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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTEMPT

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Astrology, 90:a soul around the wheel of experience. We will attempt to consider, in the case of eachAstrology, 115:aspects of the personality nature), and the attempt to interpret His infinite purposes in terms ofAstrology, 155:called the "signature of God." I must not attempt to interpret it for you, partly because it hasAstrology, 158:valley of pain, despair and death before a fresh attempt to scale the heights takes place. TheAstrology, 158:attempt to scale the heights takes place. The attempt today to climb Mount Everest is amazinglyAstrology, 158:by the Hierarchy, for in this effort we see the attempt of humanity to achieve the top of [159] theAstrology, 180:these two stages and not confuse them as they attempt to aid those who are in one or other of them.Astrology, 371:incentive, plan - all these are words which attempt to express one of the major underlyingAstrology, 372:It is going forward also through the constant attempt to comprehend and interpret the Plan forAstrology, 398:of aspiration and vision and constructively attempt to express the beauty which all formsAstrology, 407:as far as possible just where we stand in our attempt to throw the light of esoteric [408]Astrology, 417:activity. It is useless for students to attempt to unravel this aggregation of interlacing streamsAstrology, 420:processes. The statements made by me in this attempt - for it is little more - to indicate the mainAstrology, 461:subject can be gained if the student will attempt to realize that the above diagram and subsequentAstrology, 518:inclusiveness or as an abnormal and wicked attempt (from the standpoint of the soul) to fuse andAstrology, 563:the intended meaning. There has been no real attempt as yet on the part of astrologers (even theAstrology, 571:have made at least some small progress in their attempt to tread the occult way. They are mentallyAstrology, 580:which is gripping humanity by the throat in the attempt to strangle out its life. Astrology, 587:is a fulfilment of the ancient prophecy that the attempt to destroy the Aryan race will be by meansAstrology, 587:to Shamballa, carried forward as the Masters attempt to work out divine purpose and to be theAstrology, 589:are likewise misleading. I can, however, attempt to give you certain concepts, relationships andAstrology, 596:not of love or consciousness. This we will now attempt to do. Atom, 54:evolution, and finally we will conclude with an attempt to be practical, and to gather out of ourAtom, 119:I realize that the only thing I can possibly attempt is to put certain suppositions before you,Atom, 120:wider our speculations become, and the more we attempt to account for telepathic, psychic and otherAtom, 138:I am not enough of a mathematician to attempt to explain these dimensions, and am apt myself to getAutobiography, 21:down on us. The second was that I made my first attempt to commit suicide! I just did not find lifeAutobiography, 31:true spiritual significance that to this day I attempt to live by the note that they struck. TheyAutobiography, 32:It was during this period that I made my first attempt at teaching. I took a class of boys inAutobiography, 54:Miss Sandes had given up her entire life in an attempt to ameliorate the lot of "Tommy Atkins" andAutobiography, 62:to the room every evening to see me. I made no attempt to get them to attend the meeting but we gotAutobiography, 63:all "for Jesus' sake" and never once did a man attempt to be rude. However, I would surely haveAutobiography, 70:or complete independence. Time and again, the attempt has been made to arrive at a constitution inAutobiography, 151:what I myself have found successful. I never attempt to combat fear. I take the positive positionAutobiography, 161:being very suspicious myself. I ask myself why I attempt to deal with the matter at all and why IAutobiography, 197:but who are willing to accept an hypothesis and attempt to prove its worth. The Arcane School isAutobiography, 198:extend into an even wider field and I shall not attempt to deal with them here. The next six years,Autobiography, 222:across the Cento valley. It is quite hopeless to attempt to describe the beauty of the ItalianAutobiography, 228:order but still received no reply. I gave up the attempt and decided that it was one of thoseAutobiography, 231:out gigantic plans of world salvage. This attempt to lead humanity onward along new and moreAutobiography, 272:of this that has led the mediocre leader to attempt to push his work and attract attention to hisAutobiography, 272:is ever started by a disciple and that it is his attempt at service and not the field of expressionAutobiography, 273:by disciples, who are learning, through their attempt to aid their group, how to teach and serve.Autobiography, 284:we assume that they will (still voluntarily) attempt to carry out the requirements. ThisAutobiography, 286:of service for the student and we approve of the attempt to spread the teaching of the AncientAutobiography, 289:proves to be a developing realization of all who attempt to practice the rules of the spiritualAutobiography, 300:destiny these forces become unavailable. The attempt in this event withers away and dies in mostAutobiography, 301:along second ray teaching lines, which could attempt to carry a little of the increasing AquarianBethlehem, 9:The only excuse for this book is that it is an attempt to penetrate to that deeper meaningBethlehem, 12:which concern us and with which this book will attempt to deal. If this more intensive meaning