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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTAINMENT

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Initiation, 15:This ceremony of initiation marks a point of attainment. It does not bring about attainment, as isInitiation, 15:a point of attainment. It does not bring about attainment, as is so often the misconception. ItInitiation, 16:to that of the adept, mark respectively the attainment of certain proportions of atomic matter inInitiation, 17:rays. The sixth initiation marks the point of attainment of the Christ, and brings the syntheticInitiation, 26:process in man and his work upon the attainment of perfection. Let us therefore seek for the truthInitiation, 26:and this illumination, and that the attainment of the initiatory process, and the entrance into theInitiation, 73:lack of dispassion frequently is. This means the attainment of that state of consciousness whereInitiation, 75:development, comes at length fruition, and the attainment of the goal. A SERVER of the race standsInitiation, 82:physical body must have reached a high degree of attainment. "The sins of the flesh," as theInitiation, 99:In thinking of this matter of the attainment of the sons of men, we must recognize that as mankindInitiation, 102:a universal application. It rests upon his inner attainment. The initiate will know for himselfInitiation, 109:the Law of some human being who is in process of attainment. Therefore it is a thing of greatInitiation, 183:equilibrium the time now comes when a period of attainment by occidentals will be seen, and thisInitiation, 189:evolving sons of men, owing to the high point of attainment necessitated for their entrance, andInitiation, 219:or the moral effect of an act committed for the attainment of something which gratifies a personalIntellect, 14:"the mystics themselves have described their attainment as a seeing into the meaning of theIntellect, 27:be no standardized limit of achievement, the attainment of which will leave them complacent,Intellect, 78:the animal to his present position of mental attainment, scientific achievement and divine unrest.Intellect, 82:what is involved is merely the effectual attainment by the individual being... of the consciousnessIntellect, 95:so that three basic ideas are brought out: - the attainment of success through the agency of theIntellect, 99:mysticism, the first and necessary step is the attainment of mind control. Meister Eckhart, writingIntellect, 110:result of experience. It is the instantaneous attainment of an attitude of mind as a consequence ofIntellect, 133:of repetition, and only a longing for the attainment of such a state of holiness that the conditionIntellect, 158:the goal, but for the thinkers of the world the attainment of illumination should be the goal ofIntellect, 187:pages 113-115. Earlier he points out that the attainment of Nirvana is after all essentially theIntellect, 228:Form To Develop Concentration Stages The attainment of physical comfort and control. The breathingIntellect, 238:the mind, might therefore, be stated to be the attainment of the world of ideas; from the angle ofMagic, 96:the equilibrazed energy [96] of the soul - the attainment of equilibrium being the presentMagic, 113:As regards the action of those whose point of attainment greatly transcends your own, I can onlyMagic, 115:Their sincerity is great but their point of attainment along some lines less than that of those whoMagic, 119:levels, and the last with his life after the attainment of the goal of present human endeavor. OneMagic, 182:and bodies built of the finest matter. The attainment of this will involve discipline, pain,Magic, 200:thousand is seen as symbolizing his point of attainment, then he can stand before God - standingMagic, 280:of that cycle. For him there has to be that attainment of knowledge, of strength, and ofMagic, 317:positive sense (not in the negative) means the attainment of that step which leads definitely toMagic, 381:Temples, to make the mysteries more difficult of attainment and to work against abuses andMagic, 390:cosmic initiation, which makes possible our attainment of the fourth Initiation, for He carries usMagic, 391:and not through magical work and formulas. The attainment of a right vibration will workMagic, 481:of possessions, and directed entirely to the attainment of his own pleasure and satisfaction, noMagic, 482:in cooperation with it at this time is easier of attainment than at any other time in racialMagic, 546:the great Whole. This presupposes real spiritual attainment and the capacity, therefore, toMagic, 548:these four, added to the first one, spiritual attainment, five of the qualifications of the whiteMagic, 616:of his consciousness from that plane and his attainment of mental poise and of mental awareness,Meditation, 7:into the final alignment that marks the [7] attainment by the Logos of the cosmic egoicMeditation, 7:cosmic egoic consciousness, which is His goal of attainment. Of these three, the earth is not one,Meditation, 11:A man reaches the point of personality attainment in this cycle when he has the capacity to vibrateMeditation, 12:following. Early in experience, after the attainment of the highest the lower nature has to offer,Meditation, 12:meditation, based on law. For some few may come attainment in this life or the next; for others,Meditation, 12:in other lives. For a few there lies ahead the attainment of the mystic method, to be the basisMeditation, 17:causal body, dissociation from the lower and the attainment of perfection. Its