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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASTRAL

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Magic, 390:or polarized in various bodies - sometimes the astral and sometimes the mental - so at this timeMagic, 398:in Atlantean times when the physical, vital and astral bodies were coordinated and formed aMagic, 416:a highly organized mental apparatus, an astral equipment which is primarily responsive to theMagic, 423:from the physical world, and the emotional or astral world. Discriminate intelligently between allMagic, 432:is the synthesis of the planetary physical, astral and mental elementals. For the purposes of ourMagic, 432:Entity is the sum total of all physical, vital, astral and mental forms, which, blended and fused,Magic, 432:The quality of these energies is primarily astral-buddhic, and the bias of the life forces and theMagic, 432:the planetary Logos, and the potent force of the astral (desire) body. In other words, the astralMagic, 432:of the astral (desire) body. In other words, the astral elemental, which embodies the desire natureMagic, 447:know, the last of those governing work on the astral plane and the magical task of motivating thoseMagic, 447:has clothed itself with mental matter and with astral matter. It is therefore a vital entity, onMagic, 447:work in mental matter. Most of them work with astral or desire matter and these forms are fluidicMagic, 452:aspect - it works through the emotional or astral nature and in connection with the dense physical,Magic, 455:purpose, which has clothed itself in mental, astral and vital substance, is potent on the physicalMagic, 464:governed by the vibration of physical and astral forms) which produces the [465] characteristicsMagic, 486:frequently [486] take to themselves astral matter from the desire in the heart of the student toMagic, 486:Largely a refusing to allow the matter of the astral plane to adhere to the mental thought-form.Magic, 486:has the wisdom that refuses to clothe it in astral plane matter. Not so with the physical planeMagic, 487:is a vital entity, robed in material of the astral plane and the mental plane when first you meetMagic, 487:the originator, borne on the wings of a surge of astral plane matter, strong enough to sweepMagic, 488:to the mental levels, i.e. the inhibiting of astral plane matter. The thought-form broken up andMagic, 492:of an emotional nature. As long as the astral body is in a state of restless movement, and itsMagic, 493:with the nature and mode of training of the astral body. Later on in this century, the psychologyMagic, 493:and self-consciousness in the physical and astral bodies. The intelligent and highly evolved manMagic, 498:of the physical body and so to function on the astral plane. This involves the preservation ofMagic, 498:vehicle. He can communicate with them on the astral plane or telepathically through the mind ifMagic, 501:who are polarized entirely in the physical and astral bodies, the door of exit is the solar plexusMagic, 501:trance, as it is called, and functioning on the astral plane. But for these types there is noMagic, 502:can be seen also that an effort to control the astral life and the emotional nature and to orientMagic, 503:with all fear of death and link the physical and astral planes in such a close relation that theyMagic, 503:carried forward between the physical and the astral. Magic, 504:until there is a conscious passing out onto the astral plane. Relaxation, close attention, and aMagic, 542:note how much emphasis is laid upon psychic and astral phenomena, and how little attention is paidMagic, 543:their [543] consciousness and become aware of astral objects and that illusive world of everMagic, 544:about, one in the lower and one in the higher astral world. Selfishness and desire of a low orderMagic, 545:or en rapport with a true black magician on the astral plane. This relationship is only possibleMagic, 546:shadowy form clothes itself upon the vibrating astral and mental sheath, and the idea of the solarMagic, 565:not only the concept of the possession of an astral or watery body, but also presents to the mindMagic, 566:This thought-form he has clothed with an astral or desire sheath, deliberately vitalized with hisMagic, 570:and the health of the physical body. From the astral world via the astral body. This will be purelyMagic, 570:the physical body. From the astral world via the astral body. This will be purely kamic or desireMagic, 570:people receive force only from the physical and astral planes, but disciples receive force alsoMagic, 588:the centers are found, which are primarily the astral, etheric and physical bodies, rememberingMagic, 596:the centers, and has mastered and controlled the astral nature and its corresponding center, theMagic, 612:no such thing as water; the watery sphere, the astral plane, is, could you but realize it, anMagic, 612:two basic realities. The watery nature of his astral experience in which these two aspects ofMagic, 613:senses which recognize yet fail to interpret the astral plane. The veil of illusion is beginning toMagic, 613:perspective. True vision is then impossible. The astral stage and the vast cycle of time in whichMagic, 614:and that of the spiritual, and this interlude of astral illusion is only known in the human family.Magic, 614:is only known in the human family. There is no astral plane except in the consciousness of theMagic, 614:have freed themselves from the illusions