but do so,Glamour, 72:[72] hold the consciousness of humanity upon the astral plane. Such a glamorous concept is that ofGlamour, 72:nature than the forms of glamor found upon the astral plane. We are quite willing to remember thatGlamour, 72:definite outlines. The forms of glamor on the astral plane are even more substantial but are lessGlamour, 72:not immersed. It might almost be said that the astral body of a person comes into being as a partGlamour, 72:for him to differentiate between his own astral body and the glamors which affect and sway andGlamour, 73:defined, even if it is equally difficult. [73] Astral glamor is a form of energy and an energy ofGlamour, 73:is of such an ancient rhythm, being inherent in astral substance itself, that it is most difficultGlamour, 73:this it will be apparent that the energy of the astral plane as it expresses itself in the sentientGlamour, 75:from that particular glamor, and the fogs of astral desire will be lessened. Illusion in many formsGlamour, 76:counterparts in the world of etheric and astral life, though not in the mental world. These subtlerGlamour, 77:which we express through an exertion of the astral body and this activity affects our contacts; itGlamour, 78:mist of his own making, which emanates from his astral body and which is composed of theGlamour, 79:and sense of failure. All this is, however, astral in nature and sensuous in quality and is not ofGlamour, 79:the noble middle path, is the reflection on the astral plane of the activity of spirit, soul [80]Glamour, 83:in the soul" than it is to subject one's astral and emotional nature to the effect of hard straightGlamour, 85:fact that upon the physical plane (as upon the astral plane, though this is as yet little realized)Glamour, 86:nature in some respects to those found upon the astral plane. On the physical plane (and by that IGlamour, 87:undeveloped man is concerned, or from the lower astral where the more developed or average man isGlamour, 87:is the true kurukshetra and is fought out in the astral nature, between the pairs of oppositesGlamour, 88:them for the prolonged conflict upon the astral plane which lies ahead of all aspirants prior toGlamour, 89:the following phrases: Physical coordination. Astral orientation. Mental direction. PersonalityGlamour, 90:Physical coordination Mineral kingdom Maya. 2. Astral orientation Vegetable kingdom Glamor. 3.Glamour, 91:Fought out upon the Path of Purification. On the Astral Plane - The well-known dualities. FoughtGlamour, 92:the mental body - Rays 1.4.5. Rays governing the astral body - Rays 2.6. Rays governing theGlamour, 97:type of aspirant is concerned) into a temporary astral unity and then there emerges the one-pointedGlamour, 98:situation. The pairs of opposites upon the astral plane confront him, and he becomes Arjuna uponGlamour, 98:and he is lost in the fogs and glamors of the astral plane. This is the plight of many well-meaningGlamour, 99:throw this light into the fogs of glamor on the astral plane. Do not attempt to solve it, as someGlamour, 99:experience and the pairs of opposites upon the astral plane. Hence the intense feeling abroad inGlamour, 102:the pairs of opposites on the physical, astral and lower mental planes. Now he faces his climaxingGlamour, 106:condition of consciousness which we call the astral plane. All glamor is produced by the bringingGlamour, 108:recognition of the plane of the emotions, of the astral plane, was evoked in the consciousness ofGlamour, 108:that time. The reason for this slowly emerging astral consciousness in the physically polarizedGlamour, 108:contact upon the most familiar plane today, the astral plane. A growing sense of self-identityGlamour, 108:consciousness into the next divine stage, the astral consciousness. Forget not, through familiarityGlamour, 109:between the physical constitution and the astral plane, plus the activity of the center withinGlamour, 109:consciousness and are polarized in their astral bodies, the victims of emotion and of consequentGlamour, 110:problem in this category of opposites upon the astral plane. At the same time the sense ofGlamour, 110:from the thralldom of the senses upon the astral plane, from the dense glamor into which hisGlamour, 110:his freedom by a complete control of the astral body. This he eventually does by developing theGlamour, 110:cleavage and have become centered in the astral consciousness. Today such is the magnitude of thisGlamour, 111:becomes aware of that which lies beyond the astral Plane. He interprets all that he there sensesGlamour, 112:mental plane are now added to the glamors of the astral plane. These illusions are theoretical andGlamour, 114:Lemurian