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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTEMPT

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Discipleship2, 25:get increased light upon the usefulness of the attempt if I tell you the interesting fact that - atDiscipleship2, 54:By training you in these early stages in the attempt to contact me, I was laying the ground for twoDiscipleship2, 65:in his consciousness; he is preoccupied with the attempt to make his personal will synchronize withDiscipleship2, 73:me before the "open window" and prior to the attempt to hear me speak the words which I may haveDiscipleship2, 95:would here point out that at no time do you ever attempt to guard yourself from the personalityDiscipleship2, 101:is not simply a suggestion on my part; it is an attempt on my part to call to your attention theDiscipleship2, 102:(not by any means the only one, however) to attempt to make the first steps towards theDiscipleship2, 137:will therefore think of the Hierarchy; you will attempt to vision its work, and you will endeavorDiscipleship2, 175:is the best I can do with words and phrases as I attempt to transcribe into language words soDiscipleship2, 231:shall be given" so that they can give again. Attempt to feel true love sweeping through you, andDiscipleship2, 283:thought has been applied to what I shall now attempt [284] to give you, it is no easy matter toDiscipleship2, 285:yet think in those terms, but you can at least attempt to do so and grow thereby. Discipleship2, 286:of the Law of Sacrifice; the second was an attempt to emphasize the necessity for grasping andDiscipleship2, 286:is that of "the Great Sacrifice," and also to attempt to recognize some of the factors which haveDiscipleship2, 332:of hate which it represented failed in its attempt because of its general ill repute. It has beenDiscipleship2, 339:puerile setting of times and seasons, and their attempt to take to themselves the mysteriousDiscipleship2, 396:in the ancient archives which, at times, I attempt to translate for you. Direction. Time. Space.Discipleship2, 447:planned organization as unique and if you do not attempt to live up so entirely to the worldDiscipleship2, 454:and exhalation, I would suggest that you attempt to place one of the interludes at the time of theDiscipleship2, 470:it," as the saying is. It was decided to let you attempt the task demanded for three years or forDiscipleship2, 472:the Ashram. [472] These are the result of his attempt to lift the burden of humanity and theDiscipleship2, 488:complete comfort, as far as may be possible, attempt to assume an inner attitude of planned, quietDiscipleship2, 490:three directions: Then again sound the OM and attempt to withdraw to a point of silentDiscipleship2, 531:of an opposing idealism and often no real attempt to comprehend its basis. His emphasis upon hisDiscipleship2, 556:than that of thought; it involves the constant attempt to live as if the soul (not the mind butDiscipleship2, 573:the soul - via the mind - to the physical brain. Attempt simultaneously to see a thin thread ofDiscipleship2, 588:(as it is called) and can now make this attempt to reach within the individual aura of the Christ;Discipleship2, 588:brother of mine?) and selfless effort. Make this attempt each morning for just five minutes, butDiscipleship2, 588:definite stage of their training - to make this attempt. A line of contact must eventually beDiscipleship2, 595:them and trusting them; confine your chief attempt to establishing a measure of intimacy with yourDiscipleship2, 614:naturally deny, and this matters not if you will attempt to establish immediate contact with yourDiscipleship2, 614:nearly fifteen years to discipline your body, to attempt to refine it and to endeavor to make itDiscipleship2, 618:point and its energizing area and these you must attempt to provide. This is one of the most,Discipleship2, 620:go, to do the expedient thing and also to attempt to prove to yourself and to others that you areDiscipleship2, 732:other of the highest initiations at their first attempt and - from the hierarchical angle - thatDiscipleship2, 732:the point of view of hierarchical work) as your attempt to gain the right of entry into my AshramEducation, viii:given a fair trial, it is a waste of time to attempt to prejudge the issue. Yet it is not necessaryEducation, 7:Answered Some Questions Answered I will now attempt to deal somewhat with three questions onEducation, 14:effort should be made to evoke it. Secondly, an attempt should be made to approximate the child'sEducation, 16:reflects the lower desire nature and does not attempt to cognize the higher. [17] When the rightEducation, 17:of meaning to the world of expression; we shall attempt to study the technique whereby this worldEducation, 38:added the old method of memory training and the attempt either to infuse religion into the mind ofEducation, 43:the inner and subjective life, and as a rule no attempt was made to fuse and blend the two - outerEducation, 68:its three aspects, but it is preferable today to attempt a different approach until - throughEducation, 68:later on. I would challenge all esotericists to attempt the practical approach which I have hereEducation, 72:has been no scientific bridging done; and no attempt has been made to correlate the best of theEducation, 81:five senses and it is also developed from the attempt to seize upon and understand ideas. Both ofEducation, 107:and [107] interested enough to be making the attempt to form his own opinions and come to his ownExternalisation, 64:adjustments have been made. Group Four can attempt to aid in the building of the world antahkarana,Externalisation, 69:however, do this far more easily if