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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATOM

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Meditation, 30:from the lower atom of the Triad to the lowest atom of the Personality. Even then, the indwellingMeditation, 37:It aspires to contact and enclose the permanent atom, its first direct approach to the Triad. ByMeditation, 63:but always to some extent through the permanent atom. The driving out of coarse particles and theMeditation, 63:of the emotional body through the permanent atom, and the contacting and setting in motion of theMeditation, 84:the polarization is shifting from the physical atom to the mental permanent atom as dealt withMeditation, 84:from the physical atom to the mental permanent atom as dealt with earlier. [85] The mentalMeditation, 85:as dealt with earlier. [85] The mental permanent atom becomes the center of pure reason or ofMeditation, 85:hardness. Later, the emotional permanent atom gives place to the intuitional, and pure intuitionMeditation, 357:on Occult Meditation - Glossary P-Z Permanent atom Those five atoms, with the mental unit, one onPatanjalito the infinitely great, and from annu (the atom or speck) to atma (or spirit) his knowledge isPatanjali, 12:concerning the infinite divisibility of the atom; these are the veiling sheaths and rapidlyPatanjali, 14:These three are: The mental permanent atom, the lowest aspect of the spiritual Triad or of thePatanjali, 19:principle) to be found at the heart of every atom, whether it is the atom of matter as studied inPatanjali, 19:at the heart of every atom, whether it is the atom of matter as studied in the laboratory of thePatanjali, 19:of the scientist, whether it is the human atom in the crucible of daily experience, whether it isPatanjali, 19:of daily experience, whether it is the planetary atom, within whose ring-pass-not all our kingdomsPatanjali, 19:our kingdoms of nature are found, or the solar atom, God in manifestation through the medium of aPatanjali, 49:is the soul of all things, and the soul of the atom of matter as well as the souls of men are aPatanjali, 87:to the infinitely great, and from annu (the atom or speck) to atma (or spirit) his knowledge isPatanjali, 89:Brahma both are found; yet all is one. The atom is as God, God as the atom." It is an occult truismPatanjali, 89:yet all is one. The atom is as God, God as the atom." It is an occult truism that as a man arrivesPatanjali, 90:small. He can identify himself with the atom of substance and he knows what is as yet unknown toPatanjali, 90:bringing him into touch also with the minutest atom. [91] Patanjali, 91:standpoint of identification. He is one with the atom of substance, he is able to cognize thePatanjali, 91:key and note of one soul (whether of a chemical atom, a rose, a pearl, a man or an angel) wouldPatanjali, 94:and can put himself with ease in the soul of an atom or of a humming bird, or he can expand hisPatanjali, 98:to be of profound occult significance: "...the atom of earth is produced by the five fire elements,Patanjali, 98:fire element of odor predominates. Likewise the atom of water is produced from the four firePatanjali, 98:fire element of taste predominates. Likewise the atom of fire is produced from the three firePatanjali, 98:fire element of color predominates. Likewise the atom of wind is produced from the two firePatanjali, 98:fire element of touch predominates. Likewise the atom of air from the fire element sound alone." IfPatanjali, 107:and is to be found pulsating in the microscopic atom and in the macrocosmic atom also. With thatPatanjali, 107:in the microscopic atom and in the macrocosmic atom also. With that life he identifies himself. HePatanjali, 107:of God as it is found in the ultimate primordial atom, or expand his realization until he knowsPatanjali, 123:the domination of the physical man so that every atom of his body is afire with zeal and endeavor,Patanjali, 129:solar Logos, the planetary Logos, a man or an atom. Every form of divine life (the infinitesimallyPatanjali, 130:in his personality. He learns that he, the human atom is a part of a group or center in the body ofPatanjali, 156:referring to the manifestation of a human atom or of a solar deity, and simply indicates thePatanjali, 164:of the vaster Life in whose body he is but an atom. The whole world of forms is the result of thePatanjali, 266:is true of all, and whether the symbol is the atom of substance, the mineral, or a tree, an animalPatanjali, 270:three aspects through which every life (from an atom of substance to a solar Logos) expressesPatanjali, 273:Brahma aspect (the body), dominates, for every atom of matter has a soul. This concerns all that isPatanjali, 301:This means that our solar system is but a cosmic atom and is itself only a part of a still greaterPatanjali, 344:It is literally the power hidden in every atom of substance which drives it on (through all thePatanjali, 345:to the infinitely great, and from annu (the atom or speck) to atma (or spirit) his knowledge isPatanjali, 346:the yogi possesses to become as small as an atom, to identify himself with the smallest part of thePatanjali, 346:part of the universe, knowing the self in that atom to be one with himself. This is due to the factPatanjali, 362:states of consciousness and this is true of an atom, a man or a God. It is this truth whichPatanjali, 363:Hindu commentator are considered. He says: As an atom is a substance in which minuteness reachesPatanjali, 363:limit. Or a moment is that much of time which an atom takes in leaving the position in