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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASTRONOMICAL

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Astrology, 146:here considering the orthodox mathematical or astronomical reasons, for they are, in reality,Astrology, 257:remind you of this and to point out to you that astronomical facts are only relative as regards theAstrology, 299:be dedicated (through accurate astrological and astronomical knowledge) to whichever constellationAstrology, 410:process and owing to certain shifts and astronomical-astrological discrepancies, the Sun is not inAstrology, 635:Doctrine - (Third Edition) Mythology relates to astronomical, theogonical and human struggles; toAtom, 151:but it has its points of interest. If we study astronomical books, and seek to ascertain whetherAutobiography, 231:of the Aquarian age. This Aquarian age is both astronomical and astrological in import. There is aAutobiography, 232:of the astrological implications to astronomical happenings the story is very different. PeopleAutobiography, 232:through the constellation Aquarius. This is an astronomical fact at this time and has nothing to doBethlehem, 18:world peace. He came at the beginning of that astronomical age which we call "the Piscean age"Bethlehem, 19:sun is now in process of transiting. These are astronomical facts, for I am not here speaking ofBethlehem, 63:and that which conceals divinity. These are astronomical facts. The interpretation of the symbolismBethlehem, 64:comes forth as the world Savior. One other astronomical fact is of interest in this connection.Bethlehem, 184:instance can here be given to illustrate the astronomical background of our Christian festivals.Externalisation, 419:(the twelve constellations of the zodiac). Astronomical and astrological investigation hasFire, 41:figures are not fanciful, but are founded upon astronomical facts, has been demonstrated by Mr.Fire, 110:Psychological. - S. D., II, 25, note; I, 389. Astronomical. - S. D., II, 25, note; I, 389; III,Fire, 381:the study of the solar system as a unit, of the astronomical and orbital relation of the Sun to theFire, 794:early part of the next century a revolution in astronomical circles will occur which will result inFire, 1057:the matter and the impossibility for the average astronomical and astrological student to makeFire, 1142:and groping human reflections in the great astronomical scientists who endeavor to ascertain factsHercules, 46:pull and in both the symbolical and the astronomical sense it attracts. We have seen that in thisHercules, 46:triplicity which is so constantly recurrent in astronomical lore and in mythology: Taurus,Hercules, 64:and Pollux as immortal. It is an interesting astronomical fact that the star, Castor, is waning inMeditation, 324:tower serves two purposes: It is the place for astronomical and astrological instruction and willPsychology1, 361:physical and mental. Astrophysics and the newer astronomical discoveries. The seventh ray willPsychology2, 707:which is upon us. This is the result of certain astronomical happenings, such as the pouring in ofRays, 350:of years of distance can be stated only in super-astronomical figures) the conditioning factors forReappearance, 79:do when that age came to an end and the new astronomical cycle came into existence. The averageReappearance, 79:the legitimate interest of humanity in the astronomical teaching and its spiritual interpretationReappearance, 80:passing of the Sun into the sign Aquarius is an astronomical fact, as any one can ascertain byReappearance, 106:of Taurus, the Bull; this was the preceding astronomical cycle. These are astronomical cycles andReappearance, 106:was the preceding astronomical cycle. These are astronomical cycles and not a presented astrology.Reappearance, 153:(the twelve constellations of the zodiac). Astronomical and astrological investigation hasTelepathy, 178:mind of the age, mounting into more than astronomical figures - if that statement even conveysTelepathy, 180:of energy in space which is the basis of all astronomical relationships - between universes, solar
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