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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTACKING

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Autobiography, 172:her seem to me of no more importance than fleas attacking an elephant. [173] In 1920 this wholeBethlehem, 176:and argumentative, usually defending or attacking the evidence or the theology associated with theExternalisation, 252:it could be argued, conclusively convince the attacking, aggressive groups that their day is endedGlamour, 38:then begin the definite and scientific task of attacking the world glamor. It is of interest inMagic, 420:lines. He must be warned not to waste time in attacking that which is undesirable, but must [421]Meditation, 101:the Logoic scheme - assume a threefold nature, attacking [102] three departments of the physicalMeditation, 104:the nervous system are more frequent than those attacking the brain, such as insanity andMeditation, 119:will see, I have not specified certain dangers attacking any particular body. It is not possible toPsychology1, 189:are building and not destroying, loving and not attacking, lifting and not tearing down. Be notPsychology2, 637:without arousing hatred between men, and without attacking any cause or giving partisanship to anyPsychology2, 643:out no literature which could be interpreted as attacking or defending any organization of aReappearance, 140:of the sepulchre. There is, however, no point in attacking Christianity. Christianity cannot be
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