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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTACHMENT

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Astrology, 124:devotion and response to the needs of humanity. Attachment to environment and to personalityAstrology, 215:Pisces, exemplified the substitution of love for attachment. Christianity exemplifies the death ofAstrology, 225:to the executive activity of the soul, whilst attachment to personality desires, likes and dislikesAutobiography, 143:God-awful rows. There is a very strong inner attachment and though I see little of her now I amDiscipleship1, 7:you to leave results alone and to work without attachment for you know not with exactitude what areDiscipleship1, 11:indicates a basic lack of dispassion and proves attachment to the personality and to the opinionsDiscipleship1, 104:your intuition needs awakening. Working without attachment to results is a hard lesson for allDiscipleship1, 110:a detachment from the world of outer sensuous attachment or they may imply (as in your own case) aDiscipleship1, 139:of your second ray virtues. You suffer from attachment and from a too rapid identification withDiscipleship1, 158:detachment must develop into a deeper attachment to the souls within the forms. Thus understandingDiscipleship1, 158:is a vice of detachment as well as a vice of attachment and the true servant of the Plan seeks theDiscipleship1, 243:into that of settled purpose and an undeviating attachment to reality. You can resume your activeDiscipleship1, 253:nobody and hold no person to you in the bonds of attachment. Can you be a true sannyasin and standDiscipleship1, 295:have to be clearly understood by him without any attachment to the results of the work. This alertDiscipleship1, 310:been told and know. You know also that a deeper attachment to humanity, paralleling a finer andDiscipleship1, 312:of withdrawal. The outer personality claims of attachment are oft so powerful that their clatterDiscipleship1, 370:tends to isolate you. It fosters your fear of attachment. Thus you are oft emotionally and astralDiscipleship1, 383:part of life has gone. The ties through attachment over many years hold firm and on the physicalDiscipleship1, 386:as you free yourself from the clinging chains of attachment to place or person, your intuitiveDiscipleship1, 464:who (through detachment from the little self and attachment to the greater Self in all) has leftDiscipleship1, 621:type needs what is occultly called "the rose of attachment." They find easily the way ofDiscipleship1, 623:the detachment of the soul will grow whilst the attachment of the soul to souls will grow andDiscipleship1, 626:is not easy for the first ray disciple to learn attachment (of the right and spiritual description)Discipleship1, 626:from differing attitudes, for the problem of attachment and of detachment is one. It is the problemDiscipleship1, 626:too much. The second ray type errs through deep attachment to others and through a too fluidDiscipleship1, 626:his detached attitude and on his immunity from attachment; he likes to have his strength andDiscipleship1, 628:this attitude and by their second ray power of attachment and of inclusiveness. This has to beDiscipleship1, 628:This has to be negated in the case of attachment and necessitates a focusing where the tendency toDiscipleship1, 628:you do this with pure detachment and with deep attachment? Such is your problem. Each of them needsDiscipleship1, 634:a first ray type and needed, therefore, to learn attachment of the right kind. You had to learn toDiscipleship1, 663:of control by the soul - the One who knows no attachment and who stands at-one with all souls inDiscipleship2, 143:of relationship and not devotion or affection. Attachment, in reality, is an expression of the freeDiscipleship2, 144:Transmitter Expression Determination Seed Idea Attachment Discipleship2, 171:adequate or was won, not through devotion or the attachment of millions [172] of men to some prizedDiscipleship2, 264:upon these formulas of power - "working without attachment," as the Gita expresses it - and refrainDiscipleship2, 500:with your own soul, and the recognition of your "attachment" (technically speaking) to my Ashram.Discipleship2, 505:by the functioning of the opposite quality of attachment - so distinctive of the second ray nature.Discipleship2, 505:As I told J.W.K-P. some years ago, a "detached attachment" (paradoxical as it sounds) is the goalDiscipleship2, 506:One reason why I have emphasized the need for attachment in this instruction is that rightDiscipleship2, 506:for attachment in this instruction is that right attachment releases the love of the soul, and onlyDiscipleship2, 575:to remain detached and at the same time to learn attachment and to admit entry into his aura of theDiscipleship2, 648:Way and on that Way I walk. Pain comes from form-attachment. It takes two forms: Attachment to theDiscipleship2, 648:comes from form-attachment. It takes two forms: Attachment to the forms of earth, of men and place;Discipleship2, 648:to the forms of earth, of men and place; attachment to the truth. They both bring pain and painDiscipleship2, 698:is outgoing, inclusive, friendly and prone to attachment; the first ray is isolated, exclusive,Externalisation, 114:potent than the life, danger is imminent; where attachment to the material aspect or organizationFire, 75:four spirillae, with their activity, with their attachment to forms when atomic, and with theFire, 219:between atoms, which results in their non-attachment and in their complete freedom from each other;Fire, 721:a second quality. In the next system "non-attachment