Physical Force versus Vital Energy Maya Astral control; Hatha Yoga: Aspirants; Laya Yoga:Glamour, 115:nearing the stage of consciousness when both the astral body and the mental body are active andGlamour, 116:or of uncontrolled energy. The forces of the astral nature, based upon desire and upon sentiency.Glamour, 116:is polarized in the majority of cases in his astral body and is, therefore, subject to the glamorsGlamour, 118:these five rays (egoic, personality, physical, astral and mental) have been approximatelyGlamour, 119:many forms of difficulty. [119] In the sentient astral body, leading to a vast number of problemsGlamour, 119:which we call bodies: - Between the etheric and astral bodies. - Between the astral and the mentalGlamour, 119:the etheric and astral bodies. - Between the astral and the mental bodies. There is, for instance,Glamour, 125:and is the dominant characteristic of the astral plane emerged clearly, as did the fact of theGlamour, 125:fall supinely under the domination of the past - astral, emotional and glamorous - but that he isGlamour, 131:shifts off the mental plane on to the astral; a desire is thus evoked for a partial and inadequateGlamour, 139:of the nature of glamor is to picture the astral plane on three of its levels (the second, thirdGlamour, 139:is revealed - but that is all. So it is on the astral plane in relation to glamor; the light whichGlamour, 139:and hides, which is a revelation unique to the astral plane and conditioned by its laws. ThisGlamour, 140:is thrown down by the soul into the world of the astral plane. This involves the conscious use ofGlamour, 140:first of all, as a searchlight, scanning the astral horizon and localizing the glamor which isGlamour, 140:turned with intention upon that area of the astral plane wherein it is proposed that some effort beGlamour, 140:the soul through meditation. The quality of the astral plane - its major characteristic - is [141]Glamour, 141:real and true. It should be here remembered that astral desire, wrong and selfish emotion andGlamour, 141:astral desire, wrong and selfish emotion and astral reactions to the facts of daily life, are notGlamour, 141:then be established between the soul and the astral plane, via the astral body of the disciple.Glamour, 141:between the soul and the astral plane, via the astral body of the disciple. This astral body mustGlamour, 141:plane, via the astral body of the disciple. This astral body must be regarded by him as hisGlamour, 141:emphasis and so carry soul light to his own astral body, learn to focus it there in the solarGlamour, 141:point of achievement proceed to work upon the astral plane at the arduous task of dispellingGlamour, 141:line of contact has been made and the soul, the astral body and the astral plane have thus beenGlamour, 141:been made and the soul, the astral body and the astral plane have thus been intimately related, theGlamour, 142:in the solar plexus, and the innate light of the astral body, also found localized in that center,Glamour, 143:of the creative imagination, direct to your astral body and from thence to the solar plexus centerGlamour, 143:light of the soul and the innate light of the astral body from the solar plexus center to the heartGlamour, 144:which will concern the use of light upon the astral plane and particularly in connection with theGlamour, 148:When a man is under the control of physical, astral and mental forces, he is convinced at the timeGlamour, 154:unity composed of physical forces, vital energy, astral forces and mental energies, constitutingGlamour, 156:five are the rays of the physical body, the astral ray, the mind ray, the personality ray and theGlamour, 156:The Mind ray - 5th - scientific achievement. The Astral ray - 6th - idealistic development. TheGlamour, 156:Mind ray - 4th - the creative effect. Astral ray - 6th - conditioning incentives. Physical ray -Glamour, 166:Within the world of glamor - the world of the astral plane and of the emotions - appeared a pointGlamour, 168:process. This process was initiated upon the astral plane [169] by the Buddha, and on the mentalGlamour, 170:The first result will be the illumination of the astral plane and the beginning of the processGlamour, 171:the illumined mind assumes control over the astral or emotional body and dissipates glamor. WhenGlamour, 172:maya is ended; for the control of the purified astral vehicle is consciously and technicallyGlamour, 193:powers which can become effective on the astral plane and eventually bring about the dissipationGlamour, 194:psychic sensitivity brings a knowledge of the astral plane; the mind brings intellectual
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