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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTACKS

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Discipleship2, 177:with the effort to render futile a series of attacks upon the Hierarchy; these are being engineeredDiscipleship2, 332:and the protection of the Ashram from attempted attacks or intrusions. The sharing in the serviceDiscipleship2, 707:you have to accept without retaliation the attacks of those you are trying to help, who expect tooExternalisation, 436:which were opened by Germany when she began her attacks upon the [437] Jews; she is now in dangerFire, 107:for much of the troublesome debility that attacks dwellers in these lands. The etheric bodyHealing, 18:or war. They can also be brought about by attacks from the animal or the snake world, accidentalHealing, 39:which is desired, leading subsequently to those attacks of biliousness to which so many are prone.Healing, 256:claims which they make and to their unceasing attacks upon orthodox medicine and other channels ofHealing, 461:accident, suicide, murder, unexpected heart attacks or through the processes of war, the shock isHealing, 484:entity or evil force. This is the cause of the attacks and the disasters which often dog the stepsHealing, 523:borne in mind. Disease is something which attacks the integrity or the harmony of the form natureHealing, 599:and thus makes him vulnerable and open to attacks upon the form aspect; these constitute part ofHercules, 155:upon him. He stood his ground, and warded off attacks with the heavy club he bore. One bird heMagic, 306:with something so widespread that few escape its attacks. It is like a miasma, a fog which environsMagic, 341:cause of the sense of discouragement. This often attacks those of you who are finely organized inMagic, 346:Plan and hindering the work to be done. Occult attacks and occult powers, warring militantlyMagic, 346:enough, on all at once. Sometimes they will be attacks directed against the individual worker,Meditation, 124:fights and struggles to prevent entrance. The attacks are intermittent, and more frequently attackMeditation, 125:and is the result of lop-sided development. It attacks women and men equally; it principally showsMeditation, 127:periods of freedom from attack. Eventually the attacks will cease altogether. When the cause isMeditation, 136:planes. When moving on these subplanes the attacks of elementals on lower planes may be felt butMeditation, 159:in a diseased condition of the liver, in bilious attacks, in the poisons which are generated in thePatanjali, 62:groups: The rendering of the body immune to the attacks of disease or indisposition. This is inPatanjali, 72:ill directed life force through the centers, and attacks primarily the twenty per cent of humanityPsychology2, 637:violent partisanship of a leader or a cause, attacks on individuals whose ideas or manner of livingPsychology2, 673:mystical, impractical program. It undermines and attacks no authority or government. It is notRays, 727:universe and to free the solar system from the attacks of cosmic evil, I am stating a truth, but a
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