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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATOMS

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Magic, 107:of the body (the sum total of the energy of the atoms) are swept into increased activity until suchMagic, 108:blended, where the centers are aroused and the atoms are also vibrating, it becomes possible forMagic, 130:capacity involves the utilization of certain atoms, the employment of matter of the higherMagic, 146:and therefore attracts or calls together the atoms out of which molecules, cells, organisms andMagic, 202:bodies. They are composed of energy units, atoms in a state of constant flux and movement and findMagic, 215:are "driven forth" and better and more adequate atoms or lives are built in. The elemental of theMagic, 262:himself three new bodies around the permanent atoms. 2. The Form of the Environment. This is reallyMagic, 267:poured into the form serves only to vitalize the atoms in substance. The potency of the loveMagic, 332:energy unit, but as yet the energy which sweeps atoms into aggregates which we call organisms andMagic, 332:race of heterogeneous shapes which aggregates of atoms can assume. This type of energy whichMagic, 348:results also in a permanent stimulation of the atoms in the various vehicles and their coherent,Magic, 373:By an increased rate of vibration of the etheric atoms, caused by the coming in of the ceremonialMagic, 452:through the heart. As the activity of the atoms and cells of which the physical body is composed.Magic, 496:of positive energy by means of which all the atoms of the body are held in their right place andMagic, 522:these constituents of the matter of space, these atoms of substance, are drawn together,Meditation, 11:of the polarization from one of the permanent atoms of the Personality into the corresponding atomMeditation, 24:is reached) a light plays between the two atoms that have [25] known polarization - the emotionalMeditation, 26:humanity as a unit, all of whose permanent atoms form the molecules in a corresponding cosmic atom,Meditation, 26:here is longer for there is much to be done. Two atoms have felt polarization, and one is receivingMeditation, 26:At this time the light plays between the three atoms (outlining the personality triangle). But theMeditation, 27:and ever more interested - via the permanent atoms, - in the life of the Personality. The physicalMeditation, 27:centers upon the palpitating life within the atoms... Meditation, 27:of the first meditation. The three permanent atoms are functioning and the man is an active,Meditation, 30:The causal body is a collection of permanent atoms, three in all, enclosed in an envelop of mentalMeditation, 30:mental plane a point of light, enclosing three atoms, and itself enclosed in a [31] sheath ofMeditation, 56:The note attracts around the permanent atoms or nuclei adequate matter for the purpose ofMeditation, 79:up entirely the Temple of Solomon; the permanent atoms are destroyed, and all is reabsorbed intoMeditation, 259:the transfer of polarization from the three atoms of the personal life - as included in the causalMeditation, 259:as included in the causal body - into the three atoms of the Spiritual Triad. He is consciouslyMeditation, 274:transfer of polarization from the lower three atoms of the Personality to the higher ones of theMeditation, 335:process and a simultaneous stimulation of the atoms. This cannot be done till further informationMeditation, 357:- Glossary P-Z Permanent atom Those five atoms, with the mental unit, one on each of the fivePatanjali, 25:of activity as the mind, the various permanent atoms, and the centers of force in the variousPatanjali, 51:of the Hindu Trimurti. The soul of all things Atoms and souls are synonymous terms. The All-SelfPatanjali, 89:of form. He discovers that forms are made of atoms or "points of energy" and that all forms arePatanjali, 89:of the aggregate of the energy of the atoms which constitute his forms, or, in other words, at aPatanjali, 89:the rhythm, the activity and the quality of the atoms which form the sheath or sheaths. ThisPatanjali, 90:that as the human kingdom (composed of human atoms) is the midway point or station on the ladder ofPatanjali, 96:can enter into the consciousness of the atoms composing any tangible form, and can advance furtherPatanjali, 153:polar opposite to spirit which we call matter: Atoms, Molecular matter, The elements, The threePatanjali, 202:Elimination of impure substance or of those atoms and molecules which limit the free expression ofPatanjali, 202:free ingress nor egress; Assimilation of those atoms and molecules which will tend to provide aPatanjali, 205:to its own nature and constituents) those atoms and particles of substance out of which the densePatanjali, 251:total of mental states, of emotions and physical atoms) as simply his instrument for communicatingPatanjali, 267:before the Throne of God, is not uniform and the atoms in Their bodies, or the monads whoPatanjali, 333:and the blood channels, then only the purest atoms will be built into the body and the result willPatanjali, 385:on to greater achievement, so the cells and atoms in His body are correspondingly influenced,Patanjali, 412:all substance and therefore to be found in the atoms which constitute the mind stuff. These latter,Psychology1, 20:human being is, in his turn, an aggregate of atoms and cells built into form and having scatteredPsychology1, 54:body. This is the sum total of the soul of the atoms constituting the physical body. It is the