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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTAINS

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Astrology, 274:the stage of adolescence until the initiate attains full maturity. This necessitates persistence,Astrology, 382:in which the human being reaches the depths or attains the heights. Taurus is the dominant streamAtom, 62:and, through the use of that particular form attains self-knowledge and self-control. All isAtom, 62:Eventually spirit frees itself from form, and attains liberation plus [63] developed psychicalDiscipleship2, 188:of prayer (by means of the Invocation), he attains a relationship with the mass of humanity notDiscipleship2, 197:voiceless masses, through many phases, until it attains that high mode of scientific invocationDiscipleship2, 312:revelation becomes possible he automatically attains the needed fixation, concentration, poise,Discipleship2, 456:but more frequent when the service rendered attains greater importance - the Master makes himselfExternalisation, 461:know is to be used and so implemented that it attains their narrow ends, no matter at what cost toFire, 77:mere force of will and technical observances, attains to a kind of nominal BuddhahoodFire, 121:He coordinates His cosmic astral body, and attains continuity of consciousness when He has masteredFire, 319:It will be demonstrated later as science attains more and more of the truth that All physicalFire, 355:Whom the fifth principle comes to him; and each attains initiation, and eventually escapes fromFire, 371:process of rounding out and perfecting which He attains during the two final periods Of synthesisFire, 372:by means of a human being, the microcosm: Man attains a period of high development wherein hisFire, 393:of the said two bodies; for then, the soul attains its primeval purity, and burns up as it wereFire, 400:thus is man set free, and the microcosm attains BEING without the necessity of form-taking. A hintFire, 488:human or superhuman. The black Magician attains results through the agency of force external to theFire, 575:and when all that evolves on each plane attains the vibration of the atomic subplane, then the goalFire, 684:each differing cyclically) becomes vitalized and attains a certain vibratory capacity does theFire, 690:man is able to express himself fully when he attains the "consciousness of the high places." ItHealing, 395:It will be obvious to you that when humanity attains this outlook upon the fact of death or the artHealing, 646:gradually increasing the quantity as he attains skill in action. Speaking in a broad and generalHealing, 673:all-round picture such an observer gradually attains. This is brought about by the development ofHercules, 119:that the lion is the king of beasts. The native attains finally in that sign the rounded-outInitiation, 96:scheme, and when, in the next round, our Earth attains a point in evolution analogous to that ofInitiation, 183:It is interesting to note that the oriental type attains its objective through meditation, with aIntellect, 139:intense meditation to that contemplation which attains to the vision of the wonders of God, as theIntellect, 144:other hand, the full mystic consciousness also attains to what is, I think, its reallyMagic, 146:illumination is the right of the disciple who attains to the third initiation, whilst the trueMeditation, 108:field of manifestation and the method whereby he attains a demonstrable object. That aim may be theMeditation, 147:to the Master Whom he recognizes; the occultist attains by the recognition of the law in operationMeditation, 147:Intelligences Who work with the law, till he attains the fundamental Intelligence Himself. [148]Meditation, 151:two days ago, the method whereby the mystic attains union, and outlined very briefly the pathMeditation, 263:Initiate Himself, by the use of atma and as He attains atmic consciousness... When atmicMeditation, 341:why the non-spectacular man so frequently attains initiation before the genius, and before the manPatanjali, 234:the one who is free from the seeds of bondage, attains the condition of isolated unity. 51. TherePatanjali, 358:the one who is free from the seeds of bondage, attains the condition of isolated unity. TheProblems, 143:constant reliving upon the earth, man eventually attains "unto the measure of the stature of thePsychology1, 344:goal and objective and the process whereby he attains: "The Holy Four descend from out the heavenlyTelepathy, 194:play a crucial role which he maintains until he attains spiritual liberation and himself becomes a
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