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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATLAS

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Hercules, 58:he was arrested by a sense of deep distress. Atlas confronted him, staggering 'neath the load ofHercules, 58:load rolled off, and he stood free, and likewise Atlas. Before him stood the giant and in his handHercules, 63:which constituted the real test. Hercules finds Atlas bearing the load of the world on hisHercules, 63:is so overcome by the stupendous enterprise of Atlas, and so concerned over his sufferings as heHercules, 63:in pity, takes the load off the shoulders of Atlas and bears it himself. Then we are told in theHercules, 63:in the wonderful consummation of the story, that Atlas, freed from his burden, goes to the gardenHercules, 69:salvation and as he bears the great burden of Atlas and learns the meaning of service. Lepus, theHercules, 72:aspiration. At the close of his search he meets Atlas, bearing the burden of the world, and soHercules, 72:weight of that responsibility and the load that Atlas, the great Master, is carrying, that heHercules, 72:to lift the burden off the shoulders of Atlas. When aspirants in the religious field and in theHercules, 75:of the world and to lifting the burden of Atlas. After the sacrifice comes the reward, and HerculesHercules, 75:great surprise after freeing both Prometheus and Atlas. Having, given up his search in order toHercules, 75:given up his search in order to help the world, Atlas went for him to the garden and handed to himHercules, 218:reality than the tracks of liners shown upon an atlas for the information of the intendingSoul, 114:in the case of man from the upper border of the atlas, below the cerebellum, passing into the
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