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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASTRAY

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Astrology, 9:this connection that modern astrology has gone astray. It has reversed the true and right procedureAtom, 157:to give it a purely physical application we go astray. If we work it out along the lines of theBethlehem, 122:underlying principles of living, is one entirely astray and to be regarded as a fool? Many will soDiscipleship2, 727:power which led some of your group brothers astray for months. There has always been a glamorousEducation, 137:inner tantric teachings have gone so woefully astray, and been centralized upon individualExternalisation, 355:right here that religion has, as a whole, gone astray. I refer to orthodox religion. It has beenFire, 861:mathematical and material a concept, he will go astray. The etheric centers of man are not on theFire, 867:of their centers and vehicles they go astray. This can be seen working out in groups as well as inFire, 993:endeavor by right motive, he is liable to be led astray by the acquisition of power. Knowledge ofFire, 1164:of these solar lotuses that occult students go astray. It is, for instance, correct to say that theGlamour, 162:right here that religion has, as a whole, gone astray. I refer to orthodox religion. It has beenHealing, 97:is on this point that many groups and healers go astray. The mind can direct energy and this energyHealing, 211:of understanding that so many worthy people go astray, particularly in the mental scienceHealing, 271:cultist or healer of today so often goes astray. The old approach to medicine, with its physicalHealing, 346:suffering of the soul, when the personality goes astray, is only a symbolic form of words. There isHealing, 630:diagnosis that most modern so-called healers go astray. They do not know enough about the physicalInitiation, 7:present standpoint. The factor of time leads us astray for one thing; we err when we attempt to fixInitiation, 205:been touched upon because so many students go astray upon these matters, and cultivate either anMagic, 6:and demonstration. Many are likewise going astray in the effort to induce in themselves psychicMagic, 171:line. These qualities delude him and lead him astray, forcing [172] him onto a pedestal from whichMagic, 250:It is here that many worthy aspirants go astray - temporarily it may be, but the times are soMagic, 285:and it is here that many of the schools go astray. The heading "vital life" is a comprehensive one,Magic, 382:nature and desire body will no longer lead astray nor will the mind shut out that which is true andMagic, 590:and much erroneous teaching, [590] leading many astray and causing a great deal of misapprehension.Magic, 631:of inclusive love; their tongues lead them not astray into the field of ordinary criticism, andMeditation, 132:in the daily life, the risks of being led astray will be nullified. A third method frequentlyPatanjali, 329:more vital plexi. The student will not go far astray if he regards the sum total of prana in thePsychology1, 160:be noted that all the schools of psychology go astray in their handling of the human unit, for justPsychology1, 286:the schools of esoteric teaching have gone sadly astray. The false idea has crept into theirPsychology2, 108:integrity. More plans for service have gone astray and more workers have been hindered by criticismPsychology2, 424:this is carefully borne in mind, we shall not go astray as we deal with our subject. We areTelepathy, 106:in the nature of symbols) that he is apt to go astray. They are the media through which the
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