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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTAINED

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Astrology, 19:entirely dependent upon the point in evolution attained and also upon the general planetaryAstrology, 140:time the effects and conditioning achieved and attained under the old influences are not altered.Astrology, 148:the case. Initiation is an achievement and an attained success of the soul which has at lastAstrology, 149:and brotherly love as expressed and attained upon the Fixed Cross, demonstrates upon the Mutable orAstrology, 183:balance is reached and a relative equilibrium is attained, and over this event Libra presides. SomeAstrology, 244:In Libra, the point of balance or equilibrium is attained between material personal desire andAstrology, 258:III. Sagittarius Sense of duality ended. Fusion attained. The one-pointed direct life. The stage ofAstrology, 293:This gives concisely the objective which is attained by the man upon the Fixed Cross; the effect ofAstrology, 294:and mental integration and when he has attained personality effectiveness, then he treads it -Astrology, 333:passion The weighing of the opposites Balance attained. Divine Love Human love Devotion andAstrology, 365:sign, it indicates the initiate and the rapidly attained "dualism in synthesis" of soul and spirit.Astrology, 401:the Uranian forces undertook. Achievement is attained. Mars is in detriment in this sign. ItsAstrology, 475:and frequent focused effort are these results attained. A crisis is brought about by a certainAstrology, 554:Direction" in a technical sense until he has attained some measure of soul contact and has had someAstrology, 570:flourish, physical and emotional comfort can be attained and the recognition of the mystical visionAstrology, 685:Our Heavenly Man, in the fifth round, will have attained a paralleling point in evolution, and theAtom, 105:feel insulted if we were not regarded as having attained perfection, or having achieved the goal),Atom, 111:by which the most unlimited powers are attained, marvels and miracles are worked, the highestAtom, 111:the great Spirit of the universe is eventually attained." Here this union with the group life isAutobiography, 16:clean and cultured stock but none of the people attained any famous or infamous notoriety. TheAutobiography, 284:however, a measure of balance or equilibrium is attained, when the mind, the emotional nature andAutobiography, 284:of the man upon the physical plane. Others have attained a fair measure of this personalityAutobiography, 296:some part at least of our vision can become an attained fact. It is for this that we work. [297]Autobiography, 303:have been avoided had certain achievements been attained. The working out of the Plan by theBethlehem, 22:Those who in the past thus worked, agonized and attained, constitute a long chain, reaching out ofBethlehem, 25:a reality and not a beautiful and rather easily attained vision, as so many occult and esotericBethlehem, 45:from one initiation to another till he too has attained. Then he also becomes a teacher and anBethlehem, 64:in Pisces when that Christ Child, having attained maturity, comes forth as the world Savior. OneBethlehem, 105:Christ testified through the baptism when He attained maturity, setting us an example, and throughBethlehem, 157:of fulfilment, when the perfected disciple has attained masterhood, the 'Robe of Glory' shinesBethlehem, 158:the new birth; the Jordan experience is only attained as yet by the few. It is the rare andBethlehem, 158:through the lower personal nature shall we have attained to that of worth and value which can beBethlehem, 161:question out of the knowledge which he had attained upon the mountain. One of the Twelve betrayedBethlehem, 222:of Savior. It is characteristic of all who have attained that they cannot rest satisfied with theirBethlehem, 245:to contribute to the good of the whole; He had attained altitude on the evolutionary ladder, andBethlehem, 269:begin to train themselves, and which must be attained in the world of everyday living. It is aBethlehem, 283:It runs as follows: "In the belief that He had attained unto the last stage of perfection theDestiny, 38:race may lie a still higher perfection than that attained by any of these Exponents of divinity isDiscipleship1, XII:in this book - a goal which they have not yet attained and a mode of life which they have not yetDiscipleship1, 6:be found in the midst of riot. Wisdom must be attained in the very midst of intellectual turmoilDiscipleship1, 11:striven for, accurately observed when in any way attained, and an exact record of impressions kept.Discipleship1, 194:in perfect accord and this harmony must be attained as a group. It must be brought about, notDiscipleship1, 337:any measure of growth to which you may have attained (if you study with care and understanding).Discipleship1, 542:the over-shadowing soul, and once more from the attained point of fusion. Ponder then on theDiscipleship1, 596:by the time fifty-six years of age is attained, it is seldom established later. After that age, aDiscipleship1, 746:responsive relationship and interplay is only attained after a long cycle of the outer relation ofDiscipleship1, 749:of discipleship which is far in advance of that attained by most disciples, because it connotesDiscipleship1, 750:into focused understanding. When this has been attained, the chela has the right to live within theDiscipleship2, 106:causes and are the product of the measure of the attained group unity. You can see, therefore, theDiscipleship2, 157:certain levels of abstract thought not hitherto attained, I shall be able to judge your readiness,Discipleship2, 