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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTEMPTED

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Astrology, 256:the threefold personality of Deity. With this I attempted to deal in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire.Astrology, 292:Sacrifice. It is for this reason that I have not attempted in this Treatise to prove -Astrology, 408:of which I would remind you. In no place have I attempted to give any of the mathematics connectedAstrology, 522:It is the service of the whole which is being attempted at great cost and the effort is to expressAstrology, 586:and successfully at the destruction of all that attempted to impede their projects and desires. Astrology, 622:Buddha and the Christ. The two Masters Who have attempted to awaken humanity in the West to aAtom, 38:to a human being also. On a small scale I have attempted this, and found it very illuminating.Autobiography, 57:at their ease by being just human. I have never attempted to lecture. I just talk to an audience asAutobiography, 112:quick on the trigger but I expect my silence and attempted patience was aggravating. Nothing,Autobiography, 177:prevent dirty gossip. One of the things I have attempted and I think successfully to do is toAutobiography, 193:school has to shoulder I know I would not have attempted this work; but fools rush in where angelsAutobiography, 236:peace and this has been forgotten. People have attempted to initiate a period of peace before thereAutobiography, 240:general public. In the above paragraphs I have attempted very briefly to describe some of theBethlehem, 4:believed, may be the fact that theologians have attempted to lift Christianity out of its place inBethlehem, 127:temptation, and it was here that the devil next attempted to ensnare the Christ. People are apt toBethlehem, 158:event in Christ's life, and many of us have attempted to share and enter into the meaning of theBethlehem, 158:looked on at the Transfiguration, but have not attempted to become actively transfigured. But thatBethlehem, 175:it, and thousands of books and commentaries have attempted to elucidate its meaning and to explainBethlehem, 266:asks and which we have not yet, as a race, attempted to answer. The vital need is to return to theDestiny, 19:benefit of humanity. Now the experiment is being attempted of permitting man to receive it and, itsDestiny, 97:It is the service of the whole which is being attempted and at great cost, and the effort is toDiscipleship1, X:entire lifetime - and reflected and thought and attempted to alter his attitudes without anyDiscipleship1, 16:fundamental necessities and should be daily the attempted achievement. Again and again, I come backDiscipleship1, 22:group integrity. This experiment, being attempted by a group within my Ashram, is one in mentalDiscipleship1, 58:forms. The power to do for others what I have attempted to do for you, at present on a lesser scaleDiscipleship1, 66:the purification of the mind and after you have attempted to free yourselves from prejudice, fromDiscipleship1, 75:and with fresh impulse. I have for several years attempted to be your teacher, your Master and, IDiscipleship1, 123:of your type and hence I am pointing out what I attempted to do. I would have you work during theDiscipleship1, 142:do more than suggest and indicate. That, I have attempted to do. The physical [143] weakness hasDiscipleship1, 248:work to be most carefully followed and attempted with due watching of the effects. This entireDiscipleship1, 272:and world need. Each unit has, in the past, attempted to act as a magnet and to attract to itselfDiscipleship1, 326:disciples ever need to cultivate. This you have attempted to do with marked success. The practiceDiscipleship1, 334:me that you have isolated this truth and have attempted to formulate it with clarity. Now, myDiscipleship1, 345:again love, followed by silence. This you have attempted successfully. Continue so to do andDiscipleship1, 589:it. You have criticized openly all that has been attempted and have steadily belittled and openlyDiscipleship1, 590:with this group in the work which is now being attempted and give all the help of which you areDiscipleship1, 757:picture of this stage of discipleship as I have attempted to convey its individual implications andDiscipleship2, XIII:upon you in your personal instruction. I have attempted to gauge you and your need from the pointDiscipleship2, XIII:fuller and deeper spiritual service. I have not attempted to consider you from the point of yourDiscipleship2, XIII:point of your attainment upon the Path. I have attempted to aid you in the instructions as a groupDiscipleship2, 54:has sought to impress upon it at the moment of attempted or achieved contact; by the sense ofDiscipleship2, 92:existed but not how serious they were; when I attempted to help them along these lines, resentmentDiscipleship2, 99:upon you? Have there been any results of that attempted contact and, if so, what are they? WhatDiscipleship2, 248:you have most inadequately understood and attempted. Perhaps now you will work harder at theDiscipleship2, 304:times in proceeding even with so brief an attempted elucidation on the subject. But even if I canDiscipleship2, 332:affected the whole Hierarchy. The harm attempted on my Ashram has been more easily offset, and theDiscipleship2, 332:disciples and the protection of the Ashram from attempted attacks or intrusions. The sharing in theDiscipleship2, 437:and that "substance is energy." I have here attempted to reduce to words which you could understandDiscipleship2, 447:This is, perhaps, just