of the astral plane or realize the state of awareness ofMagic, 614:those forms of life which have not yet developed astral consciousness? It is the dual nature of theMagic, 615:truth and knowledge; it is on the plane of the astral that the heresy of separateness has to beMagic, 615:of the Master is the discovery that there is no astral plane; he finds that the astral plane is aMagic, 615:that there is no astral plane; he finds that the astral plane is a figment of the imagination andMagic, 615:of the magical and psychic powers that the astral plane of the great illusion has come into beingMagic, 616:work. He is still perforce working on the astral plane and he cannot possibly avoid so doing forMagic, 617:magical work. It involves the discovery that the astral plane and the astral light so-called areMagic, 617:the discovery that the astral plane and the astral light so-called are but the cinematographsMagic, 621:this treatise on individual development and on astral control, a vision has been given and a ruleMagic, 637:The second point of danger is to be found in the astral illusion in which all humanity lives, andMagic, 637:as you know, a treatise on the control of the astral body and a right understanding of its laws.Magic, 637:perception, will suffice to pierce this illusory astral miasma, and reveal to the man that he is aMeditation, 52:solar system, is polarized in His cosmic astral, or emotional body, and is [53] developing cosmicMeditation, 54:on the lower planes it demonstrates as the astral light, the great agent of reflection, that fixesMeditation, 70:through the medium of the centers, and their astral and mental counterparts. Some of the effects,Meditation, 124:those with powerful physical bodies and strong astral vibrations, but with weak mental bodies. ItMeditation, 129:temporarily opens and they hear and see on the astral or the mental plane. They see devas at aMeditation, 133:at environing circumstances, whether physical, astral or mental, and to forget that the inmostMeditation, 226:a reflection of the activity aspect. The astral, expressing a reflection of the love or wisdomMeditation, 226:expressed by the etheric. The rose or red of the astral. The orange of the mental. What have you inMeditation, 227:blue of the higher mental. [227] The rose of the astral and the yellow of the buddhic. The orangeMeditation, 250:unrecognized, and are largely etheric and astral. Music will be largely employed in construction,Meditation, 286:from the Triad via the causal and thence to the astral. It holds the key also of the fourth ethericMeditation, 287:or the Atlanteans which coordinated the astral. I give you food for thought in theseMeditation, 299:mental development paralleled by an unstable astral and a weak, underfed, badly raised physical.Meditation, 313:in the preparation of true occult training the astral and mental equipping of the student will beMeditation, 315:He must be consciously able to function on the astral plane at night and to bring the knowledgeMeditation, 315:part of his work will be with students on the astral plane, guiding them to the Master's ashram atMeditation, 328:of electricity, of fohat, of prana, and of the astral light. [329] Study of astronomy and ofMeditation, 329:occultism. Study of psychism. Study of the astral light and the akashic records. Study ofMeditation, 356:power of the lower mind, of the highest type of astral matter. Microcosm The little universe, orPatanjali, 10:is kama-manas (desire-mind), the emotional or astral body, tinged faintly with mind, and is thePatanjali, 14:to the lower mind processes as well as to the astral or emotional reactions. All activity in thePatanjali, 23:body, and is likewise separated from the astral body, bringing in a condition of very real danger;Patanjali, 28:existence, and desire, the quality of the astral plane, whose symbol is also water. The idea of manPatanjali, 30:Heaven, that state of consciousness upon the astral plane which is the concretion of the longingPatanjali, 30:his physical body, prior to passing out of the astral body on to the mental plane. Devachan, thatPatanjali, 30:into which the soul passes when deprived of its astral body and functioning in, or limited by, itsPatanjali, 39:that only the three worlds of mental perception, astral perception and of the physical senses. ThePatanjali, 68:This is the faculty of sight upon the astral plane and is one of the lower "siddhis" or psychicPatanjali, 68:are the result of mental activity, and not of astral sight. Frequently these visions have a qualityPatanjali, 71:Pain is the effect produced when the astral or emotional body is wrongly polarized. Pain is thePatanjali, 74:etheric body physical plane. 2. Kama desire astral body astral plane. 3. Lower Manas concrete mindPatanjali, 74:body physical plane. 2. Kama desire astral body astral plane. 3. Lower Manas concrete mind mentalPatanjali, 86:pleasure or of pain. This is experienced in the astral or emotional body. The knowledge given byPatanjali, 86:largely instinctual; that achieved through the astral dream condition is largely sensuous. One isPatanjali, 93:live and move and have our being." That on the astral or emotional plane, the lower powers ofPatanjali, 121:Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of the heart, of the astral body. Karma Yoga has a specific relation toPatanjali, 122:Whilst in the Atlantean race the desire or astral body was developed, and the flower of that race
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