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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATMOSPHERE

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Astrology, 529:the subject of scientific research; the psychic atmosphere and the intellectual appeal will beAutobiography, 35:in Kirkcudbrightshire, at the time and the atmosphere was exactly right. It was a Sunday morning.Autobiography, 119:it is frequently true) that the Jews lower the atmosphere of any district in which they reside.Autobiography, 221:was that the girls should imbibe some of the atmosphere of the country they were in and see some ofDestiny, 103:the subject of scientific research; the psychic atmosphere and the intellectual appeal will beDiscipleship1, 187:the masses whom you see around you. The psychic atmosphere of the countries in which you work isDiscipleship1, 287:of increased integration and to the psychic atmosphere in which you live. Your residence is in aDiscipleship1, 648:It (the vision) evokes its own aura and its own atmosphere, and the disciple must penetrate throughDiscipleship2, 68:and international planning and a general atmosphere of unhappiness, plus a sense of superiorDiscipleship2, 95:like, for instance, to penetrate into the mental atmosphere of a fellow member, or do you care toDiscipleship2, 143:0M, with its power to clarify the aura and the atmosphere, and upon the processes to be followed.Discipleship2, 243:with its inevitable all-enveloping psychic atmosphere, its attendant strains and its constantDiscipleship2, 362:Two should show you how rich is the area or the atmosphere of a hint - if I may use such peculiarDiscipleship2, 526:discontent, the longing to be free, and the atmosphere of acute suffering in which you live. YourDiscipleship2, 529:on behalf of others and the general psychic atmosphere in which they are forced to dwell. P.D.W.,Education, 2:group thought-waves penetrate into the mental atmosphere of humanity, men become impressed and theEducation, 73:of providing right early conditions and right atmosphere, and their lives (their case histories)Education, 75:else, the effort should be made to provide an atmosphere wherein certain qualities can flourish andEducation, 75:certain qualities can flourish and emerge. 1. An atmosphere of love, wherein fear is cast out andEducation, 76:[76] or in homes for that matter. This atmosphere of love is not an emotional, sentimental form ofEducation, 76:III - The Present Transition Period 2. An atmosphere of patience, wherein the child can become,Education, 76:ruined by irritation than can be counted. 3. An atmosphere of ordered activity, wherein the childEducation, 77:a child's character and future vocation. 4. An atmosphere of understanding, wherein a child isEducation, 78:here, after considering these four types of atmosphere regarded as essential preliminary steps toExternalisation, 285:from the realm of the mystical into the clearer atmosphere of the occult, and must now emphasizeExternalisation, 515:in its lowest expression, sex. Is this the atmosphere in which the Christ and His disciples canExternalisation, 609:everywhere. This will plunge Him into a foreign atmosphere and into a situation wherein all HisExternalisation, 617:and spiritually-minded people to change the atmosphere of our planet; then and only then, theExternalisation, 678:organized. They are in fact creating the needed atmosphere, and that is ever a preliminary step.Externalisation, 678:and that is ever a preliminary step. Once the atmosphere or the air in which to breathe and move isFire, 60:magnetism." It is the distinctive quality of the atmosphere of a planet, or its electricalFire, 426:and distribute the electrical forces of the atmosphere; [427] To harness the activity of matter,Fire, 896:of creation can be seen in connection with the atmosphere surrounding our planet. In it is to beFire, 897:this gaseous portion is found in the atmosphere, interpenetrating dense matter, and filling in aFire, 913:devas of the air and water who preside over the atmosphere work with certain aspects of electricalFire, 973:the lower centers are the most active; when an atmosphere or environment of thought-forms of a lowFire, 973:lifting humanity to a clearer, purer and better atmosphere, and how easy it is for the lowerGlamour, 57:found most commonly among aspirants. The mental atmosphere in which we all dwell is one ofGlamour, 58:all dwell is one of illusion. It [58] is also an atmosphere or area of conscious contact whereinHealing, 70:that they lower in a peculiar manner the astral atmosphere, and thus make it hard for people - inHealing, 225:others, those which are prevalent in the very atmosphere at every time, those which are latentHealing, 369:radiation has the effect of ionizing the atmosphere surrounding the patient. I must point out thatHealing, 370:radiation, therefore, naturally affects the atmosphere around the patient. As yet, however, thatHercules, 140:within its confines. Its stench polluted all the atmosphere [141] within a space of seven miles.Hercules, 143:in the light of wisdom and in the elevated atmosphere of searching [144] thought. From theseHercules, 170:he travel into the binding worlds of form. The atmosphere grew stifling, the darkness steadily moreHercules, 203:the usual sense. You can perhaps create such an atmosphere around yourself that they will thinkMagic, 78:centuries. Occultism flourishes in a prepared atmosphere, in a highly magnetized environment, andMagic, 309:sometimes overlooked, but the condition of the atmosphere, the nature of the climate, the density,Magic, 325:a general electric storm serves to clear the atmosphere, and ushers in a period of sunshine andMagic, 473:not yet the goal. The work of cleaning out the atmosphere of thought, of barring fast the doors ofMagic, 617:mist, it washes clean the form and clears the atmosphere. "Thus forms are seen and sounds areProblems, 47:so, but it need not be. The development of an atmosphere which will foster the child's sense ofProblems, 47:this will entail the creation of the correct atmosphere around the child and in this atmosphereProblems, 47:correct atmosphere around the child and in this atmosphere certain qualities will flourish andProblems, 47:goodwill will emerge. What is the nature of this atmosphere? 1. An atmosphere of love wherein fearProblems, 47:What is the nature of this atmosphere? 1. An atmosphere of love wherein fear is cast out and theProblems, 47:that he has no cause for timidity. It is an atmosphere wherein he will receive courteous treatmentProblems, 47:schoolrooms or in homes, for that matter. This atmosphere of love is not an emotional, sentimentalProblems, 47:always draws forth what is best in anyone. 2. An atmosphere of patience. It is in such anProblems, 47:2. An atmosphere of patience. It is in such an atmosphere that the child can learn the firstProblems, 48:and his future usefulness in the world. 3. An atmosphere of understanding. So few teachers orProblems, 49:demand too much of him. [49] A right atmosphere, the imparting of a few correct principles, andProblems, 51:successful along right ones in a wholesome atmosphere of freedom. We need also to do two things: WeProblems, 119:and implemented by knowledge, can produce an atmosphere and an attitude which will make the solvingProblems, 119:parties involved. It is the production of this atmosphere and the evocation of this attitude whichProblems, 121:other; let them be set to work to create a right atmosphere in world affairs and in their ownProblems, 121:a spirit of goodwill (with its results: a right atmosphere and a sound attitude) and anPsychology1, 108:than himself - tuned in on the Master's thought atmosphere. None of the Masters of the sixthPsychology1, 259:instinctive nature of the animal to the mental atmosphere of the human being, or beings, with whichPsychology2, 620:the new groups. It is from group life and group atmosphere that much infection arises, leading toRays, 577:- can dispel these glamors and thus "clarify the atmosphere," in the technical sense. I mightRays, 578:of view, it is this struggle to clear the world atmosphere which will confront humanity after theRays, 583:development of a tendency to clarify the world atmosphere, thus releasing the energy of goodwill.Reappearance, 56:everywhere. This will plunge Him into a foreign atmosphere and into a situation wherein all HisSoul, 149:which he has embodied in his book, The Human Atmosphere. Still further lines of investigation intoSoul, 159:Sir John Woodroffe (Arthur Avalon) The Human Atmosphere, Walter J. Kilner, B.A., M.B. In Search ofTelepathy, 90:into his environment, his absorption of its atmosphere and his potency in progression are all
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