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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATOM

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Fire, 1215:for all on the five planes, and the solar atom, the synthesis of all on the seven planes and of theFire, 1216:law governing the primary realizations by any atom of its environing contacts, and the going out,Fire, 1216:and the going out, or feeling after, by that atom so that eventually a relation between that whichFire, 1216:results in an eventual union between the man or atom and the group which produces harmonious groupFire, 1216:a better name, concerns the identification of an atom with the group interest, and the steadyFire, 1216:group interest, and the steady negation of the atom's own material interests; it really deals withFire, 1217:with the process or [1217] method whereby an atom (positive in its own centralized life) graduallyFire, 1217:This law concerns itself with the ability of an atom to throw off, or refuse to contact, any energyFire, 1217:but only comes consciously into play when the atom has established certain basic discriminations,Fire, 1217:through the developed heart energy of a human atom, for instance) of furthering the interests ofFire, 1218:truth must ever be borne in mind that no human atom arrives at "fullness of life" without addingFire, 1218:and the attainment of the goal by the human atom and his achievement of his objective brings aboutFire, 1225:that buddhi is found at the heart of the tiniest atom, or what we call in this [1226] system,Fire, 1235:instance, that unit of energy which we call the atom of the physicist or chemist. It has itself aFire, 1235:the energy which produces it. This form of the atom is its exoteric manifestation. There areFire, 1235:responsible for the quality of any particular atom, just as the soul of a man is responsible forFire, 1236:read that meaning? In man likewise, the human atom, these three aspects are found. Man on theFire, 1245:that there is a jewel at the heart of every atom. Every jewel has seven facets which are the sevenFire, 1266:of the Ego of a human being is to an atom of substance. It is unnecessary and profitless thereforeGlamour, 76:of their own inherent atomic structures (for an atom is a unit of active energy). This producesGlamour, 196:science. The esotericist knows that in every atom of his body is to be found a point of light. HeGlamour, 205:is: The light of matter itself, found in every atom of substance. The light of the vital or ethericGlamour, 243:and not immanent in every creature and in every atom of which creatures are made. These are someGlamour, 260:itself has its own note or sound; each minute atom also has its sound; each form can be evoked intoHealing, 5:of the scientist to release the energy of the atom is of the same general nature as the work of theHealing, 82:of energy upon the energy unit which we call the atom. It should be remembered that the ethericHealing, 199:vehicle, to every organism and to every cell and atom. It is the working of the quality of energyHealing, 209:aspect, the third aspect. Through its life each atom in the body is fed. This process of animatingHealing, 246:Logos to extract the life essence innate in each atom, produces what might be called deteriorationHealing, 295:(whether that of a planet, a man or an [295] atom) an area or cycle of distress, as it is called;Healing, 313:have lain dormant in the so-called permanent atom for ages. They may not be rooted in the tenor orHealing, 331:heart, and there (via the physical permanent atom) it energizes coherently the entire physicalHealing, 418:of motion (which are characteristic of the atom, Man, of the Heavenly Man or group, and of theHealing, 418:which had its starting point in the permanent atom, and from thence "pervaded the moving and theHealing, 418:Man, and the human being, as well as in the atom of matter), is [419] withdrawn entirely within theHealing, 419:matter), is [419] withdrawn entirely within the atom upon the plane of abstraction. This "plane ofHealing, 419:entities involved: a. For the physical permanent atom, it is the atomic level. b. For man, it isHealing, 433:is found in all forms, from the tiny form of the atom to that form, the planet Earth, through whichHealing, 469:light of matter itself, to be found in every atom of substance. This focusing light will be foundHealing, 487:levels of that plane. The mental permanent atom was also practically quiescent within each humanHealing, 503:Death is to man exactly what the release of the atom appears to be; this the great scientificHealing, 503:energy has demonstrated. The nucleus of the atom is split in two. (This wording is scientificallyHealing, 503:This event in the life experience of the atom releases a great light and a great potency; upon theHealing, 636:of the spirit of the earth affects every atom in his body - the body of an involutionary entity.Healing, 636:forms, and disease and death are inherent in the atom of which all organisms are composed. Man isHealing, 638:We are not here referring to the soul in an atom or the soul of any form, great or small; we areHealing, 638:power of the planetary life, inherent in every atom of the form nature; by means of these atoms -Healing, 641:or life of the "lunar lords," inherent in every atom of which all organs and forms are made, andHealing, 689:place the soul body and the mental permanent atom outside the form limits and what they call theHealing, 713:discovery of how to