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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATOM

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Fire, 1056:to that undergone by a disciple. The planetary atom revolves upon its axis and comes periodicallyFire, 1056:such a familiar and potent effect upon the human atom. The resemblance must not be strained, for itFire, 1056:occultly understood. Second, the planetary atom also revolves orbitally around its solar center.Fire, 1057:to location. The third activity of the planetary atom is that which carries it through space alongFire, 1057:E - Motion on the Plane of Mind The solar atom must be considered as pursuing analogous lines ofFire, 1057:on a vast scale the evolution of the planetary atom. The entire solar sphere, the logoicFire, 1058:what is called "his stars." Like the planetary atom, the solar atom not only rotates on its axisFire, 1058:"his stars." Like the planetary atom, the solar atom not only rotates on its axis but likewiseFire, 1058:of our system is concerned. Just as in the human atom the spiral cyclic [1059] activity is egoicFire, 1060:process, and this is equally true of the atom of substance with which the chemist and physicistFire, 1063:when the internal, self-sufficient life of any atom is offset by a stronger urge, or pull,Fire, 1064:years of study. They confuse the impulse of the atom to respond to the vibratory magnetic pull ofFire, 1064:if we consider it in the following way. The atom in a form revolves upon its own axis, follows itsFire, 1064:for lack of a better term, call matter. The atom, therefore, has an interplay with other atoms.Fire, 1064:has an interplay with other atoms. Later, the atom in a form becomes aware that it not onlyFire, 1064:being felt, thus causing an urge within the atom which impels it to move within certain specificFire, 1064:so powerful that the positive life within the atom (whatever type of atom it may be and in whateverFire, 1064:positive life within the atom (whatever type of atom it may be and in whatever kingdom) feels theFire, 1065:from the essential, positive nucleus of the atom. This is due to the fact that the essential lifeFire, 1065:due to the fact that the essential life of any atom, its highest positive aspect, is ever of theFire, 1065:the solar system in all its departments) every atom in turn becomes an electron. The positive lifeFire, 1065:becomes an electron. The positive life of any atom in due course of evolution becomes negative to aFire, 1066:internal vibration; then by the work upon the atom, or the substance of solar fire, which causes:Fire, 1067:contacted. This is true of all atoms: [1067] The atom of substance, The atom of a form whatsoeverFire, 1067:of all atoms: [1067] The atom of substance, The atom of a form whatsoever it be, The atom of aFire, 1067:The atom of a form whatsoever it be, The atom of a kingdom in nature, The atom of a planet, TheFire, 1067:it be, The atom of a kingdom in nature, The atom of a planet, The atom of a solar system. In everyFire, 1067:a kingdom in nature, The atom of a planet, The atom of a solar system. In every case the threeFire, 1068:with radioactive substances. Every radioactive atom becomes, through this conductive faculty, aFire, 1068:process of releasing the essential life of the atom of physical substance being dealt with. 11 InFire, 1068:on preserving the atomic life of the human atom, and at furthering the preservative protectiveFire, 1070:world than that as to the nature of the atom. Until that time it will be as difficult to expressFire, 1070:ancestor of present humanity to conceive of the atom as being simply an aspect of force, and notFire, 1071:really means the ability of any conscious atom to pass out of one sphere of energized influenceFire, 1073:points. We are not referring to form energy. The atom becomes responsive to form energy or to thatFire, 1073:Who is the life of that kingdom. Finally, the atom becomes conscious of planetary energy, orFire, 1074:is the response of the positive life in any atom to the attractive power of the positive life in aFire, 1074:power of the positive life in a greater atom. Expressed in other words, we might say that the devaFire, 1074:out of one kingdom into another until every atom has achieved self-determination, and thus theFire, 1075:of a cycle of rotary-spiraling activity. No atom becomes radioactive until its own internal rhythmFire, 1075:some aspects be called the dissipation of the atom. This process, nevertheless, in the majority ofFire, 1083:known, the nature, vibration, and rhythm of the atom within that group is immediately apparent. Fire, 1087:till we arrive at the tiny revolution of an atom of substance. In concluding our remarks concerningFire, 1097:are built, and marks the consummation of the atom of dense matter. Occultly understood, the eye isFire, 1097:The eye looks downwards and, behold, the atom disappears from view. The eye looks sideways and theFire, 1097:sideways and the dimensions merge, and again the atom disappears. Outward it looks but sees theFire, 1097:atom disappears. Outward it looks but sees the atom out of all proportion. When the eye negates theFire, 1103:in the egoic lotus, and the astral permanent atom. The process of equilibrising the forces in theFire, 1110:atoms, particularly the physical permanent atom, via that one of the three petals called 'theFire, 1111:when he is an average