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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASTRAL

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Glamour, 197:for study to be found today: it concerns the astral plane, and the service to be rendered is vitalGlamour, 197:but with the special objective of ridding the astral plane of its significant glamors. They willGlamour, 198:unreal to the Real" has specific relation to the astral plane and its all-encompassing glamors.Glamour, 198:unreal and present them to the prisoners of the astral plane, leading them to mistake them for theGlamour, 199:the work of those whose ray focus makes astral living the line of least resistance and who haveGlamour, 199:personality rays are the sixth or by those whose astral bodies are conditioned by the sixth ray.Glamour, 199:aspirants and disciples who will swing into astral activity when the fourth ray again begins toGlamour, 200:physical angle but dense from the angle of the astral plane. They are that which provides theGlamour, 204:direction) into the dark places of the astral plane, remembering that the light will enable theGlamour, 206:the mode whereby these phases of work upon the astral plane are carried forward: first, theGlamour, 208:to free expression and to liberation from astral plane control. The balancing process then takesGlamour, 208:is no peculiar or specific light in or of the astral body itself, for it is only an aggregate ofGlamour, 208:and these in their entirety constitute the astral plane and possess no inherent light as do otherGlamour, 208:meaning of what I have earlier told you that the astral plane in reality does not exist. It is theGlamour, 210:to dissipate glamor and liberates him from the astral plane. The third stage is that in which theGlamour, 210:any one time preoccupied. The false light of the astral plane disappears in this triple blendedGlamour, 211:light, upon the recognition of the fact that the astral plane has no true existence, upon a trainedGlamour, 211:in a position to recognize that an emotional or astral condition constitutes a veil over the truthGlamour, 212:yet, in group work relatively free from astral control. This astral liberation must to a certainGlamour, 212:work relatively free from astral control. This astral liberation must to a certain extent controlGlamour, 214:has freed himself and the light breaks in on the astral plane through the medium of his astralGlamour, 214:in on the astral plane through the medium of his astral body. I would suggest that no aspirantGlamour, 215:to cooperate with the soul in physical, astral and mental ways in order to aid in the moreGlamour, 216:of the integrated soul-personality to the astral plane and the particular glamor; the attention isGlamour, 216:glamor; the attention is not turned to the astral body of the aspirant, seeking to do the work.Glamour, 218:pouring forth from the illumined mind on to the astral plane. He must believe that this is so. ThenGlamour, 220:turning of the searchlight of the mind to the astral plane. The Formula Soul activity and theGlamour, 220:consciousness. The energies taking form upon the astral plane are not pure emotion and feeling,Glamour, 220:not pure emotion and feeling, clothed in pure astral matter, for there is no such thing. They areGlamour, 221:you have the appearance of what is known as the astral plane - a man-created sphere of activity.Glamour, 221:The subhuman kingdoms of nature know no astral plane; the superhuman kingdoms have surmounted itGlamour, 221:those on all rays who have powerful sixth ray astral vehicles. These make the most effectiveGlamour, 223:their rapid response to the magnetic pull of the astral plane and its many and widespread glamors.Glamour, 223:major problem is not so much the negation of the astral body, for they are apt to despise its hold,Glamour, 223:they tend to bring their illusions down to the astral plane and there clothe them with glamor andGlamour, 231:light-bearer and distributor of light upon the astral plane. These are all symbolic ways ofGlamour, 232:mental plane on to the glamor existing on the astral plane and which has been brought into relationGlamour, 234:group withdrawal of its consciousness from the astral plane and the world of glamor. The groupGlamour, 235:and of the searchlight of the mind on to the astral plane. [236] The Formula The soul breathes outGlamour, 237:turning of the searchlight of the mind to the astral plane. The Formula Soul activity and theGlamour, 239:they have created turning its light upon the astral plane. A pause follows and then comes theGlamour, 239:plane, turning their attention away from the astral plane. The searchlight of the soul is shut off.Glamour, 240:of the world; as it appears upon the astral plane where it constitutes the glamor to which theGlamour, 241:of human nature to identify itself with the astral nature and to the vital nature of conscious andGlamour, 248:emotional and utilizing force from the astral plane the greater part of the time? Can he contactGlamour, 252:glamor is dissipated. The control of the astral nature is broken. Third: As the disciple, workingGlamour, 258:for the emanating source of the activity is astral and the projected energy goes to centers belowGlamour, 258:lower nature, enriching and strengthening its astral content and thereby enhancing and deepeningGlamour, 258:nature; emotion is fostered and the power of the astral body is tremendously increased; veryGlamour, 259:and keeps the