release the energy of the atom. Not even the scientists responsible for theInitiation, 134:not, which intensifies the activity of every atom in his body without disintegrating, and whichInitiation, 134:finds: That the activity of each individual atom in the various bodies is increased, resulting in aInitiation, 140:This force descends from the manasic permanent atom via the antahkarana, and is directed toInitiation, 156:the application of intelligent energy to every atom of his three sheaths - physical, astral, andInitiation, 159:form ensouled by an elemental life, and of the atom of the physicist or chemist. In the knowledgeInitiation, 162:before the sons of man, aye, and before every atom everywhere. [163] Initiation, 169:of humanity. The secret of the coherence of the atom is revealed to the initiate, and he then is inInitiation, 222:humanity within karmic limits. Permanent atom Those five atoms, with the mental unit, one on eachMagic, 8:the form of that unit of energy which we call an atom, or the form of man, a planet, or a solarMagic, 29:of their investigation. The nature of the atom, of the molecule, and the cell, their functions, theMagic, 33:and that innate faculty in all forms, from the atom of the physicist, to the solar system of theMagic, 35:is ever the same, whether we are dealing with an atom of substance and its power to preserve itsMagic, 37:This type of consciousness concerns the atom, molecule and cell of which all forms are constructed.Magic, 105:physical body, and to the light latent in the atom itself. These three types of energy are referredMagic, 106:of the physical body to such an extent that each atom becomes in turn a tiny radiant center. ThisMagic, 142:that activity which characterizes even the atom of substance. The literature and the scriptures ofMagic, 293:The sentient body of a human being is an atom of substance in the sentient body of the planetaryMagic, 294:the [294] planetary Logos is an aspect - not an atom - of the sentient body of the solar Logos.Magic, 298:They reduce man to a timid and frightened atom of sentient life, standing afraid before theMagic, 331:call matter, and their investigations of the atom are entering into a new field. In this [332]Magic, 332:different ideas as to the nature of the atom, a recognition of certain energy impulses will be seenMagic, 332:of those energies which (playing on the atom and on atomic forms) produce the tangible concreteMagic, 332:distinguished from that of matter itself. The atom has been recognized as an energy unit, but asMagic, 333:the releasing of the energy of the atom. This will completely change the economic and politicalMagic, 335:[335] of their efforts. Their work with the atom of substance, and their investigations in theMagic, 335:and that is, that the release of energy in the atom is linked to this new coming science of sound.Magic, 364:Logos, and vivifying therefore even the tiniest atom in that whole. It is valuable to endeavor toMagic, 373:changes in the internal structure of the atom, the coming into consciousness of another of theMagic, 373:general tightening up of the whole cosmos of the atom. By the use on the inner planes by theMagic, 379:of the kingdom of God within the human atom. The nature of Their work is most difficult for theMagic, 397:out, just as the light that is inherent in every atom of the body is gathered together andMagic, 450:of their investigation. The nature of the atom, of the molecule and the cell, their functions, theMagic, 495:other aspect of the life which animates every atom of the body and which constitutes the principleMagic, 542:a mountain to an ant, and from a plant to an atom. Certain scientists recognize the fact of anMeditation, 7:place corresponding to the emotional permanent atom. Further still the alignment may be progressed:Meditation, 11:atoms of the Personality into the corresponding atom in the spiritual Triad. Later I will elucidateMeditation, 24:Flame as a tiny pin-point, and the permanent atom of the physical plane holds the polarization. NoMeditation, 24:polarization lies now in the emotional permanent atom but, (when this point of development isMeditation, 25:integral difference within the periphery of the atom itself. The electronic combinations thatMeditation, 25:The electronic combinations that compose the atom which has suffered polarization are grouped in aMeditation, 25:life of the Ego, playing on the matter of the atom and causing various approximations andMeditation, 25:and differentiations unseen in a non-polarized atom. The matter is abstruse and complex. ThisMeditation, 25:words - whereas in the first period the physical atom could be seen illuminated, now in the secondMeditation, 25:now in the second period the emotional atom is similarly lit up, a signal to the Teachers that theMeditation, 26:form the molecules in a corresponding cosmic atom, the work has progressed from physical toMeditation, 26:and out of manifestation will the cosmic mental atom in the body of the Logos achieve polarization.Meditation, 29:at the third Initiation. The physical permanent atom goes and the polarization becomes higherMeditation, 29:becomes higher mental; the emotional permanent atom goes and the polarization becomes intuitional;Meditation, 30:descending Spirit (which had taken to itself an atom on the mental plane) judged the time ripe forMeditation, 30:the transfer of polarization from the lower atom of the Triad to the lowest atom of the
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