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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTEMPT

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Problems, 7:practical goodwill. [7] Goodwill is man's first attempt to express the love of God. Its results onProblems, 22:earlier moves falsely taken. These moves were an attempt to infiltrate into other nations, in orderProblems, 30:in the interests of the whole? Will they attempt to view the world situation from the angle ofProblems, 33:no scientific bridging has been done and little attempt has been made to correlate the best of theProblems, 52:five senses and it is also developed from the attempt to seize upon and [53] understand ideas. BothProblems, 112:constitution. These short-sighted politicians attempt to sidetrack the issue and throw dust in theProblems, 122:problem of those people and organizations who attempt to teach religion, who claim to represent theProblems, 135:new educational processes and systems which will attempt to prepare the present generation ofPsychology1, xxi:with Its own psychology and ideas. It was an attempt to give a synthetic picture of the unfoldingPsychology1, xxiv:to understand carries its own reward, and the attempt to grasp and comprehend the Soul - cosmic,Psychology1, xxiv:the fact of the soul demonstrated. This is an attempt, carried forward in the difficulties [xxv] ofPsychology1, 5:terminology so cumbersome, that I can make no attempt to deal with it here. The indebtedness of thePsychology1, 12:of students meditating synchronously should now attempt to do the same. The effort to synchronizePsychology1, 72:in the consciousness of the reader, and with an attempt to clothe this most abstruse and difficultPsychology1, 85:apparent. A Treatise on White Magic is an attempt to lay down the rules for training and for workPsychology1, 114:small in number. They are in the nature of an attempt to see if it will be possible eventually toPsychology1, 149:of the doctrine of hylozoism, and is an attempt to interpret and find a meaning in the manifestedPsychology1, 171:Great Ones should be turned towards a definite attempt to expand the consciousness of humanity andPsychology1, 172:certain latent but hidden powers, and also to attempt to bring the more advanced types of men up toPsychology1, 174:the dictatorship of racial superiority, and the attempt to deify a race. Without humor and realPsychology1, 187:your hatreds and your racial differences, and attempt to think in terms of the one family, the onePsychology1, 222:As this treatise is intended to be a practical attempt to elucidate the new psychology, and as itsPsychology1, 238:called by the following five names, which are an attempt on my part to interpret symbolically thePsychology2All that is said in this connection is in an attempt to define and consider that which is reallyPsychology2, 28:as it is sensed by the world disciples, in the attempt to work and cooperate with it, is only thePsychology2, 48:No word need then be said." These phrases are an attempt to express some of the realizations of thePsychology2, 82:synthesizes them. The following tabulation is an attempt to define that which it is almostPsychology2, 124:this word is not easy. There has been too much attempt to define it from the angle of personalityPsychology2, 180:have consequently been raised unto life, can now attempt the task in united formation. They willPsychology2, 180:was given out broadcast. This is the first attempt to form a group which would work as a group andPsychology2, 180:to form a group which would work as a group and attempt a world task. They can act as anPsychology2, 215:men in an exceedingly one-pointed manner as They attempt to capitalize, for the benefit [216] ofPsychology2, 226:or Love. It is well to ponder on this attempt to simplify the divine potencies into words, and thusPsychology2, 249:the world of meaning. This is followed by the attempt to express divine ideas in adequate forms,Psychology2, 357:and understanding but no real concern, the attempt is made to arrest the difficulty by eliminationPsychology2, 395:ideas of God. This is but a feeble effort in my attempt to show the vastness of the knowledgePsychology2, 469:correlations and correspondences, plus the attempt to impose them on others and to invoke their aidPsychology2, 471:Glamor has oft been regarded as a curious attempt of what are called the "black forces" to deceivePsychology2, 471:the black forces are interested sufficiently to attempt to hinder their fine work by submergingPsychology2, 474:the symbolic forms employed down the ages in the attempt to materialize certain realities; thePsychology2, 483:good and right, in the second group there is an attempt to stir the subjective man into thePsychology2, 515:should study the matter with care; they should attempt to understand the causes of many of thePsychology2, 623:but with which the average aspirant need not attempt to cope as yet. As I conclude this discussionPsychology2, 641:been touched, even when realized by a few. The attempt has been made to right wrongs, to exposePsychology2, 647:and potent than in the first quite successful attempt. Prayer or appeal is either a potent way ofPsychology2, 685:capacity (at the coming May Festivals) He will attempt to bring certain Spiritual Beings into touchPsychology2, 688:personalities. On the day of the full moon, we attempt to hold ourselves steadily in the light. WePsychology2, 707:The art of today is as yet almost a childish attempt to express the world of feeling and of innerPsychology2, 726:to