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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASTRAL

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Healing, 409:elsewhere that there is no such thing as the astral plane or the astral body. Just as the physicalHealing, 409:is no such thing as the astral plane or the astral body. Just as the physical body is made up ofHealing, 409:which is not regarded as a principle, so the astral body - as far as the mind nature is concerned -Healing, 409:- from the angle of the mental plane, the astral body is "a figment of the imagination"; it is notHealing, 409:an illusory glamorous world, the world of the astral plane. During physical incarnation, and when aHealing, 409:a man is not upon the Path of Discipleship, the astral plane is very real, with a vitality and aHealing, 412:is steadily revealing the existence of the astral plane and the etheric counterpart of the physicalHealing, 414:is the withdrawal of the life force from the astral or emotional form so that it disintegrates in aHealing, 416:magnetic link which unites the physical and the astral bodies and which is snapped or broken afterHealing, 429:force is characterized by desire (emotional or astral sentiency) and enters into the physical body,Healing, 429:center. This relates the man to the entire astral plane, and therefore to the world of glamor. WithHealing, 431:relation between: The soul on its own plane. The astral body. The solar plexus center. ThisHealing, 434:to the forces which have constituted the astral body and the mental vehicle. Absorption, the modeHealing, 442:old fear will go and the intercourse between the astral plane and the physical plane will be soHealing, 449:enable the initiate to function upon the cosmic astral plane, when withdrawn or abstracted afterHealing, 453:lie hidden in the physical vehicle or in the astral body are not in themselves wrong. They becomeHealing, 456:who are polarized entirely in the physical and astral bodies, the door of exit is the solar plexus,Healing, 456:can be seen also that an effort to control the astral life and the emotional nature, and to orientHealing, 460:body, it is much larger than that body, and the astral body and the mental nature can still remainHealing, 460:as a human soul within the ring-pass-not of his astral vehicle. You have here a somewhat new aspectHealing, 464:experience are determined, the [464] physical, astral and mental elemental are under control, andHealing, 464:the desire nature, the conflict is between the astral elemental and the soul, and this is given theHealing, 464:elemental and the mental life. There is no astral elemental to be found in the equipment of anHealing, 465:the seven [465] major centers which react under astral, mental and soul impulsive energy. It worksHealing, 465:these then come under the control of the astral body and the mental apparatus. You will seeHealing, 467:dying man is focused in either the emotional (or astral) body or the mental vehicle, according toHealing, 467:appear so attractive, and the activity of the astral body will die out. Healing, 471:for bringing about the [471] purification of the astral plane and for arresting the "downwardHealing, 471:is a major expression of divinity with which the astral plane has no true relation, being createdHealing, 476:consciousness, steadily and gradually, into the astral and mental vehicles, preparatory to theHealing, 477:are the integrated energies which we call the astral body and the mental vehicle, and at the centerHealing, 478:three predisposing factors: The quality of his astral-emotional equipment. The mental condition inHealing, 486:shell of the subtle body - a body composed of astral or sentient substance and of mental substance.Healing, 486:after true death, first of all into his astral body, and then, later, into his mental vehicle. ButHealing, 486:the case. A body constructed predominantly of astral matter is the basis of this idea. Few peopleHealing, 486:plane. Most people discover themselves upon the astral plane, clothed in a shell of astral matterHealing, 486:upon the astral plane, clothed in a shell of astral matter and committed to a period of eliminationHealing, 486:of elimination within the illusory area of the astral plane. As I have earlier told you, the astralHealing, 486:astral plane. As I have earlier told you, the astral plane has no factual existence, but is anHealing, 486:setback suffered by the Black Lodge), the astral plane will slowly become a dying creation, [487]Healing, 487:The sentient substance which constitutes the astral plane is still being gathered into forms ofHealing, 487:still the vast majority. In Atlantean days the astral plane came into being; the mental state ofHealing, 487:are faced with the problem of elimination of the astral body, but they have little to do to releaseHealing, 487:As practiced by those people who are purely astral in quality and constitution. These we callHealing, 488:himself practically smothered in an envelope of astral matter and is for a long time immersed inHealing, 488:is for a long time immersed in what we call the astral plane. The kama-manasic person has what isHealing, 488:him to contact at will the higher levels of the astral plane and the lower levels of the mentalHealing, 488:be stated that: The kamic person eliminates his astral body by means of attrition, and vacates itHealing, 488:by means of attrition, and vacates it via the astral correspondence to the solar plexus center.Healing, 488:be so because he