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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATOMS

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Fire, 490:and break that form, or the combination of atoms, in order to permit the central electric life toFire, 500:demonstrates as: The selective power of the atoms of the body. The adaptability of the physicalFire, 500:Life, as it affects the physical form and atoms. The transmutative power, inherent in man though asFire, 501:lower nature through the agency of the permanent atoms. Bridge the interlude between the causalFire, 507:formed. Within this sheath are to be found three atoms, which have been termed the mental unit, theFire, 507:and Solar Fire II. The Nature of the Permanent Atoms 1. The Purpose of the Permanent Atoms TheFire, 507:Permanent Atoms 1. The Purpose of the Permanent Atoms The three permanent atoms are in themselvesFire, 507:of the Permanent Atoms The three permanent atoms are in themselves centers of force, or thoseFire, 507:the dense physical. Surrounding these three atoms is the causal sheath, answering the followingFire, 508:by the utilization of the three permanent atoms. It gradually vivifies and awakens them until, onFire, 508:in the matter of the plane. The permanent atoms on each plane serve a fourfold purpose as regardsFire, 509:into the three [509] triadal permanent atoms, he is simply able to function consciously in theFire, 510:of the life forces within the permanent atoms, viewing each atom as the seventh principle in eachFire, 514:or circles (analogous to the electrons in the atoms of science) and at this stage produce mostFire, 515:unit and the astral and physical permanent atoms. To do this with clarity, and so bring some kindFire, 516:lies the distinction between the permanent atoms on all planes, and the atomic matter of which theyFire, 517:it. They work directly with the permanent atoms of men, and produce results through the agency ofFire, 517:with the microcosm, and with the permanent atoms which are related to him; as regards the solarFire, 518:the secret as yet of His three lower permanent atoms as they function as a unity within His causalFire, 523:aspect of the Ego is found within the permanent atoms. Students should therefore study with care:Fire, 526:essence by means of the three great groups of atoms. Three are the atoms, and threefold theFire, 526:the three great groups of atoms. Three are the atoms, and threefold the radiation. The inner coreFire, 526:note wherein it differs from the other permanent atoms; we might then briefly summarize a mass ofFire, 526:mass of esoteric information anent the permanent atoms, which will suffice for many years to comeFire, 526:investigation for occult students. The permanent atoms, and their internal economy, will remain aFire, 526:between the mental unit and the other two atoms consists in the fact that it contains only fourFire, 526:polarization shifts from out of the lower three atoms into the Triadal atoms. The force which theseFire, 526:out of the lower three atoms into the Triadal atoms. The force which these atoms generate andFire, 526:into the Triadal atoms. The force which these atoms generate and embody is merged and blended intoFire, 527:dual, and that in considering the permanent atoms we are dealing with the feminine aspect of theFire, 527:force forms a receptacle for positive force. Atoms are but force centers, and the centers as weFire, 528:of electricity. Every form 73 and aggregate of atoms, is simply a force center produced by theFire, 529:Each of the streams of force in the permanent atoms vibrates to the note of a particular subplane,Fire, 531:as they are direct reflections. The permanent atoms are not heart-shaped as portrayed in certainFire, 531:portrayed in certain books. A certain number of atoms are of that type but they are not theFire, 531:are of that type but they are not the permanent atoms which are more definitely spheroidal and areFire, 531:of the spirillae within the permanent atoms varies on each plane and the ones most frequentlyFire, 532:arrangement in the [532] lower three permanent atoms of man, while the higher three contain butFire, 532:should be noted that there are but six permanent atoms connected with human evolution, while aFire, 532:of these great Entities and that Their permanent atoms, with the exception of the physical, areFire, 532:are upon the first subplane. The permanent atoms of men are upon the atomic subplane of each plane,Fire, 532:enlightenment. The sumtotal of the permanent atoms of any particular kingdom form the streams ofFire, 532:the streams of force or spirillae in the greater atoms of solar entities or of lunar entities,Fire, 532:entities, while the sumtotal of the permanent atoms of man in the spiritual kingdom (the threeFire, 532:man in the spiritual kingdom (the three triadal atoms, atma-buddhi-manas) form the spiral streamsFire, 532:force within certain centers. As the permanent atoms become radioactive in due course of evolution,Fire, 532:is a marked increase of vibration. The permanent atoms concern solar entities when they are foundFire, 533:Regents of the planetary chains. Two permanent atoms - the physical and the astral. The seven LordsFire, 533:the evolution of the psyche. Three permanent atoms - physical, astral, and mental. The Lords of theFire, 533:of one of these