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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASTROLOGICAL

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Fire, 627:study of the macrocosm and the microcosm. 3 The Astrological Key is referred to in the S. D., Vol.Fire, 788:And through that influence - [788] Under certain astrological influences, Under certain planetaryFire, 1051:and taught misleads more than it helps, and astrological students are as yet learning but the a-b-cFire, 1057:impossibility for the average astronomical and astrological student to make accurate computationsFire, 1057:exists a department of which the modern varying astrological organizations are but the dim andFire, 1221:ages its true form was distorted. Not all the astrological signs can be traced to the symbols, forFire, 1221:with a goat standing on the summit, and again an astrological sign, that of Capricorn, can beGlamour, 119:Life for an individual, through a study of his astrological indications. It is necessary in thisGlamour, 155:- A World Problem - The Causes of Glamor The astrological influences can potently affect theseGlamour, 246:factual relationship, you have the basis of all astrological influences. Man moves, therefore, in aGlamour, 253:the forces employed, their ray relation or their astrological significance. This is a sentient,Healing, 76:egoic. If to this you add some knowledge of his astrological inclinations and indications, a farHealing, 271:patient. To this will some day be added correct astrological interpretation, immediate recognitionHealing, 277:then the etheric body will be checked by correct astrological conclusions, and the physician willHealing, 277:given as much time to scientific training along astrological lines as is now given to training aHealing, 277:physician, a chemist or a biologist. These astrological findings will not only be related to theHealing, 277:in relation to the etheric body. Today, any astrological investigation done in the field ofHealing, 277:This is a new and imminent development in astrological research. [278] Healing, 279:of cycles. It will be simplified when true astrological findings become possible, when man knowsHealing, 293:the significance of the defects emerging from astrological conditions and producing effects of aHealing, 483:the seven centers in his vital body, and of the astrological influences which equally conditionHercules, 6:Labors of Hercules - The Purpose of this Study Astrological Connotations A secondary object of thisHercules, 28:I The Meaning of the Myth In combining this astrological and symbolic story with the everyday lifeHercules, 65:brother dying and the other living. We meet the astrological symbol for Gemini in the two pillarsHercules, 89:of Hercules - Labor IV - Part 2 Symbols The astrological symbol for the sign Cancer has no relationHercules, 122:statement by the Tibetan: "The basis of the astrological sciences is the emanation, transmission,Hercules, 216:Zodiac, and from which they are named.... The astrological Zodiac proper, however, is an imaginaryHercules, 218:the Way", and to this it is possible to give an astrological significance, for all three types ofHercules, 220:opportunities. It can also be shown that these astrological factors have set their mark upon ourInitiation, 40:or another of the sacred planets. According to astrological conditions, and according to theInitiation, 95:or not as the case may be, according to astrological conditions, and this will produce shorter orInitiation, 206:who also will study with care information which astrological [207] students have gleaned anent theMagic, 77:for the law of brotherhood or unity and for astrological truth. Thirdly, the need of realizing thatMagic, 111:leading to the diversities seen among men. Astrological sign, determining the trend of anyMagic, 205:vibration, of their tone and colors and of the astrological significances. We shall not work withMagic, 276:of the initiates of the time. Held latent in the astrological presentation is that informationMagic, 289:kinds. One of the concepts, lying back of the astrological theories, is that the etheric body ofMagic, 292:from: The seven planets. This is the basis of astrological practice. The Earth. The Moon. SolarMagic, 307:which we have only the time to briefly indicate: Astrological factors, either affecting theMagic, 434:be added, and these are the basis of much of our astrological research. They emanate from theMeditation, 289:meditation form. Then comes a day (usually when astrological conditions are fit and the moonMeditation, 324:purposes: It is the place for astronomical and astrological instruction and will have the latestPatanjali, 221:and its right progression up the spine. II. The astrological significance and the relation of thePatanjali, 224:parallelism in nature is of value here. II. The astrological significance is also hinted at here inPatanjali, 277:the downward arc with the vegetable kingdom. The astrological record, or the forms taken on thePatanjali, 303:say that this sutra forms the background for all astrological investigation and from anPsychology1, 153:to the solar system, which is the basis of astrological research, will be considered later. I seekPsychology1, 153:Be Said." Influenced by, and therefore under the astrological control of, the twelve constellationsPsychology1, 329:power. given to ritualistic ceremony. The twelve astrological groups. These we shall consider inPsychology1, 332:are ray influences and those which are of an astrological nature, such as the rising sign, or thePsychology1, 368:indicate inaccurate prophecy or misinterpreted astrological conditions. In any case, the prophesiedPsychology1, 394:third ray. Their egoic ray is the first. Their astrological sign is Capricorn, with Virgo rising.Psychology2, 102:more at length after we have considered the astrological implications of the rays, in thePsychology2, 195:and activity. When we come to study the astrological implications in connection with these laws, wePsychology2, 414:future or of determining action. This aspect of astrological interpretation will become less andPsychology2, 414:own lives. I refer to the recognition of the astrological types, of their characteristics andPsychology2, 494:(as a first and needed measure) the rays, the astrological implications and the type ofPsychology2, 504:his patient as to ray type, evolutionary status, astrological indications and inherentPsychology2, 518:or Pisces? In coming centuries, this aspect of astrological science will be of definite importancePsychology2, 547:in the man himself. These are governed by his astrological sign - either his sun sign or his risingPsychology2, 596:of a man's governing rays and a grasp of the astrological indications as to a man's "path of life"Rays, 235:incarnation, to work with and use the available astrological forces which make their impact uponRays, 253:to set too rigid a standard for those seeking astrological deduction, and thus fail to recognize aRays, 269:the human kingdom has been covered by me in the astrological section of this Treatise: EsotericReappearance, 79:all four Gospels; the symbol of the Fish is the astrological symbol for the sign Pisces, and hasReappearance, 80:by writing to any observatory; it is not an astrological prognostication. The great spiritualReappearance, 153:constellations of the zodiac). Astronomical and astrological investigation has demonstrated thisTelepathy, 178:field of untold energies and the basis of all astrological computations; it is the playground of
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