canBethlehem, 78:of meeting with no sympathetic response as they attempt to lead the spiritual life, to study, readBethlehem, 115:from God) and emerged victorious. Let us not attempt to divorce these two - God and man - when weBethlehem, 149:of India, quoted by Dr. Otto, there is an attempt to express or reveal that divine essential SpiritBethlehem, 149:mass of literature that has been written in an attempt to portray the wonder of the transfigurationBethlehem, 204:such moral disease successfully rests in an attempt to awaken the latent personal resources of theBethlehem, 209:complete life that had been lived on earth. The attempt to found the kingdom, [210] preordained forBethlehem, 248:is distorted or temporarily non-existent. In an attempt to meet this question millions of peopleDestiny, 10:And, secondly, it would bring to an end the attempt to impose a personally or nationally acceptedDestiny, 59:chair of the Pope of Rome, the Master Jesus will attempt to swing that great branch of theDestiny, 64:what has been called "racial purity." This attempt at an impossible racial segregation and purityDestiny, 95:inclusiveness or as an abnormal and wicked attempt (from the standpoint of the soul) to fuse andDiscipleship1, XV:may receive such an impetus that many more will attempt to tread the Way and join the great numberDiscipleship1, 6:For disciples, such as those I am now going to attempt to teach, there is no retiring from theDiscipleship1, 6:problem of excessive expenditure of force as I attempt to reach each of you and to study each ofDiscipleship1, 8:- when you do choose to follow them - you will attempt to fulfil the requirements with exactitude.Discipleship1, 17:who - through devotion to truth, through their attempt to do their duty, and their mutual karmicDiscipleship1, 22:between disciples is now being made. An attempt is being set on foot to see if a group activity andDiscipleship1, 29:with me, your Tibetan Teacher. This you must attempt with no formulated ideas as to what theDiscipleship1, 30:the world servers and disciples can make an attempt to reach us. This will somewhat facilitate yourDiscipleship1, 110:but as regards your growth in sensitivity. Attempt to tune in more consciously with theDiscipleship1, 137:I have been training for some time there is no attempt to hide anything from each other. TheyDiscipleship1, 184:It will be of real value to you particularly to attempt to distinguish between these relations; toDiscipleship1, 189:willing to be taught and will you voluntarily attempt to conform to my suggestions? You can at anyDiscipleship1, 190:unanswerable is a waste of time, my brother. The attempt to define the undefinable and to measureDiscipleship1, 193:will be their power in service. Therefore, attempt the following breathing exercise, payingDiscipleship1, 216:for you, but most valuable. I ask you to attempt it, my brother, and to pursue this objective inDiscipleship1, 222:meet. This would have been dangerous for you to attempt in your last life, for love did not soDiscipleship1, 279:on this. Will you for six months, my brother, attempt the following meditation, remembering that IDiscipleship1, 299:life of such value, that I ask you today to attempt to reintegrate yourself into the group in aDiscipleship1, 302:will try out the work for a year or so. [302] No attempt is made authoritatively to imposeDiscipleship1, 302:on the physical plane. Bear this in mind as you attempt to work with this group of my disciples;Discipleship1, 303:your consciousness that seems to you possible. Attempt this meditation once a day for the next fewDiscipleship1, 308:this a dynamic, quick and conscious activity. Attempt then, as a soul, to link up with yourDiscipleship1, 372:time each Sunday (for an hour at least) in the attempt to contact my aura and, through that, theDiscipleship1, 408:to a close study of all the group instructions. Attempt to master their contents and to be familiarDiscipleship1, 424:are necessary for you and aid you much. Attempt, therefore, the following... Be not deterred orDiscipleship1, 460:which will make their meaning clear. I make no attempt to preserve more than the sense. Phrase I.Discipleship1, 485:[485] of it depends the success of the attempt to help. This process of inner, brooding reflectionDiscipleship1, 605:Much still remains. However, your successful attempt to see with greater clarity encourages [606]Discipleship1, 614:their success. You have been busy with an attempt to organize a group here and a group there. ButDiscipleship1, 615:desire to help you and to serve you. I shall not attempt further to make clear to you the futilityDiscipleship1, 629:fellow disciples in my Ashram. The two days of attempt to capitalize on that which has beenDiscipleship1, 642:This will render you selfless in all that you attempt to do, and will guard you from undue interestDiscipleship1, 644:any particular school. Each of them embodies the attempt of the human mind to understand,Discipleship1, 720:mind; in their highest and best moments, they attempt to use the fire of love to offset the firesDiscipleship2, 4:formation of the New Seed Group is my second attempt to be of hierarchical assistance inDiscipleship2, 5:express the New Age types of work. In my first attempt certain group limitations initiatedDiscipleship2, 16:to keep half an hour free so that you can attempt to enter into my consciousness. I realize that itDiscipleship2, 16:lives to keep the exact minute free, but you can attempt to find some time, as near to the fullDiscipleship2, 16:as a part with the whole. Then in united effort attempt the following procedure: Having linked up
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