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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATOM

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Rays, 170:aspect of the planetary Life from the smallest atom of substance, through all the intermediateRays, 326:the mental unit and the manasic permanent atom, between the personality (indwelt by the soul) andRays, 336:of the evolutionary rhythm which permeates every atom, form, group and center upon our planet,Rays, 415:is the principle found at the heart of every atom. The life principle follows the line of,Rays, 416:The mental unit and the manasic permanent atom. Atma-Buddhi. The Christ and the Buddha. The aboveRays, 445:physical body and the intelligent life of the atom, the sensitive emotional states, and theRays, 454:exists on its side between the manasic permanent atom and the mental unit, between the higherRays, 459:work, it can be related to the manasic permanent atom or to the abstract mind. The Son of Mind.Rays, 475:aspects of the mind - the manasic permanent atom, the Son of Mind or Ego, and the mental unit - areRays, 481:unit is superseded by the manasic permanent atom, and the causal body disappears, then the adeptRays, 510:focused temporarily in the manasic permanent atom, and evokes a response in the form of a thread ofRays, 520:are the two aspects. It affects the tiniest atom and the most exalted Being within the sphere ofRays, 535:is found in all forms of life from the tiny atom up to Those great Lives Who are little more thanRays, 607:It is the Principle of Conflict, latent in every atom of substance, which produces, first of all,Rays, 608:discrimination which is inherent in the smallest atom of substance, and which reaches its fullestRays, 646:precipitated and, secondly, the fission of the atom, resulting in the atomic bomb, was broughtRays, 647:called colloquially the "splitting of the atom," will be turned eventually to the production ofRays, 738:all expressions of divine life, from the tiniest atom up and on into infinity. From the standpointReappearance, 85:of the body. This life is found within each atom of substance as the central point of living light.Reappearance, 85:is present and expressing itself, the human atom becomes a part of the spiritual Hierarchy. As LifeReappearance, 145:conditioning all lives from the minutest atom, up through all the kingdoms of nature, to man. 2.Soul, 54:etheric form or etheric body. Third: As the tiny atom has a positive nucleus, or positive nuclei,Soul, 78:teaching as to force, as to energy, as to the atom, and we find that we are [79] confronted by aSoul, 98:teaches that life is in all things - in every Atom - the apparent lifelessness of some things beingSoul, 98:and is resolved to its original elements, each atom takes with it sufficient Prana to enable it toSoul, 99:in matter itself; it is the integral life of the atom, apart from any form in which that atom maySoul, 99:of the atom, apart from any form in which that atom may participate in its tiny cycle ofSoul, 100:The physical body itself is often regarded as an atom in the body of the human kingdom, and in thisTelepathy, 66:to the eye of the seer) of the infinitesimal atom. For the sake of clarity, I divided this scienceTelepathy, 81:initiation, we are all implicated - from the atom of substance up to and including all the LivesTelepathy, 126:- from the planetary Logos down to the tiniest atom - either has been, is, or will be a man. ThisTelepathy, 131:atomic forms. The fission of the nucleus of the atom in the past few years is the outer sign orTelepathy, 140:in nature, and the realization that even the atom in apparently inanimate objects is a livingTelepathy, 149:into and through, and there is not one single atom in the body which is not the recipient of thisTelepathy, 149:profit you to be in conscious touch with some atom in some organ of your physical body. He works,Telepathy, 178:and perhaps covered by the meaningless term "an atom." All are found existing in Space - Space isTelepathy, 179:area in which every form, from a universe to an atom, finds its location. Telepathy, 179:form or center - large or small, a man or an atom of substance - is related to all other forms andTelepathy, 181:being, to any subhuman form and to the tiniest atom of substance (whatever you may mean by that
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