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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASTRAL

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Patanjali, 123:Devotion to Ishvara, which relates to the astral or emotional body, the whole heart poured out inPatanjali, 126:body, those producing the obstructions of the astral body, and the seeds latent in the mental body.Patanjali, 127:to those things which, through the medium of the astral body, prevent soul vision, The wordPatanjali, 128:physical plane, that desire has relation to his astral body or vehicle of feeling, and that hatePatanjali, 130:As this environment is triple (physical, astral and mental) and as he has three vehicles whereby hePatanjali, 133:planes: The physical body, The emotional or astral body, The mental body. 2. On the physical planePatanjali, 138:attachment to forms on three planes (physical, astral and mental) and has killed out all longingPatanjali, 149:is the [149] characteristic of the emotional or astral nature and, when this is dominant the lifePatanjali, 162:feelings and desires, which all have form in the astral world, the world of the emotions. ThePatanjali, 165:are the result of these currents in the mental, astral and physical worlds no longer shut him awayPatanjali, 171:sum total of the lower manifestation (physical, astral and mental man) and the real self, the causePatanjali, 175:and to the evolution of the body of feeling, the astral. Fear. As the mental body develops and thePatanjali, 179:man, the lower quaternary (physical, etheric, astral and lower mental) received that twofoldPatanjali, 181:the means as they refer to the physical, the astral, and the mental vehicles. This is oftenPatanjali, 183:etheric body is organized and controlled and the astral body is reoriented, for the desire naturePatanjali, 185:appropriation of others' possessions. II Astral Nature 4. Abstention from incontinence. This isPatanjali, 188:be kept clean, for there is a sense in which the astral and mental bodies can be kept cleansed fromPatanjali, 190:feelings, and thus is related to the desire or astral plane. It deals with the reading of symbolsPatanjali, 192:thoughts habitually cultivated are productive of astral and physical reactions and results it mustPatanjali, 192:in the realm of desire and consequently the astral or emotional body is affected. Then followsPatanjali, 202:vehicle internal purity, c. Psychic purity astral vehicle emotional purity, d. Mental purity mentalPatanjali, 205:of the physical plane and not with the lower astral as is now the case. The correct order of thisPatanjali, 205:freed from love of form on the emotional or astral plane, Correct use and development of the fivePatanjali, 206:true or spiritual man. In connection with the astral body, the result of purification is a quietPatanjali, 206:or the buddhic nature. The relation of the astral or kamic principle (using the middle vehicle ofPatanjali, 213:a firm steadfast unwavering condition of the astral or emotional body in the passage throughPatanjali, 216:by the pull of any attractive force. The astral body becomes quiescent and non-assertive,Patanjali, 216:There is a great mystery concerned with the astral body of man and with the astral light, and thePatanjali, 216:with the astral body of man and with the astral light, and the nature of the mystery is still onlyPatanjali, 216:is still only known to advanced initiates. The astral light is thrown into objectivity by twoPatanjali, 216:objectivity by two producing factors, and the astral body of a man is responsive to two types ofPatanjali, 216:ego, using the mental body. Vibrations reach the astral body from the physical plane and from thePatanjali, 216:response to the higher or the lower call. The astral body is either attentive to the egoicPatanjali, 216:and searches for the right attitude to both. The astral plane is the battleground of the soul, thePatanjali, 220:and the health of the physical body. From the astral world via the astral body. This will be purelyPatanjali, 220:the physical body. From the astral world via the astral body. This will be purely kamic or desirePatanjali, 220:people receive force only from the physical and astral planes, but disciples receive force alsoPatanjali, 222:down of the barriers between this world and the astral world, before the pupil is properlyPatanjali, 231:The abstracting of the consciousness into the astral body and thus freeing it from the physicalPatanjali, 231:or the mind so that neither the physical nor the astral any longer limit or confine the man. WhenPatanjali, 253:and the third eye develops and functions. On the astral and mental plane a [254] correspondingPatanjali, 258:of the solar plexus producing awareness of the astral plane. This type of psychism is a reversionPatanjali, 273:with the second aspect of the lower man, the astral body, the middle principle in the lower [274]Patanjali, 274:ordinary type of spiritualism. Contact with the astral plane is made through that great center, thePatanjali, 276:distinguish between actual experience and those astral pictures created by imagination and keenPatanjali, 276:great divisions on the physical plane and on the astral. [277] It should be borne in mind thatPatanjali, 277:with the animal kingdom, and also belongs to an astral family. Through that affiliation on thePatanjali, 277:astrological record, or the forms taken on the astral plane under the influence of the planetaryPatanjali, 277:and the assumption that the flashes of astral sight which reveal glimpses of the akashic film givePatanjali, 283:of the etheric body and stand in his kamic or astral body and thus be also etherically invisible.Patanjali, 288:compassion and involves the kamic or astral principle, whilst compassion concerns also the physicalPatanjali, 296:upon the inner planes, such as the emotional or astral plane and the mental. At present thePatanjali, 298:the mind and of the soul. Mind consciousness. 