intelligent unit or atom. This energy, when it blends with the inherent lifeFire, 1112:the knowledge petals from the manasic permanent atom. The permanent atoms of the Spiritual Triad,Fire, 1113:energy transmitted from the manasic permanent atom of each incarnating jiva, its union with itsFire, 1114:from the lower self, via the astral permanent atom, and the second petal of the outer tier. It isFire, 1115:tier of love petals, via the buddhic permanent atom. The energy thus originating is of a peculiarlyFire, 1115:central circle of petals. The astral permanent atom. The heart center within the Head. The heartFire, 1116:His tiniest reflection, and for this reason the atom man can likewise say "I too am God; His LifeFire, 1122:the highest grades of substance, each individual atom, therefore, being capable of intensifiedFire, 1124:in the first case from the manasic permanent atom, and in the second case from the buddhicFire, 1124:in the second case from the buddhic permanent atom. It will be apparent, therefore, how importantFire, 1124:through the energy of the manasic permanent atom, for the force of Mahat (of which Manas is anFire, 1126:on the form levels and the manasic permanent atom on the formless planes. These two types of manasFire, 1133:and the final disintegration, of the permanent atom. Permanent atoms, as the term is usuallyFire, 1133:permanence in time and space. The permanent atom may be viewed as the focal point of manifestationFire, 1133:form the seven spirillae of the logoic permanent atom, for this has a close bearing upon theFire, 1133:which is the essence of the physical permanent atom of the human being. It provides that energyFire, 1134:the upper depression of the physical permanent atom. Secondly, the vegetable kingdom similarlyFire, 1134:the negative energy for the astral permanent atom of a man, and thirdly, the animal kingdomFire, 1134:kingdom. The astral body - astral permanent atom - vegetable kingdom. The physical body - physicalFire, 1134:kingdom. The physical body - physical permanent atom - mineral kingdom. In man these three types ofFire, 1134:- positive. The energy of the astral permanent atom - equilibrized. The energy of the physicalFire, 1134:The energy of the physical permanent atom - negative. Man is then closely linked with the threeFire, 1135:- inertia - mineral kingdom - physical permanent atom. Rajas - activity - vegetable kingdom -Fire, 1135:activity - vegetable kingdom - astral permanent atom. Sattva - rhythm - animal kingdom - mentalFire, 1136:and vitality, are found in every manifested atom; His essence indwells all forms. This we callFire, 1138:of the three spirillae of the logoic permanent atom. The three lower groups are energized by energyFire, 1153:to flow unimpeded through to the physical plane atom (our solar system) great eventualities andFire, 1157:fohatic energy, via the spirillae of a permanent atom. It is this fact which accounts for theFire, 1158:and converge in man, and lie latent in every atom. The sevenfold energy of the planes, andFire, 1160:lowest point of the Triad, the manasic permanent atom. When man has constructed the antahkaranaFire, 1174:law which governs the transition of the human atom into another and a higher kingdom. It is the lawFire, 1180:Two - Division F - The Law of Attraction The Atom (Etherio-Atomic Philosophy of Force) Fig. 135.Fire, 1180:of Force) Fig. 135. The general Form of an Atom, including the spirals and 1st Spirillae, togetherFire, 1180:all the energy of the logoic physical permanent atom, having its nucleus on the atomic subplane ofFire, 1180:of the cosmic physical. This physical permanent atom (as is the case with the corresponding atom ofFire, 1180:atom (as is the case with the corresponding atom of the incarnating jiva), has its place within theFire, 1180:is in an occult sense the physical permanent atom; it, therefore, attracts, and holds attracted,Fire, 1180:to the seven spirillae of the physical permanent atom of a human being. Thus a dual type ofFire, 1182:or the seven spirillae of the logoic permanent atom, are not all equally vitalized by theFire, 1182:This solar sphere is closely similar to the atom pictured in the book by Babbitt and later inFire, 1186:3. Physical Plane Nucleus. Permanent Atom. The Physical Sun. Cosmic Activity (Universal Mind). FireFire, 1186:Balance. 3. Physical Plane Nucleus. Permanent Atom. Physical Planet. Systemic Activity. Fire byFire, 1186:Equilibrising Force. 3. Plane Nucleus. Permanent Atom. Lunar Angels. Lower Threefold Man. Fire byFire, 1186:Lunar Force. The Mother's Heat. ATOMS: 1. Atom. Nucleus. Plane Deva. Positive. Electric. 2. AtomicFire, 1205:to the physical sun. Thus the tiny atom man is linked with the great central Life of the solarFire, 1207:which the vibration of the logoic permanent atom (on the plane adi) attracts to itself in theFire, 1207:the life or energy found at the heart of every atom, its positive aspect, and the sixth HierarchyFire, 1211:responsibility above referred to exists for the atom or for the solar Logos, and the trend of theFire, 1214:with some greater whole. The work of a human atom, therefore, is but a replica of that whichFire, 1214:that which proceeds in the planetary, or solar atom, and serves as an incentive to those minuteFire, 1215:sumtotal of all material worlds, the planetary atom, the macrocosm for all on the five planes, and
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