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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATOMS

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Fire, 41:life force, and is applied equally to all atoms, from the atom of matter as dealt with by theFire, 41:or chemist through the human and planetary atoms up to the great atom of a solar system. TheFire, 65:great world-systems, exist in an atom, and atoms again exist in these vishvas. This is theFire, 69:I refer to the subject of the permanent atoms. 26 Each body or form wherein Spirit functions has,Fire, 70:and for the preservation [70] of memory. These atoms are in direct connection with one or other ofFire, 70:a connection with one or other of the permanent atoms in the lower threefold man, and has a directFire, 70:noted in "Letters on Occult Meditation" that the atoms of the lower threefold man underwent aFire, 70:eventually shifted into the three permanent atoms of the Triad, and out of the three permanentFire, 70:of the Triad, and out of the three permanent atoms of the lower triangle. The physical permanentFire, 71:about by the action of the three rays upon the atoms and upon the life within each atom. TheFire, 71:between these three rays and the permanent atoms might be summarized as follows: The PersonalityFire, 76:which is working out through the individual atoms, and through those congeries of atoms which weFire, 76:individual atoms, and through those congeries of atoms which we call forms The effect of theFire, 78:body corporeal, to the cooperative action of the atoms of the physical body of man, and to the fullFire, 79:connection with the life of the physical plane atoms of matter, their inherent heat and theirFire, 116:focal points of energy we call the permanent atoms. Fire, 131:This leads finally, to the scattering of the atoms of the etheric body into their primordialFire, 136:results in the energizing of the sumtotal of the atoms of the matter of the body. This is theFire, 143:Availing Himself of the rotary motion of all atoms, He adds to that His own form of motion or ofFire, 143:two results are brought about: He gathers the atoms into forms. By means of these forms He gainsFire, 143:These forms are the sumtotal of all spheres or atoms within the solar system, or within the solarFire, 152:recognized as a cosmic atom, all the so-called atoms within its periphery being regarded asFire, 153:of planes and rays. The seven planes, likewise atoms, rotate on their own axis, and conform to thatFire, 153:matter of which they are formed. The spheres or atoms of any form whatsoever, from the form logoic,Fire, 157:stimulation that comes from the aggregation of atoms into form, and the consequent interplay of theFire, 158:heat, produces necessarily an effect upon other atoms in its environment (it matters not whetherFire, 158:coherence of form; bodies, or aggregates of atoms come into being or manifestation, and persist forFire, 160:the periphery it contacts the influence of the atoms in its environment; radiation is set up andFire, 175:during the preceding manvantara. And its "cosmic atoms already in a differentiated state"Fire, 178:between the higher and the lower. The permanent atoms are enclosed within the periphery of theFire, 208:with the different spirillae in the permanent atoms. Through their stimulation there comes intoFire, 208:of the corresponding spirillae in the permanent atoms on the three lower planes. After the thirdFire, 208:stimulation takes place in the permanent atoms of the Triad, leading to the coordination of theFire, 214:It is the law governing the scattering of the atoms of matter and their dissociation from oneFire, 215:in cohesion, in the production of congeries of atoms in various formations, and this attraction isFire, 219:of Repulsion, governs that relationship between atoms, which results in their non-attachment and inFire, 220:[220] It acts and reacts upon its environing atoms. It adds its quota to the general heat of theFire, 220:to atomic bodies can be extended not only to the atoms of the physical plane, but to all spheroidalFire, 237:matter. The life of the second Logos - groups of atoms built into forms (plant, animal). The lifeFire, 246:fourteen thousand millions of the archetypal atoms, yet these myriads demonstrate as one. An atomFire, 247:place within all forms; it is the aggregation of atoms that produces form. Its responsiveness toFire, 247:I., 201. The same invisible lives compose the atoms, etc. - S. D., I, 281. Every atom in theFire, 247:of self-consciousness. - S. D., I, 132; II, 742. Atoms and souls are synonymous in the language ofFire, 247:atom has 7 planes of being. - S. D., I, 174. Atoms are vibrations. - S. D., I, 694. 