2. Astral Plane Antariksa World of the emotions KamicPatanjali, 299:In connection with the second plane, the astral, reference is made to the fact that the stars (thePatanjali, 302:the above and the following: "A knowledge of the astral world comes to him who can meditate uponPatanjali, 303:an understanding of the physical body, of the astral or desire vehicle and of the mental sheath. Patanjali, 305:the consequent coordination and growth of the astral or emotional body, the heart center has becomePatanjali, 307:present consideration. 2. It is the organ of the astral nature, of the emotions, moods, desires andPatanjali, 309:when he realizes that it is his emotional or astral body which produces the greater part of thePatanjali, 312:is performing its highest function. On the astral or desire plane, within the astral body of thePatanjali, 312:On the astral or desire plane, within the astral body of the aspirant, must this balancing processPatanjali, 312:middle center, the solar plexus, typifying the astral plane and its work. It will now be apparentPatanjali, 323:the planes. Plane Sense 1. Physical Hearing 2. Astral Touch or feeling 3. Mental Sight 4. BuddhicPatanjali, 323:4. Taste 2nd subatomic 5. Smell 1st atomic Astral 1. Clairaudience 5th 2. Psychometry 4th 3.Patanjali, 329:plane, The mental plane, The emotional, astral or kamic plane, The physical plane. The fivePatanjali, 331:from water is a symbolic way of stating that the astral nature is subjugated and the great watersPatanjali, 334:Sea of Fire Human will. Plane VI. Emotional or astral Astral Light Reflection of the Akasha HumanPatanjali, 334:Fire Human will. Plane VI. Emotional or astral Astral Light Reflection of the Akasha Human love andPatanjali, 334:Fire Discrimination Taste The Tongue. Plane VI. Astral Light Desire Smell The Nose. Plane VII. ThePatanjali, 336:[336] VII. Physical Plane Smell Ether. VI. Astral Taste Astral Light. V. Mental Sight Fire. IV.Patanjali, 336:Physical Plane Smell Ether. VI. Astral Taste Astral Light. V. Mental Sight Fire. IV. Buddhic TouchPatanjali, 336:when he realizes that when the voices of desire (astral voices or vibratory response to the secondPatanjali, 336:sound The second aspect in manifestation 2. The Astral Light Light The voices of desire ThePatanjali, 337:of earth - physical, The voices of desire - astral, The speech or formulated thoughts of the mind -Patanjali, 338:illusion and gives a man power to hear on the astral plane. This in its right place and whenPatanjali, 342:Center Earth Physical Smell Base of the spine Astral Emotional Taste Solar Plexus Manasic MentalPatanjali, 349:exactness of its many units. The emotional or astral body is, as is well known, distinguished byPatanjali, 349:and translucent, or ugly, dark and cloudy. The astral body of the adept is a thing of radiantPatanjali, 350:in relation to their counterparts on the astral and mental planes. The five divisions are asPatanjali, 355:plane Ear Response to sound. 2. Touch Atlantean Astral plane Skin Response to touch or vibration.Patanjali, 379:plane method. 2. Drugs The release of the astral consciousness. 3. Words of Power Creation byPatanjali, 379:desire of a spiritual kind is a sublimation of astral or emotional desire, so meditation, asPatanjali, 380:sublimation of the realizations achieved on the astral and mental planes. It might, therefore, bePatanjali, 381:of alcohol and of drugs can and does release the astral consciousness, as also the practice of sexPatanjali, 392:plane. The plane of the pairs of opposites - the astral plane. The plane of one-pointed thought -Patanjali, 403:hidden in the physical [403] vehicle or in the astral body are not in themselves wrong. They becamePatanjali, viii:of the centers in man and the development of the astral and psychic nature. Later on, Bhakti Yoga,Patanjali, viii:out of the development of the emotional or astral body, was incorporated with Laya Yoga and thePatanjali, xii:the flesh into activity, and no longer does his astral body subjugate him and overcome him. ThroughPsychology1, 16:speak not here of the pairs of opposites of the astral or emotional plane, which are illusoryPsychology1, 51:- Mental Plane. Ray VI - Devotion, Idealism - Astral Plane. Ray VII - Ceremonial Order - PhysicalPsychology1, 52:attitude. The religious man is pre-eminently astral or emotional and works in a more separativePsychology1, 52:and this work has its field of activity upon the astral plane. The complexity of this subject andPsychology1, 56:of the subtle bodies, - etheric or vital, astral or emotional, and the lower mental apparatus.Psychology1, 74:in the world today is due to the presence on the astral plane of a first ray disciple of thePsychology1, 97:are registering a world of phenomena - often astral, sometimes mental, and occasionally egoic -Psychology1, 98:are steadily revealing the existence of the astral plane and the etheric counterpart of thePsychology1, 102:seeping in (if I may use such a phrase) from the astral plane, a steady and gradual penetration ofPsychology1, 102:plane, a steady and gradual penetration of the "astral light" and its fusion with the other twoPsychology1, 102:in the rending of the veil which separates the astral plane from the physical plane; the dividing
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