through abstraction" is as near as we can getGlamour, 6:impulse of group love and utilizing the power of attachment in a detached manner. Both groups,Glamour, 224:of all there must be an ability to work "without attachment" to results and to use the formula forGlamour, 263:point of intense concentration; he refuses any "attachment" to any form or plane as he projects theHealing, 36:core of the physical man. These two points of attachment are to be found in the head and in theHealing, 351:fact of immortality, and also through our deep attachment to form, we arrest the natural processesHealing, 452:Soul: Intense desire for sentient existence or attachment. This is inherent in every form, isHealing, 452:three worlds, and so no form-building and form-attachment is there possible. This is in line withHealing, 452:to coordinate as the lower impulses fade out...Attachment to form or the attraction of form forIntellect, 234:forward, doing the demanded task "without attachment" as the Hindu aspirant calls it. If success isMagic, 491:lesson of the Bhagavad Gita and "works without attachment". These two points will vary according toMagic, 494:of the unknown, terror of the unfamiliar, and attachment to form have brought about a situationMagic, 521:skill in action is developed and if work without attachment is the effort of each and all of you. Magic, 560:that it cuts away. Much has been written anent attachment and the need to develop detachment. May IMagic, 574:selfish longing to be liked, on sentiment and on attachment. His words will indicate this to him ifMagic, 604:real significance of the words: to work without attachment. They are also, secondly, those studentsPatanjaliabout through tireless endeavor and through non-attachment. 13. Tireless endeavor is the constantPatanjali(restraint of the vrittis) is secured. 15. Non-attachment is freedom from longing for all objectsPatanjalior hereafter. 16. The consummation of this non-attachment results in an exact knowledge of thePatanjali, 14:are dependent upon identification with form. Non-attachment must supersede them. It is interestingPatanjali, 15:modifications of the lower mind, who through non-attachment to the lower, identifies himself withPatanjali, 25:about through tireless endeavor and through non-attachment. A few brief explanations are all thatPatanjali, 26:reached, and not upon spasmodic enthusiasm. Non-attachment is the one thing that eventually bringsPatanjali, 26:perform their legitimate functions. Through non-attachment to those forms of knowledge with whichPatanjali, 28:- Book 1 - The Problem of Union 15. Non-attachment is freedom from longing for all objects ofPatanjali, 28:or traditional, either here or hereafter. Non-attachment can also be described as thirstlessness.Patanjali, 30:as there are people participating in it. Non-attachment has to be achieved with respect to heaven.Patanjali, 31:world of form and will be transcended when non-attachment is known. Nirvana, that condition intoPatanjali, 31:speaking those adepts who have achieved non-attachment but who have chosen to sacrifice themselvesPatanjali, 31:of Union 16. The consummation of this non-attachment results in an exact knowledge of the spiritualPatanjali, 32:as to what is meant by the consummation of non-attachment when applied to the macrocosm or thePatanjali, 32:consciousness, perception or awareness through attachment to an object or to a form has beenPatanjali, 33:released from form taking as the result of attachment, and enters into a new state of consciousnessPatanjali, 85:seem to be the main idea intended. Freedom from attachment is brought about as the fires of desirePatanjali, 85:itself on the physical plane) is symbolic of any attachment between the soul and any object ofPatanjali, 112:of personality, desire, hate and the sense of attachment. 4. Avidya (ignorance) is the cause of allPatanjali, 112:with the instruments of knowledge. 7. Desire is attachment to objects of pleasure. 8. Hate isPatanjali, 112:9. Intense desire for sentient existence is attachment. This is inherent in every form, isPatanjali, 127:of personality, desire, hate and the sense of attachment. These are the five wrong ideas orPatanjali, 128:vehicle of feeling, and that hate and a sense of attachment are products of the sense of egoismPatanjali, 135:- Book 2 - The Steps to Union 7. Desire is attachment to objects of pleasure. This is not a literalPatanjali, 135:gross objects on the physical plane as well as attachment to those things, occupations andPatanjali, 135:of the devotee for Christ or his guru. It is all attachment in some degree or another, and thePatanjali, 135:upon himself. He has exhausted all objects of attachment, and even his guru seems to have left himPatanjali, 137:9. Intense desire for sentient existence is attachment. This is inherent in every form, isPatanjali, 137:and known even to the very wise. This form of attachment is the basic cause of all manifestation.Patanjali, 137:"the very wise" are subject to it. This form of attachment is an automatic self-reproducing,Patanjali, 137:existence. All that is possible in overcoming attachment, or killing out desire, is to develop thePatanjali, 137:are given by the ordinary student to the words attachment, desire, and their killing out. They arePatanjali, 138:kingdom. An adept, therefore, has transcended attachment to forms on three planes (physical, astralPatanjali, 138:three worlds and so no form-building and form-attachment is there possible. This is in line withPatanjali, 139:more literally to its own self-development. Attachment to form or the attraction of form for Spirit
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