164:and his recognized Presence with us is not yet attained. The Plan is not yet so developed that itsDiscipleship2, 190:works always from the angle of achievement, of attained success. This attitude he assumes asDiscipleship2, 193:focus symbolizes the Path from the highest point attained by the disciple to the lowest point ofDiscipleship2, 198:objective and the final or permanent stage attained. Think on this. Meditation is also eliminativeDiscipleship2, 234:the man on towards a goal higher than the one attained. The ecclesiastics of the world have made aDiscipleship2, 238:at any other time in human history. Men have attained the point in evolution where they are able toDiscipleship2, 258:integration, carried forward because of an attained alignment with the soul. Initiation is in factDiscipleship2, 261:this point of focused effort and this attained orientation is the basic idea lying behind theDiscipleship2, 308:in order to achieve the next destined point of attained revelation. I have here given you, in aDiscipleship2, 329:his struggles in the three worlds, and an attained point of spiritual unfoldment. Therefore, thoughDiscipleship2, 339:A dualistic perception of that which has been attained and of that which lies ahead to be attained.Discipleship2, 339:been attained and of that which lies ahead to be attained. A recognition of the events which will,Discipleship2, 351:and fresh outlines for the Masters who have attained - a process made possible by the higher mentalDiscipleship2, 354:ability to pass onward and arrive at his attained status by his mode of handling a hint. In theDiscipleship2, 366:watching Masters as to the point in evolution attained by the disciples. [367] Discipleship2, 390:There is the compromise in which the balance is attained for the sake of expediency, and this isDiscipleship2, 403:process, revealed by the point of revelation attained in the fourth initiation, is that there isDiscipleship2, 405:energy is perceptive of the stage of redemption attained in the world of appearances as theDiscipleship2, 409:could not be denied; the balance of equilibrium, attained between the Kingdom of God on Earth andDiscipleship2, 411:of its indications. Owing to the point attained in the evolution [412] of humanity, the hint wasDiscipleship2, 415:he must now formulate his own hint, based upon attained knowledge and recognized vision. He mustDiscipleship2, 415:thought-form of any wisdom which he may have attained, I did not say summation [416] of knowledge,Discipleship2, 417:is a conferred revelation, yet no initiation is attained without an earlier self-engendered and notDiscipleship2, 419:which we call the Hierarchy; from that point of attained focus he will submit to the cosmicDiscipleship2, 419:prior to and during any initiation, has attained a mental attitude of the utmost concentration;Discipleship2, 431:there and can work intelligently from the attained point of awareness and of conscious vision. OnceDiscipleship2, 432:to live and function from a point therein attained to which we give the name of Polarization, orDiscipleship2, 434:to him of the hierarchical Plan, from the attained Point of Revelation. All this is implicit inDiscipleship2, 465:the stage of spiritual development which you had attained - the aura of his Ashram and the aura ofDiscipleship2, 505:phrases; the relative activity involved in each attained position should constitute another; theDiscipleship2, 542:and I believe would testify to the good results attained. That occult obedience which signifiesDiscipleship2, 561:natural forces must radiate the light he has attained. As one by one the chelas find their way intoDiscipleship2, 601:Since my last instruction to you, you have attained to a certain measure of release and that meansDiscipleship2, 688:reach. C.D.P. is one; the other is more easily attained. Each Thursday night, when sleep descendsDiscipleship2, 744:carried forward from the point of concentration attained. If your attention wanders, sound the OMEducation, 145:conscious recognition by the individual of the attained fusion. Abstractly and in relation toExternalisation, 75:aspect from the point of view of the unfoldment attained or when that which has been used andExternalisation, 168:of evolution) it has been slowly and gradually attained, but in the future, it will be consciouslyExternalisation, 202:In that unhappy nation, the racial problem has attained such importance that the entire world isExternalisation, 252:a way that the best and maximum results can be attained. I would like first of all to touch uponExternalisation, 408:upon the point in evolution which has been attained by man. Back in the early history of the raceExternalisation, 472:who have lived, suffered, achieved, failed, attained success, endured death and passed through theExternalisation, 479:turn, is conditioned by the point in evolution attained. In the Middle Ages of history, andExternalisation, 531:towards which the Masters aim after They have attained the fifth initiation, it will be obvious toExternalisation, 559:average aspirant, it is assumed that they have attained; the fact that they have only passed aExternalisation, 569:This will still remain true of Those Who have attained the rank of Master, but it is not true ofExternalisation, 575:through its own self-initiated efforts, has attained a general quietude and has acquired a certainExternalisation, 654:will, however, take advantage of all the points attained by these kingdoms, and They will (atExternalisation, 657:now reached a point of sensitivity never before attained. This has happened through the agency ofFire, xiv:part of the process through which equilibrium is attained.
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