exponents developMeditation, 34:the numbers are slightly less now, owing to the attainment of the fourth Initiation by individualsMeditation, 34:entrance into the human kingdom. As to point of attainment. The Adept of their ray handles theMeditation, 46:nation; admission into them will not be easy of attainment, but each applicant for instruction willMeditation, 68:a select group and only those of high spiritual attainment and those nearing Initiation will beMeditation, 90:respond perfectly to plane conditions) and the attainment of causal consciousness - a consciousnessMeditation, 98:with the intuitional levels, and one path of attainment lies that way. In meditation the emotionalMeditation, 107:of the achievement of a particular goal, and the attainment of a certain end, known in its entiretyMeditation, 108:by paying the price of vice; it may be the attainment of business acumen by the struggle to provideMeditation, 111:lack of balance would result instead of that attainment of equilibrium and that fine rounding outMeditation, 111:Over-development and disproportionate attainment will be obviated by the equalizing effects ofMeditation, 111:root race an effort was made to facilitate attainment via the atomic subplane, from the emotionalMeditation, 113:cities. He employs collective forms for the attainment of his ends, and the awakening of the heartMeditation, 128:Ray, has rendered this contact more easy of attainment than heretofore. It is therefore the ray onMeditation, 144:our last subsidiary heading, the steps whereby attainment eventuates. Each man who enters uponMeditation, 155:stages and attained certain objectives (which attainment can be ascertained by a review of theMeditation, 168:source, love is the goal, and love the method of attainment. Meditation, 189:many others exist... The first step towards the attainment of these mantrams is the acquirement ofMeditation, 207:of the term employed lies in the point of attainment of the unit under discussion. If speaking ofMeditation, 212:night. It is the culmination, and at the attainment by all of synthesis, the solar night willMeditation, 254:in the life that its immediate and practical attainment will be earnestly pursued. Let us,Meditation, 258:we might express it as follows: It is by the attainment of the vibration which is analogous to theMeditation, 261:into the synthetic two, that mark the point of attainment in the solar system. Through meditationMeditation, 282:and others of love, yet before the attainment is possible intellectuality must be based on love,Meditation, 288:man. Oft the man is of far greater caliber and attainment on the inner planes than he is on theMeditation, 292:- Access to the Masters via Meditation 4. The Attainment of a certain amount of CausalMeditation, 310:of the lower world life comes, at the end, attainment of the goal. The life of the disciple becomesMeditation, 313:the intuition through meditation, and by the attainment of that measure of mental control that willMeditation, 339:The first initiation marks the same point of attainment on the physical plane. Each initiationMeditation, 339:on the physical plane. Each initiation marks the attainment of a certain proportion of atomicMeditation, 339:to that of the Adept, mark respectively the attainment of a proportionate amount, as for instance:Meditation, 340:solidifying fire. Initiation marks a permanent attainment and the beginning of a new cycle ofMeditation, 344:an apprehension of the immediate point of world attainment, and a consequent throwing of the totalMeditation, 354:or the moral effect of an act committed for the attainment of something which gratifies a personalPatanjalisufficiently valued, and the efforts towards its attainment are persistently followed withoutPatanjalimemory, meditation and right perception. 21. The attainment of this state (spiritual consciousness)Patanjaliintense, moderate, or gentle. In respect to the attainment of true spiritual consciousness there isPatanjali, 27:sufficiently valued, and the efforts towards its attainment are persistently followed withoutPatanjali, 29:the object revealed (in the Vedas) such as the attainment of Heaven or of the discarnate state orPatanjali, 42:- Book 1 - The Problem of Union 21. The attainment of this stage (spiritual consciousness) is rapidPatanjali, 43:our Aryan race. This second line was the path of attainment for the Atlanteans. If students wouldPatanjali, 43:intense, moderate or gentle. In respect to the attainment of true spiritual consciousness there isPatanjali, 44:least resistance for many; it was the method of attainment for the race preceding the Aryan. ItPatanjali, 50:of the pupil, The recognition of his triumph and attainment by the guides of the race, thePatanjali, 64:inability to think clearly about the problem of attainment. Unless clear thinking precedes action,Patanjali, 81:certain centers. There are seven methods of attainment mentioned and therefore we can infer thatPatanjali, 102:from limitation," and therefore signifying the attainment of pure spiritual realization. Contact byPatanjali, 157:cycle of man is involved in the greater and his attainment and the nature of his liberation is onlyPatanjali, 176:fetters." This stage is long but results in the attainment of freedom and relates to the second ofPatanjali, 226:possible. His attention is concentrated upon the attainment of: The conscious coordination of thePatanjali, 234:50. By a passionless attitude towards this attainment and towards all soul-powers, the one who is
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