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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTAINED

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Rays, 602:the personality goal and the mode whereby it is attained. After the third initiation, we reach outRays, 641:dedicated eventually to spiritual intent and attained through conflict. We come now to theRays, 651:fifth initiation, the orientation and the focus attained remains a permanent condition. ThisRays, 666:- visioned and later to be struggled for and attained, initiation by initiation - unity is achievedRays, 685:looking upon it as a process of strenuously attained freedoms. This basic aspect of initiation -Rays, 685:and all men be free because of an individually attained freedom." Rays, 700:that this achievement of focus and this attained freedom are [701] not the result of a symbolicRays, 702:there is no pain or agony for the Master Who has attained liberation. The Masters have each and allRays, 707:interpretations according to the point they have attained upon the Path. You need to remember thatRays, 710:become a soul-infused personality; he has then attained unity with his higher self. Through theRays, 715:of the project." The moment Sanat Kumara has attained His planetary purpose, He will withdraw thisRays, 717:only indicated the method whereby it is being attained, but the true objective remains still anRays, 731:life - only to create new ones until mastery is attained. Then - as a result of the incarnatingRays, 744:(however little of that freedom is yet truly attained) is - because of that freedom factor -Rays, 752:be more easily fostered and a new synthesis attained among men. Before, however, integration andReappearance, 9:because They have achieved perfection and have attained to the highest possible initiations. TheyReappearance, 11:and right human relations as an expression of attained divinity. It was this need which brought theReappearance, 18:and that, in its turn, is conditioned by the attained point in evolution. Reappearance, 25:of spiritual development which Christ had then attained and which had made Him the Head of theReappearance, 102:of Their emotional-feeling nature, and have attained mental understanding and finallyReappearance, 119:soul group and of the soul in all forms and has attained - as Christ had requested - a stage ofReappearance, 138:upon the truth (as it is in Christ) must be attained; they sense the approach of new, impendingTelepathy, 67:of being made perfect, through men who have attained a relative perfection, and through men who -Telepathy, 71:and can act upon it. Only when the initiate has attained, through monadic contact, a touch of theTelepathy, 73:the Path. Through the door of initiation, having attained the mystical vision, each aspirant willTelepathy, 97:- from the Hierarchy as a whole, when he has attained some of the higher initiations. ThisTelepathy, 104:their impress upon the minds of those who have attained a true measure of focus upon the mentalTelepathy, 105:body; only in so far as this direct descent is attained will the recorded impression be devoid ofTelepathy, 134:system spreads and a greater alignment is attained, Shamballa - the planetary head center - invokesTelepathy, 190:possible when contact with the soul has been attained in some measure and the aspirant is on theTelepathy, 190:high degree of evolutionary unfoldment has been attained. The throat center only becomes creatively
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