eliminates, first of all, his astral body, and then his mental vehicle. [489] HeHealing, 489:then his mental vehicle. [489] He eliminates the astral body by means of his growing desire forHealing, 489:and steadily into the mind body, and the astral body esoterically "drops away" and finallyHealing, 489:accomplish: To dissolve and rid himself of any astral sediment which may be discoloring hisHealing, 489:his translucent mental body. The so-called astral body is now practically non-existent as a factorHealing, 489:soul light which, at this stage, dissolves the astral substance, just as it will be the combinedHealing, 489:(as a whole) which will dissolve finally the astral plane - again so-called. To destroy the mentalHealing, 490:and live to a great extent focused in their astral vehicles, the man is quite familiar with theHealing, 490:functioning upon the more advanced levels of the astral plane) sentient of outgoing love andHealing, 491:the movement teach and practice. The man, in his astral body, is now free from the strictly animalHealing, 491:response is such that the man, standing in his astral body, or rather in his kama-manasic vehicle,Healing, 492:manner related to the permanent physical and astral atoms, and thus produce the fivefold forceHealing, 492:incarnation. Seed Three gives the key to the astral vehicle in which the man will be polarized inHealing, 493:greatly facilitate this third activity upon the astral plane after death. Healing, 494:no time recognized on the part of the man on the astral plane. Gradually the lure and glamor (of aHealing, 494:states of consciousness. He may be glamored by astral existence or subject to the telepathicHealing, 496:after the process of ridding himself of the astral and mental bodies, the man enters into a sort ofHealing, 497:is nothing with which to feed this vehicle. The astral body comes into being through the reciprocalHealing, 498:the earlier processes of the destruction of the astral body through attrition and by "dynamicHealing, 498:be ruled by desire; what is left of the illusory astral body is dominated now by the mind, and theHealing, 503:a great light and a great potency; upon the astral plane, the phenomenon of death has a somewhatHealing, 503:a constructive purpose; this result is largely astral or psychic and serves to dissipate some ofHealing, 503:of war has produced phenomenal changes upon the astral plane and has shattered an immense amount ofHealing, 504:etheric planes of our solar system, the cosmic astral plane and the cosmic mental plane. TheHealing, 506:(a most [506] familiar happening) and also the astral or mental sheaths - those aggregations ofHealing, 514:on. However, all the three deaths - physical, astral and mental - are carried out with a steadilyHealing, 514:- asleep and unknowing - out of the etheric, astral and mental vehicles, but each of them becomesHealing, 539:the soul to the mind, and from the mind to the astral body, and from thence to the etheric vehicle?Healing, 539:his soul to transfer energy; the activity of his astral body is usually concentrated in theHealing, 548:of the soul, working through The mind and the astral body, whose energies condition The ethericHealing, 554:source of the trouble lies in the emotional or astral body, the task of the healer is not so easy;Healing, 559:is focused on the mental plane or upon the astral plane, the life energy will not be so stronglyHealing, 560:human beings are at this time centralized on the astral plane (or in the astral body), a clue toHealing, 560:time centralized on the astral plane (or in the astral body), a clue to one of the greatest sourcesHealing, 561:a centralization of the life force upon the astral plane, for instance, could produce. I shall butHealing, 562:closely together and proves the fact of astral desire evoking the physical appetite; thisHealing, 563:even when unconscious in the hours of sleep - to astral control. The cure, as you of course know,Healing, 570:the personality, emanating from the mental and astral bodies which are essentially the two eyes ofHealing, 570:body, then is repeated even more potently in the astral body, and is reflected into the physicalHealing, 571:the right eye transmits the energy of the astral body when directed consciously towards an objectHealing, 572:of soul energy. The right eye - agent for astral energy. The left eye - agent for lower mentalHealing, 572:will be as follows: The right eye - agent for astral energy. The left eye - agent for mentalHealing, 580:healer are centered in the head, and when the astral body is quiescent and the mind is active as aHealing, 583:of our seven systemic planes) but the cosmic astral and the cosmic mental planes also. In this ruleHealing, 591:ray. The personality ray. The mental ray. The astral ray. The ray of the physical body. However,Healing, 592:about, for instance, when the energy of the astral body makes its impact upon the forces of theHealing, 597:above mentioned: the mind ray, the ray of the astral body and the ray of the physical body. ThisHealing, 608:of the form are the "lunar lords," the physical, astral and mental elementals. These, in theirHealing, 609:which go to the creation of the physical, astral and mental bodies. The relation of the planetaryHealing, 612:The physical body, and to a far less extent the astral and mental bodies, are automatic in theirHealing, 616:For the average human being, this is usually the astral body, from which astral or emotional energy
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