space itPatanjali, 363:of the glow thereof. When we can realize that an atom and a moment are one and the same, and thatPatanjali, 364:enables the seer to know the nature of the life atom. This is inferred in the word "genus." ThePatanjali, 364:are not the same but range from the life of the atom of substance, limited [365] and circumscribedPatanjali, 365:of the body of the Heavenly Man in which any atom or form has its locale. Here it should bePatanjali, 386:short phrase the state of being of God, man and atom. Behind all forms is found the one Life;Patanjali, 386:all forms is found the one Life; within every atom (solar, planetary, human and elemental) is foundPatanjali, 395:and in Whose body every form is but a cell or atom, is impossible for us to comprehend. All that aPatanjali, 407:that total. The many minds, from the mind of the atom (recognized by science) to the mind of GodPatanjali, 408:found, as the result of mind; The form of the atom, the true microcosm. The form of man, theProblems, 66:of science - the release of the energy of the atom - the future of mankind and the type of theProblems, 81:our eyes. The release of the energy of the atom is definitely the inauguration of the New Age; itProblems, 142:conditioning all lives from the minutest atom, up through all the kingdoms of nature to man. Psychology1, 20:an impress by its radiation and life upon every atom and cell and organism within the radius ofPsychology1, 54:the world soul as its capacity will permit. The atom of substance, the molecule or the cell allPsychology1, 54:aspect of the body, for there is a soul in every atom comprising all bodies in all kingdoms inPsychology1, 55:manifestation, is owned potentially by every atom in every form in every kingdom in nature. It is aPsychology1, 56:of forms and with the tiny consciousness of the atom, some idea of a possible subjective unityPsychology1, 105:problem, such as research into the nature of the atom. The investigation of the soul and itsPsychology1, 136:system. Each form, from that of the tiniest atom to that of a vast constellation, is an embodimentPsychology1, 149:all the way from the tiny life called the atom (with which science deals) up to that vast atomicPsychology1, 151:of rhythmic breathing, around the entire solar atom; so that the qualities of every solar life,Psychology1, 168:vivified universal substance and caused every atom of matter within the "ring-pass-not" of HisPsychology1, 168:put forth a thread of being into an atom of the highest subplanes of the atmic, the buddhic, andPsychology1, 168:the upper triad so often referred to. Now every atom is under the influence of one or other of thePsychology1, 169:secondary or individual ray, since the manasic atom is the nucleus of the future causal body inPsychology1, 169:to the same quality and type as its nucleus atom, and when it is so built through long ages ofPsychology1, 185:unknown. The release of the potencies in an atom will mark a revolutionary era, and science willPsychology1, 194:form in every kingdom in nature, and of every atom and cell within those forms. Science has led usPsychology1, 218:seven rays. As long as the true nature of the atom and its internal organization remains a matterPsychology1, 221:revealed by the microscope and by a study of the atom. As this treatise is intended for the readerPsychology1, 337:selective Adaptability. Just as every cell and atom in the human body is modified and conditionedPsychology1, 337:of each of the inner bodies, so every cell and atom in the body of the planetary Logos isPsychology1, 342:in nature constitutes a totality of lives. Every atom in every form in nature is a life, and thesePsychology1, 414:which is the essence of the human permanent atom. [415] The vegetable kingdom provides the negativePsychology1, 415:the negative energy for the astral permanent atom in the human kingdom. The animal kingdom providesPsychology1, 415:- Activity - Astral body - Astral permanent atom - Vegetable. Tamas - Inertia - Physical body -Psychology1, 415:- Inertia - Physical body - Physical permanent atom - Mineral. (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 1134)Psychology2, 19:energy is more than the activity of the atom, or of that living principle which producesPsychology2, 68:in his life experience; but the energy of the atom is usually not counted as a human energy, as itPsychology2, 70:physical body and the intelligent life of the atom, the sensitive emotional states, and thePsychology2, 110:[110] magnetic agent in any form, whether atom, man or solar system. We are not here concerned withPsychology2, 151:aspect in man and in all forms of life, from an atom to a solar system. The Law of Synthesis, whichPsychology2, 228:life of all forms - from a universe to an atom - in the body of any so-called material revelationPsychology2, 313:That such terms as "mental unit", "permanent atom", etc., [314] are simply symbolic ways ofRays, 50:the mental unit and the manasic permanent atom. This demonstrates in an absorbing devotion to theRays, 113:the mental unit and the manasic permanent atom. The goal of the Probationary Path is madeRays, 118:he realizes that all other lights - that of the atom of matter, that of the form and that of theRays, 134:of hierarchical Existences - from the smallest atom of matter up to and including the Lord of LifeRays, 140:of the form - whether it is the form of an atom, of a man or of a planet - but upon a vital dynamicRays, 154:interlocking Whole, a responsible conscious atom within its periphery. Then as he goes on and
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