participate in such an effort, and made the attempt to organize such a closer coming togetherPsychology2, 727:of group unity, carried forward without any attempt to disturb the normal outer group activity.Psychology2, 728:development - have already established. This attempt on the part of all of us will, therefore, be aPsychology2, 736:to whom I can speak with freedom and with no attempt to choose my words with care, to ask you,Psychology2, 750:of yourselves and of your time and money, in the attempt to make our work possible. I make noRaysThese four ways are: A constant and unfailing attempt to center the consciousness within the head.Rays, 8:take steps to arrest that control prior to an attempt to enter into the formless realm. The reasonRays, 10:if they realized that by the constant attempt to impose the rhythm of the solar Lord upon theRays, 42:the emphasis laid upon this exercise in the attempt to train aspirants and disciples. OnceRays, 55:You must remember that these symbols are an attempt on my part to translate ancient signatures inRays, 96:(more is not yet possible) if you will attempt to realize the following: The Monad relates theRays, 113:which Shamballa demands should condition the attempt now in process of training those who willRays, 114:that is, however, possible only to those who do attempt to live as souls, who cultivate love or theRays, 138:This is a point which esoteric students should attempt to grasp for it completes the planetaryRays, 155:within the larger framework the moment such an attempt becomes possible, clear vision and spiritualRays, 171:it which exist in the human consciousness as men attempt to interpret the divine will in terms ofRays, 173:declaration of the Christ constitutes the first attempt to convey reaction to contact withRays, 244:impression. This is all that can be said as we attempt to sum up the fixed desire and the patternRays, 245:these words are symbols evolved by man in his attempt to grasp logic purpose. He recognizes theRays, 253:of light. Ponder on this statement. The attempt to form an exoteric branch of the inner Ashrams.Rays, 254:work of the New Group of World Servers, plus an attempt to recognize the members of the New GroupRays, 266:many Breaths and yet is Life Itself." In this attempt to paraphrase an ancient definition of theRays, 286:that they can be easily understood. I will attempt to show you that their real meaning is deep andRays, 362:conditions and controls His Ashram. This I will attempt to enlarge upon under our next heading. ItRays, 385:faulty and their inexperience great, and a major attempt is instituted in this particular cycle toRays, 413:about it) was also the reason for the violent attempt of the Forces of Evil to gain control, andRays, 467:to imagine and to visualize, plus a dramatic attempt to build the Lighted Way in mental substance.Rays, 469:of the Spiritual Triad; then the conscious attempt to use these three energies eventuates inRays, 469:I am emphasizing the words "orientation" and "attempt." They simply indicate the final control ofRays, 472:in himself into a conscious synthesis. The attempt to convey his state of mind, in words that butRays, 493:plane, as far as is possible. Where there is an attempt to approximate the personality life to theRays, 500:reaction of the powers of evil, and hence their attempt to arrest the progress of the human spiritRays, 514:utter the sound or Word of Power and visually attempt to see it performing the esoteric miracle ofRays, 523:of agonies at that supreme moment, if I might attempt to express what occurred. The Master Jesus,Rays, 533:Scottish Rite constitute a vague and nebulous attempt to hold before the Masons of the world thoseRays, 533:The Masonic Work is an ancient and laudable attempt to preserve in some germinal form the spiritualRays, 546:Later on in his training, the Master may attempt to impress his mind unexpectedly, and thus trainRays, 603:the sphere of Christ's activity - as I shall attempt to show you. In many ways, this particularRays, 605:and a forecast of future possibilities. I shall attempt to deal with this as concisely as possible,Rays, 620:subject, I would remind you that we must attempt to see the picture whole in some such manner asRays, 700:of this initiation and the reward to those who attempt to penetrate to its true meaning andRays, 718:The spiritual will The divine will I shall not attempt to discuss these words with you. They eachReappearance, 71:it which exist in the human consciousness as men attempt to interpret the divine Will in terms ofReappearance, 120:this generalization, no intelligent person will attempt to go. 'When Christ reappears, ourReappearance, 154:the possibilities of such spiritual events, and attempt to prophesy the nature of the comingReappearance, 162:fight and usher in the triumph of the good? Why attempt anything now?" These are natural andSoul, 10:no other reason, this book is significant as an attempt, not only to interpret East to West andSoul, 10:remains for the reader to decide. But the attempt is a notable one and should bear fruit in a moreSoul, 71:to the nature of the soul, and the other is an attempt to consider the testimony of the centuriesSoul, 146:Practical suggestions must be made in the attempt to disprove the supernatural (if it might be soTelepathy, 10:and therefore sensitive to similar vibrations attempt to make a telepathic contact when one partyTelepathy, 27:Vehicle - Three Types of Energy Involved Let me attempt to reduce the above information to
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