truePsychology1, 56:we have just outlined them: The soul of all the atoms, composing the tangible appearance. ThePsychology1, 91:is nothing left but the dissociated cells and atoms of which it was originally composed. When thePsychology1, 91:all disappear, and there is nothing left but the atoms of which the body had been composed. ThesePsychology1, 91:into the general reservoir of forces and atoms. Of the countless millions of human beings who havePsychology1, 131:constitute the body, and the light hidden in the atoms which constitute the form nature. AsPsychology1, 131:When he becomes an initiate, the light of the atoms is so bright, and the light in the head soPsychology1, 132:the light, dim and uncertain, to be found in all atoms of radiatory and vibratory matter orPsychology1, 168:atmic, the buddhic, and the manasic planes, - atoms destined to be the nuclei of the future bodies,Psychology1, 168:of the rays, and the atmic, buddhic and manasic atoms referred to all belong to the same ray; butPsychology1, 224:that we are not dealing with the elements and atoms, as we study this kingdom. They are thePsychology1, 229:qualities wrought into the consciousness of its atoms and elements through the experience ofPsychology1, 327:about three things: A stimulation of the higher atoms of the three bodies. The discarding, as aPsychology1, 327:of the magnetic attractive power of the higher atoms, which draw to themselves atoms of highPsychology1, 327:of the higher atoms, which draw to themselves atoms of high vibration to take the place of those ofPsychology1, 327:an almost universal wrong mental attitude. Right atoms of high vibration are attracted into a man'sPsychology1, 327:by the power of the united attraction of the atoms already present, and not primarily by the willPsychology1, 327:in so far as that will acts upon the high grade atoms already present and responsive. Aspiration isPsychology1, 327:in the three bodies a certain percentage of atoms of the adequate vibrations and lightness. ThisPsychology1, 374:It produces also the coming together of atoms and of the organisms within forms, so constructingPsychology1, 402:by the ray governing the sum total of the atoms of that body. The emotional desire nature, which isPsychology1, 402:by the ray which colors the totality of astral atoms. The mind body or mental nature, and thePsychology2, 50:is the result of the activity of the groups of atoms which are vibrating in response to (but not inPsychology2, 54:be the quality and vibratory activity of the atoms of matter which are attracted and held together.Psychology2, 65:life and the current of the consciousness of the atoms which construct the form. It will bePsychology2, 65:of the consciousness aspect or principles of all atoms and forms within the fourth kingdom ofPsychology2, 80:and that vibration affects its environment, and atoms of substance on all three planes arePsychology2, 81:set up by souls on this ray, is such that atoms of the different planes are moved as if consciouslyPsychology2, 81:activity of the soul makes itself felt, and atoms collect from widely different points in responsePsychology2, 101:the sum total. The units of divine life and the atoms of electrical energy who pass through thesePsychology2, 235:they concern the innate, inherited psyche of the atoms of matter and substance which constitute hisPsychology2, 294:of the automatic physical body, colored as its atoms are by the tendencies and qualities developedPsychology2, 313:for that purpose a mental unit and two permanent atoms, thus anchoring itself in three worlds ofPsychology2, 314:an activity of some kind. That the permanent atoms are not really atoms at all, but simply focalPsychology2, 314:kind. That the permanent atoms are not really atoms at all, but simply focal points of energy,Psychology2, 315:planes, we will not think of the permanent atoms as material centers, or as germs of form, which isPsychology2, 453:reception, there eventuates a speeding up of the atoms which compose the personality vehicles;Psychology2, 533:an impression and a stimulation upon the atoms of the body and thus having a powerful effect uponPsychology2, 549:involves death. This death affects the atoms in the organs involved and causes the preliminaryRays, 9:If the lower energy of the aggregate of the form-atoms is the controlling factor three things willRays, 9:The individual tiny lives which we call the atoms or cells of the body. These exist in three groupsRays, 100:of substance, eighteen vibratory groups of atoms, and eighteen aggregates of life which form theRays, 143:and form, man is composed primarily of light atoms, and that the light in the head (so familiar toRays, 169:and specifically with the consciousness of the atoms which constitute the forms in all the subhumanRays, 206:of the energies latent in the three permanent atoms in the three worlds of human endeavor. This isRays, 242:It required an instrument in which the cells and atoms of His body (all lives in all kingdoms), andRays, 352:inert and latent force of the physical plane atoms of the dense physical vehicle, and the forceRays, 480:result of energy emanating from the permanent atoms as a nucleus of force, but is the result ofRays, 492:groups of petals. Humanity - The three permanent atoms within the aura of the lotus. StudentsSoul, 64:He says: "What about the Ether which holds the atoms together, the welding ether which is essentialSoul, 64:of potential energy, the substance in which the atoms of matter are embedded. Not only is there a
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