2 Inner Life:Fire, 248:A man contains within himself differentiated atoms, which in their totality make up the objectiveFire, 251:the vehicles of expression of a human being. The atoms or cells in His body are made up of theFire, 251:or the Heavenly Men, and the life animating the atoms or men who form the units in groups is bothFire, 255:b. A solar Logos contains within Himself, as the atoms in His body of manifestation, all groups ofFire, 256:the lesser groups, human and deva units, cells atoms and molecules. Seen from cosmic levels, theFire, 273:key measure, or sound of any particular group of atoms that go to the composition of any particularFire, 273:of any particular form. This grouping of atoms will tend to the makeup of a particular series ofFire, 273:is contacting at stated periods a certain set of atoms, it will call forth from them a specificFire, 274:by that note - Plane Repetition. The tendency of atoms to perpetuate their activity, and thusFire, 276:similarly, holds (by means of his note) the atoms of the three bodies together, being to them asFire, 279:The Mineral Kingdom 1. Intelligent activity. All atoms show ability to select, to discriminateFire, 279:it comes within the field of activity of other atoms. These it either attracts and swings into itsFire, 279:the range of activity of other men, other human atoms. This similarly either tends to cooperationFire, 288:that attraction and the response of those human atoms who are ready, the group soul on the upwardFire, 298:the planets are to the Logos what the permanent atoms are to man. They embody principles. CertainFire, 299:planets) the correspondence to the permanent atoms in the human being, so the middle evolutionFire, 299:deva monads, and Who has likewise His permanent atoms. Always the three higher principles can beFire, 316:Fire by friction is electricity animating the atoms of matter, or the substance of the solarFire, 316:heat of all spheres. Differentiation of all atoms one from another. Solar fire is electricityFire, 316:is electricity animating forms or congeries of atoms, and resulting in: Coherent groups. TheFire, 317:the causal body contains the three permanent atoms or the three spheres which embody the principleFire, 321:activity or energy of the mass of negative atoms awaiting the stimulation that will result from theFire, 321:the presence of a certain number of positive atoms. This needs to be borne in mind. The work ofFire, 322:stage that the rarity of the positive [322] atoms is very noticeable; they are so rare as only toFire, 322:due to the action of manas, these negative atoms become stimulated and either dissipate back intoFire, 322:all that will be left will be the positive atoms, or certain vortices of force which - havingFire, 325:positive electricity that draws and holds to him atoms of an opposite polarity. When he has mergedFire, 351:His is the life that not only animates the atoms and electrifies them by His Own nature, butFire, 352:similarly the manasic principle of those large atoms we call schemes in their totality; only whenFire, 352:again the instigating mind of the still vaster atoms we call systems; only when it is admitted thatFire, 352:his little system to the myriads of lesser atoms, which are the cells in these spheres. A HeavenlyFire, 356:brings into conformity with his purpose the atoms of his body, and stimulates ever more and moreFire, 356:ever more and more the spirillae of those atoms by the force of his mind playing upon them. HereFire, 395:every point in space, endlessly, ceaselessly. Atoms make up molecules, molecules compounds,Fire, 406:Logos) they correspond to the three permanent atoms in the causal body of a man. We sayFire, 406:of the logoic astral and mental permanent atoms. Saturn is in fact the correspondence to the logoicFire, 406:Viewing manas as the vibratory activity of all atoms and narrowing our concept down to our ownFire, 432:of the causal body encloses the permanent atoms. It is the plane of testing, of the majorFire, 447:it produces facility in the transference of atoms. So far-reaching are the effects of this Ray,Fire, 450:results: First. The anchoring of the permanent atoms within their group soul, or the union ofFire, 462:play made upon the third spirilla in the animal atoms by human magnetism or radiatory energy. TheFire, 464:vivification of solar and not human permanent atoms. The fourth Creative Hierarchy, viewed as aFire, 477:that of the atom of chemistry to include: All atoms or spheres upon the physical plane. All atomsFire, 477:atoms or spheres upon the physical plane. All atoms or spheres upon the astral and mental planes.Fire, 477:solar Ring-Pass-Not, the aggregate of all lesser atoms. In all these atoms, stupendous or minute,Fire, 477:the aggregate of all lesser atoms. In all these atoms, stupendous or minute, microcosmic orFire, 477:life within a physical atom. The lesser atoms which revolve round their positive center, and whichFire, 477:the atom on the physical plane, but of the human atoms, held to their central attractive point, aFire, 479:These factors may be applied equally to all atoms; to the mineral atoms which have occupied theFire, 479:be applied equally to all atoms; to the mineral atoms which have occupied the attention ofFire, 479:governed by the same laws; and to all greater atoms, such as a Heavenly Man or a solar Logos. TheFire, 480:to aid the transmuting process of all lesser atoms. This is so, even though it is not recognized;Fire, 484:fusing, burning period, through which all atoms pass during the disintegration of form. The solventFire, 486:of the power inherent in all elements and all atoms of chemistry, and in all true minerals. ReduceFire, 487:he has transmuted the chemical and mineral atoms of those sheaths, then can he safely - throughFire, 488:in connection with different elements, atoms, and forms. To return to our statement of our five
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