entities. Through four permanent atoms - physical, astral, mental and buddhic.Fire, 534:not a location. Through five permanent atoms - physical, astral, mental, buddhic and atmic. TheFire, 535:force center. These groups have their permanent atoms as do all lives seeking objective expression.Fire, 535:chains and schemes. Through six permanent atoms - physical, astral, two mental, buddhic and atmic.Fire, 535:dealt with these entities and their permanent atoms in connection with their manifestation in aFire, 535:the solar ring-pass-not. All the permanent atoms concern physical matter and manifestation. TheFire, 541:as regards five of its spirillae, and the two atoms of the physical and the astral planes areFire, 542:be seen three points of fire, or the permanent atoms and the mental unit, in all their glory; atFire, 543:of substance (the vitality of the permanent atoms) escape from the atomic spheres, and add theirFire, 544:three focal points of energy, the permanent atoms. They are analogous, as earlier pointed out, toFire, 545:and stronger, and the light of the permanent atoms increases, the petals of the lotus unfold, andFire, 545:action. Bear in mind here, that the permanent atoms are concerned with the substance aspect ofFire, 545:is, as stated elsewhere, through the permanent atoms that the Ego comes en rapport with hisFire, 545:just in so far as he can energize his permanent atoms, and bring the spirillae out of latency intoFire, 584:of involution this law works with the permanent atoms in the causal body. It is the buddhicFire, 584:has much to do with the placing of the permanent atoms, but this matter is very abstruse, and theFire, 593:this law again works with the permanent atoms in the three worlds, with the building in of materialFire, 593:with the building in of material around those atoms, in connection with the building devas and theFire, 604:Illustration: Life of the 3rd Logos - animating atoms of matter. Life of the 2nd Logos - animatingFire, 604:2nd Logos - animating the forms, or aggregate of atoms. Life of the 1st Logos - animating theFire, 608:Fire by Friction. Substance. The Permanent Atoms. Conscious Activity. The Personality Will. MentalFire, 610:physical vehicle of the Logos, and animates the atoms of substance. He is the basis of theFire, 611:science) of the vitalization of the permanent atoms (the force centers of the sheaths orFire, 619:dense physical, thus bringing to maturity the atoms and cells of His Body, fostering the germ ofFire, 622:which plays through all the manasic permanent atoms, and which produces basically thatFire, 623:is distributed thence to all the other permanent atoms. These three types of force deal with theFire, 623:force deal with the substance aspect - permanent atoms, causal vehicle, and mental units, and areFire, 630:The cosmic physical plane. The logoic permanent atoms (within the causal body). The cosmic higherFire, 643:deva Hierarchy is concerned with the permanent atoms, with the egoic body, and with the developmentFire, 651:are (in an occult sense) the physical permanent atoms of all self-conscious beings. The fourthFire, 653:tenet of the occult sciences - S. D., I, 694. Atoms and souls are synonymous terms in the languageFire, 656:be apparent to any student that if the permanent atoms of the lower man are within the causalFire, 658:a vivification of the spirillae of the permanent atoms and of the centers. Fire, 679:are in no way [679] connected with the permanent atoms in the causal body, but are very definitelyFire, 681:their force through the medium of the permanent atoms. But for the purposes of the subjectiveFire, 690:electrical phenomena. They are composed of those atoms, or types of lives, which are a part of theFire, 693:all faculty is stored up in the permanent atoms, and we are consequently dealing here with thatFire, 693:be gathered from the relation of the permanent atoms to the rest of the structure. Apart [694] fromFire, 694:upon it. The atomic subplane - manasic permanent atoms - Positive. The fourth subplane - mentalFire, 695:by the manasic-buddhic and atmic permanent atoms; the cube stands for the lower material man, andFire, 697:in vitalizing the fifth spirilla in all the atoms of the threefold lower man; when they [698] haveFire, 698:planetary. They work with the manasic permanent atoms and embody the will-to-be in dense physicalFire, 709:At the same time, the three permanent atoms are enclosed within the lotus, and are seen by theFire, 711:The threefold energy of the petals, the atoms and the "jewel" is now centralized, because impulseFire, 712:ahamkara. They proceed to energize the permanent atoms with Their own positive force, so as toFire, 734:system is that which governs the relation of all atoms to the aggregate of atoms, and of the SelfFire, 734:the relation of all atoms to the aggregate of atoms, and of the Self to the Not-self. It is (fromFire, 735:withdrawn by the will of the Ego, [735] and the atoms composing the form become dissociated fromFire, 736:inherently possible by means of the permanent atoms, the force centers of the three personalityFire, 762:light which mark the position of the permanent atoms, and which are the medium of communicationFire, 762:the lunar Pitris. By means of these permanent atoms the Ego, according to its state of evolution
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