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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTAINMENT

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Rays, 421:Logos as the latter is from the point of attainment of an accepted disciple. Yet the two are linkedRays, 434:soul which seems at first the ultimate goal of attainment but is later seen as simply a system orRays, 507:is now in the Will nature, when this point of attainment is reached, and is no longer in the loveRays, 507:the task of the initiate of the first ray; the attainment of positively is the goal of the initiateRays, 522:of the Christ consciousness and in the attainment of the third initiation, the Transfiguration, theRays, 524:the achievements of the Lighted Way and the attainment of all knowledge and wisdom. Christ, inRays, 532:of consequences or of the results of spiritual attainment which are as follows: FactualRays, 535:proof he gives of definitely defined areas of attainment. It is demonstrated as effects in hisRays, 541:possible, determined by the disciple's point of attainment. This invocative-evocative activityRays, 550:the point in evolution attained by mankind; this attainment is only a secondary reason or cause. ItRays, 557:Initiation is a growth in experience and the attainment thereby of a point of tension. Holding thatRays, 596:of this mental energy into the world of men, the attainment in consciousness of mental ability byRays, 655:Knowledge, the revealing of the Mysteries, the attainment of scientific achievement, producing theRays, 674:Aryan cycle, it is however indicative of the attainment of a definitely racial opportunity.Rays, 685:not really the curious mixture of self-satisfied attainment, ceremonial, and hierarchicalRays, 685:a graded series of liberations, resulting in the attainment of increased freedom from that whichRays, 685:of humanity, whose fundamental struggle is the attainment of that freedom "whereby the soul and itsRays, 685:how each does most definitely mark a point of attainment, and therefore the entire subject ofRays, 685:appears more worthy of the pain and struggle of attainment. Let me give you an indication (no moreRays, 716:concerned with the production of unity and the attainment of synthesis in all human relations thanRays, 720:He expresses the sum total of all past attainment. His entire past is involved in what HeRays, 725:men. The point of crisis which ever follows the attainment of tension is the expressed moment ofRays, 731:resurrection and into the position of final attainment. Rays, 738:after another and from kingdom to kingdom. One attainment leads to another; out of the lowerRays, 758:the steady changing or conversion of scientific attainment, by the enlightenment which wisdomReappearance, 52:his triumph over nature. The glory of scientific attainment and the magnificent evidence ofReappearance, 70:process and progress, a moving on, an increasing attainment and a mounting achievement. To thisReappearance, 77:has been made possible through Christ's Own attainment along the line of the highest, spiritualReappearance, 84:of our present civilization and culture. Past attainment is ever the guarantee of futureReappearance, 125:that which was near at hand and easy of [125] attainment. Possessed, they found that it proved anTelepathy, 101:of the Observer. It is developed through the attainment of detachment - the detachment of theTelepathy, 144:He will realize also that as his attitude, attainment and comprehension shift to ever higher
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