singing aspect entirely astral in nature. There is a higher and better mode of song,Glamour, 261:emanating from points of spiritual tension. The astral vehicle and the forces of glamor; orGlamour, 264:be able to project light, consciously, on to the astral plane and can thus dissipate glamor. HeHealing, 3:the essential non-separateness of all life. The astral or desire body (sometimes called theHealing, 3:opposites. In these two bodies, the etheric and astral bodies, ninety percent of the causes ofHealing, 7:the will of the patient; the radiation of his astral body, controlled and selfless, will impose aHealing, 7:a rhythm upon the agitation of the patient's astral body, and so enable the patient to take rightHealing, 25:be through individuals, and men must clear their astral or emotional bodies of those conditionsHealing, 25:by him because his focus of attention is astral. From the astral or emotional state ofHealing, 25:his focus of attention is astral. From the astral or emotional state of consciousness, muchHealing, 29:many have already learnt to withdraw from the astral body without being subject to that "impact inHealing, 29:way of describing the death of a man upon the astral plane. He then withdraws on to the mentalHealing, 29:withdraws on to the mental level, and leaves his astral carcass to swell the fog and increase itsHealing, 31:as the world illusion and the miasmas of the astral plane oft have their causes in physical planeHealing, 33:as to the nature and the control of the astral body. This book is practically the first one everHealing, 34:is your definition, Brother of mine? [34] The astral body is, for the majority of mankind, theHealing, 34:predominating stream of energy coming from the astral, mental or soul bodies. These control hisHealing, 34:factors are the stream of life and the stream of astral or desire energy. This can be either of aHealing, 38:and a general unhealthy condition of the astral body must be potent factors in producing discomfortHealing, 38:swept into activity through the action of the astral body. Agitation in that body, any violentHealing, 38:or prolonged irritation will pour a stream of astral energy into and through the solar plexusHealing, 42:efforts. I have earlier pointed out that the astral body is the prime motivating factor in theHealing, 43:of the developed, so there are conditions in the astral body analogous to this. In the case of theHealing, 43:evolved man, of the initiate or the Master, the astral body is steadily oriented towards the soul.Healing, 43:and producing, therefore, a temporary chaos. The astral body of man, being the latest to developHealing, 43:from the animal kingdom, which is entirely astral in its point of attainment. I would remind youHealing, 43:idea of a defined form and a specific shape. The astral body is an aggregate of forces, workingHealing, 44:with the working through of the forces from the astral plane into the physical body, and then giveHealing, 45:located in the etheric body, and fed from the astral body. These we call the endocrine glands.Healing, 45:Stomach Liver Gall bladder Nervous system Astral force Emotion Desire Touch Astral centers AstralHealing, 45:Nervous system Astral force Emotion Desire Touch Astral centers Astral body Low grade animal typeHealing, 45:Astral force Emotion Desire Touch Astral centers Astral body Low grade animal type of men 6. SacralHealing, 49:may be found useful. The method whereby these astral forces (which are, as we know, pre-eminentlyHealing, 49:is a relatively simple matter. In the astral vehicle of expression there are, as you may realize,Healing, 50:Mental 5. Solar Plexus 6th Emotion - Desire Astral 6. Sacral Center 3rd Reproduction Etheric 7.Healing, 50:harmony. This point warrants thought. On the astral plane there will also be found in every astralHealing, 50:astral plane there will also be found in every astral body seven corresponding focal points throughHealing, 51:Chapter I - The Psychological Causes of Disease Astral Force Center Bad Aspect Disease Good AspectHealing, 52:governing the mental body, The ray governing the astral equipment, The ray of the physical nature,Healing, 52:would be required the positive analysis of the astral forces as they express the personality. AnHealing, 52:playing through into the physical body from the astral plane, which are received directly from theHealing, 52:of soul-force plus the highest type of astral energy. This would be in the nature of a syntheticHealing, 53:of the personality forces, primarily of the astral force as that is the predominating force pouringHealing, 53:influences and impulses which emanate from the astral plane are a predisposing factor in allHealing, 53:which he lives) are, for him, unavoidable. The astral plane is a center of dynamic emanating force,Healing, 58:or desire nature, and are grounded in the astral body. Cancer is partially the result of a reactionHealing, 60:Sex organs Sacral center Cancer Atlantean Astral Vegetable Solar plexus Tuberculosis Aryan MentalHealing, 64:as might well be expected, has its roots in the astral or sentient body, the body of sensation. ItHealing, 65:from which average man suffers are based upon astral causes or upon some clearly defined desire. AHealing, 65:consequently the emphasis I have laid upon the astral body as a promoter of wrong physicalHealing, 65:wrong physical conditions, and the necessity for astral understanding and control on the part of
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