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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASTRAL

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Telepathy, 98:use such an inadequate term) the emotional or astral aura, and then the soul quality of love willTelepathy, 98:or mental impression out into the world of men. Astral impression is purely selfish and individualTelepathy, 98:would have you distinguish carefully between the astral and the mental bodies and that which theyTelepathy, 99:and thus lessen the extent and the power of the astral aura, and extend and increase the potency ofTelepathy, 99:of aspirants are definitely polarized in the astral nature, and that therefore their problem is toTelepathy, 99:he discovers the potency and the quality of his astral aura. Owing to the fact that this is (inTelepathy, 99:the quality of love and its distortion into the astral nature, the development of emotionalTelepathy, 99:is so strong that it dominates and controls the astral aura. The stage wherein the soul expressesTelepathy, 99:love and begins to pour its radiation into the astral aura, via the astral body. Eventually theTelepathy, 99:pour its radiation into the astral aura, via the astral body. Eventually the [100] sensitivity ofTelepathy, 100:force (if I might use such a term) submerges the astral nature, vitalizing and inspiring the astralTelepathy, 100:the astral nature, vitalizing and inspiring the astral body, changing temporarily the quality ofTelepathy, 100:body, changing temporarily the quality of the astral aura, and establishing a control which willTelepathy, 100:aura will not prevent his being sensitive in his astral nature to the invocative and emotional callTelepathy, 101:in the earlier stages by much confusion, much astral psychism and frequent wrong interpretations.Telepathy, 102:would convey. They contact with facility the astral counterparts of the higher worlds, which areTelepathy, 102:are reflected (and thereby distorted) into the astral plane; the world there registered is glamoredTelepathy, 103:and, simultaneously, clarify the surrounding astral world with which they are in contact. TheyTelepathy, 104:prone to receive impressions from etheric or astral levels, as are the vast majority of astralTelepathy, 104:or astral levels, as are the vast majority of astral psychics - and their name is legion.Telepathy, 104:aspect of his recording mechanism (the mind, the astral body, the energy body, or the brain) theTelepathy, 105:to the brain, avoiding all contact with the astral body; only in so far as this direct descent isTelepathy, 105:any emotional complex whatsoever, for it is the astral level of consciousness which is the greatTelepathy, 105:however, be recorded by a perfectly quiescent astral vehicle, and therefore you will see one of theTelepathy, 106:can also distort the true interpretation, as can astral intervention; the teaching upon the PathTelepathy, 106:can be interfered with by glamor from the astral plane or by separate and [107] concrete ideasTelepathy, 107:and the psychic expressions to be found upon the astral plane. Here again you can grasp theTelepathy, 107:of the personality - the etheric body, the astral vehicle and the mind nature; basically, thisTelepathy, 107:have hitherto been of major importance: the astral vehicle and the soul body or causal body. TheTelepathy, 107:vehicle and the soul body or causal body. The astral body is thus by-passed before the fourthTelepathy, 109:faculty. The entire process is, therefore, astral-buddhic and involves the lower aspects of theTelepathy, 110:science, but the range of its activities is not astral and, therefore, related to the solar plexusTelepathy, 110:in which this science is carried forward is not astral substance but mental substance, andTelepathy, 110:lower aspect of love (emotional and sensitive astral response) and the pure love of the soul areTelepathy, 110:and the pure love of the soul are involved. Astral, sympathetic sensitivity is fallible andTelepathy, 111:characteristic of the evolutionary process. Astral sensitive awareness. This is based upon theTelepathy, 111:the entire process is carried forward upon the astral plane and with astral substance. This, in itsTelepathy, 111:carried forward upon the astral plane and with astral substance. This, in its highest form, becomesTelepathy, 111:are, at one stage of their development, strongly astral-buddhic in nature. This should beTelepathy, 111:sensitive to contacts which are founded upon an astral-buddhic consciousness but which are strictlyTelepathy, 112:and continues to employ the concrete mind; astral sensitivity, however, then begins to fall belowTelepathy, 116:still unthinking, human being works through his astral body and, because he is there polarized,Telepathy, 116:receiving impressions and communications from astral entities or from the animated astral forms toTelepathy, 116:from astral entities or from the animated astral forms to be found in the glamors created byTelepathy, 116:that true aspiration is essentially an astral product or reaction; all [117] aspirants - in theTelepathy, 117:certain disciples who work deliberately upon the astral plane, under instruction from the Master ofTelepathy, 139:care all life seems woven) and the fact of the astral or emotional nature. Not one among them, orTelepathy, 140:The consciousness of men today is physical-astral, and the factor of conditioning energies isTelepathy, 141:responsible, because of utilizing the word "astral" to cover a mass of information anent theTelepathy, 141:of information anent the etheric as well as the astral. This was due to the realization of the factTelepathy, 141:was due to the realization of the fact that the astral body was doomed in a few generationsTelepathy, 141:in any particular cycle, H. P. B. used the term "astral body" as interchangeable with the ethericTelepathy, 141:of cases is the vehicle or the instrument of astral energy. The mass of men are still Atlantean orTelepathy, 141:energy. The mass of men are still Atlantean or astral in their natures, and this means a far largerTelepathy, 141:(probably about three hundred years) the astral body would continue to govern the mass of humanTelepathy, 144:his whole attention from the physical or the astral planes on to the etheric levels of awareness;Telepathy, 145:body" may happen to be focused. This may be the astral plane or the planes of the Spiritual Triad,Telepathy, 154:misunderstood as are the words "etheric" or "astral." It is this loose connotation which isTelepathy, 155:form which is found on the physical plane, the astral plane and the levels of the lower mind. ThisTelepathy, 156:and controllers of the animal appetites. The astral world, determining the desires, emotions andTelepathy, 161:lying between the dense physical body and the astral sentient body, and substituting substance of
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