the ideas I attempt to convey are backed by the understandingExternalisation, 110:occurred within the Christian era. I want you to attempt to regard the present crisis as beingExternalisation, 156:to touch upon the needed procedure as you attempt to say it correctly and effectively: Forget not,Externalisation, 190:order must meet the immediate need and not be an attempt to satisfy some distant, idealisticExternalisation, 191:In one particular only should there be an attempt to produce unity, and that will be in the fieldExternalisation, 194:the races. It may therefore be assumed that any attempt to isolate a race or to enforce so-calledExternalisation, 205:all hatred and racial differences, and attempt to live in terms of the one family, the one life,Externalisation, 211:imminence and finality prompt me again to attempt to awaken those of you who receive it to theExternalisation, 243:of blame and responsibility must preface every attempt to bring down into active being the newExternalisation, 244:of the Planetary Life. In the above you have an attempt to portray the wider vision with itsExternalisation, 248:It will throw your will-to-good behind every attempt to frustrate the activities of the evilExternalisation, 262:precipitated. There is at least no harm in this attempt and this effort at participation inExternalisation, 293:or some Aspect of Cosmic Evil. Let me attempt to make this analogy a little clearer. Just as in theExternalisation, 311:with all other disciples and aspirants in an attempt to call forth the Avatar, to reach Him byExternalisation, 337:need, if there is a more conscious and definite attempt to stand in the center - the place ofExternalisation, 342:which is gripping humanity by the throat in the attempt to strangle out its life. Externalisation, 349:mind as you prepare for the Wesak Festival and attempt to participate in the Full Moon blessing -Externalisation, 350:will of the people permits. At that time He will attempt to reach the Lords of Liberation and evokeExternalisation, 364:the hearts of men have long demanded. Thus an attempt was made to deal with both the past and theExternalisation, 365:is being rapidly remedied. This article is an attempt to indicate the problems, and perhaps some ofExternalisation, 374:of the earth. All nations have made this selfish attempt, as history, ancient and modern, goes toExternalisation, 382:above he can then add the following efforts and attempt to impose upon himself this suggestedExternalisation, 383:again open, you can seek to reach these people, attempt to locate them through any availableExternalisation, 387:some further information on the subject in an attempt to anchor on the earth that seed of the newExternalisation, 460:partisan and nationally minded persons who will attempt to exploit the world situation for theirExternalisation, 468:your hatreds and your racial differences, and attempt to think in terms of the one family, the oneExternalisation, 493:the powerful activity of the dark forces. This attempt to hinder the planned progress constituted aExternalisation, 521:affect group service, and - above all - make an attempt (through deep united meditation and theExternalisation, 522:initiation confronts Them. Disciples should attempt to realize the tremendous sacrifice involved inExternalisation, 522:will form the basis of the instruction. We shall attempt to follow this outline. HierarchicalExternalisation, 523:can get a general idea and develop (if you attempt to do so) an [524] intuitive perception of theExternalisation, 540:with greater clarity in your minds, as you attempt to understand, even in a small measure, TheirExternalisation, 575:to be proved how ready humanity is for this attempt. The Christian concept of the return of aExternalisation, 615:to the fight and the triumph of the good? Why attempt to do it now? Externalisation, 670:place. I would ask all workers for goodwill to attempt to reach labor in all countries with theseExternalisation, 677:ideologies to an unforeseen extent, and the attempt to make him an active factor in our modernExternalisation, 679:be composed of disciples upon many rays; the attempt to form coherent and integrated ashrams isExternalisation, 684:and drastic problem. As far as we can, we will attempt to consider these conditions, for someFire, viii:formation. The record of one such experiment and attempt to use this new age method has been madeFire, 224:theme, it will not be possible to do more than attempt to bring a general clarity of conception asFire, 232:the entire solar system which He animates; His attempt is to find full expression therein, so thatFire, 456:of the last century, being part of the usual attempt of the Hierarchy to promote evolutionaryFire, 491:that good may come; both control the devas, and attempt to produce specific ends by manipulation ofFire, 575:2-4-6. This truth requires meditation, and an attempt to think abstractly; it is linked to the factFire, 615:or even the advanced man this is dangerous to attempt and impossible to accomplish. Now, let us addFire, 645:make enumeration well-nigh impossible. We might attempt with brevity to state a few of theseFire, 815:the effort of the man is concentrated in an attempt to bring down into the physical brainFire, 818:will be the one of the most use to us in our attempt to picture the constitution, nature, method ofFire, 912:ranks amongst them are definitely making the attempt to contact the human. These devas of theFire, 948:been produced by man himself in the evolutionary attempt to balance the pairs of opposites, and hasFire, 1015:is not safe for the man on the physical plane to attempt magical creation. These formulas are three
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