as well. Then, too, your attempted world service has intensely preoccupiedDiscipleship2, 454:in the world through the order which you have attempted to establish. With that which you haveDiscipleship2, 456:field of soul service) is being successfully attempted by you. Where the word "success" is used, IDiscipleship2, 503:and through all the teaching which you have attempted to embody - is to render the teaching of theDiscipleship2, 701:rays. R.S.W. helps you not, much as she has attempted to do so. She does not accept or recognizeDiscipleship2, 746:What then to do? A great experiment is being attempted in the Arcane School. It is an endeavor toEducation, vi:of human values and achievements can be attempted. The educational implications of this developmentEducation, 59:approach, and it might be of service if I here attempted to define esotericism in terms of theEducation, 127:study of such a state of consciousness has been attempted in connection with the evolution of theEducation, 143:by students as a working hypothesis prior to all attempted work: 1. The Science of the AntahkaranaExternalisation, 47:each of them had three tasks to perform and we attempted a slight analysis of their plannedExternalisation, 110:who have in any way grasped the teaching I have attempted to give you in my books anent the threeExternalisation, 146:many hundred thousand people who have already attempted to use it, could reorient the consciousnessExternalisation, 296:of all nations, appear. Today this is being attempted. The great event of the appearance of theExternalisation, 346:and successfully, at the destruction of all that attempted to impede their projects and desires.Externalisation, 449:These are the things which the triangle at Yalta attempted to do. These they may not haveExternalisation, 474:- of Italy. The Hierarchy, foreseeing this, attempted to offset their efforts. They made appeal toExternalisation, 547:have followed the sequence outlined below: 1. I attempted to reach certain people in order to seeExternalisation, 592:thrall, even though relatively few have really attempted to demonstrate the same quality of love asExternalisation, 596:conditions; in these a test of His work could be attempted; today these three conditions are provenExternalisation, 598:of expressed and voiced invocation has been also attempted since 1935, and the energy of theExternalisation, 642:impulsed from the Hierarchy, through what I have attempted to do. I can only say that I haveExternalisation, 679:These subsidiary ashrams are already being attempted in various parts of the world. It is necessaryFire, viii:but already discipleship training has been attempted in Group formation. The record of one suchFire, 742:has but to study the Secret Doctrine. We have attempted to carry the thought of the student beyondFire, 1076:similar in kind though not in degree is being attempted. The tremendous manipulation of ores, theGlamour, 54:component parts in time and space, and this I attempted partially to do when I defined for you theGlamour, 155:rapport. In the earlier stages of effort and of attempted control, the Dweller is positive and theGlamour, 256:breathing exercises can safely and profitably be attempted. You see, my brother, only the directedHealing, 221:prone to infectious epidemics. I have not attempted in this treatise to deal pathologically withHealing, 221:is entirely out of my province. I have, however, attempted to indicate the origins of some of theHealing, 265:to put the matter right, and many Gentiles have attempted to do so. Until, however, the JewsHealing, 270:is willing to work in an occult manner. I have attempted to make clear to you that the fundamentalHealing, 288:that in the early stages of this work healing be attempted only in connection with those who areHealing, 539:for him to make the needed response to such attempted ministrations of the healer, eitherHealing, 572:is presented. This has long been the attempted practice of all healers but it has a far moreHealing, 579:These drastic physical disciplines are often attempted today by well-intentioned aspirants; theyHealing, 654:with their own grief. The evocation, had they attempted it, would have been useless, but the goodHealing, 694:motion - either good or bad - by what they have attempted to do. Healings have frequently takenHealing, 700:ill - seek to help them in the same way as you attempted to aid an imaginary patient; note thenHercules, 190:told to do something about it; many people had attempted to clean the stables and failed; it wasIntellect, 216:Meditation Next, the regular meditation work is attempted, and a certain time is set apart each dayIntellect, 216:minutes is ample time, and no more should be attempted for a year at least. May it not be trulyMagic, 79:this may permit of definite occult work being attempted with success. The Master R. is working uponMagic, 326:of savage races have recognized a Power and have attempted to define their relationship to thatMagic, 373:eventuate. In three ways this is being attempted: By an increased rate of vibration of the ethericMagic, 440:and the Energies It might be of value if I here attempted a translation necessarily inadequate, ofMagic, 504:upwards to the center in the head should be attempted, for until the aspirant has learned to beMagic, 523:average aspirant finds himself. This has been attempted in these Instructions and there has beenMagic, 559:himself with that which he has created or has attempted to create. The secret for all aspirants isMagic, 559:and too much talk, he slays that which he has attempted to create, the child of his thought isMeditationman. The writer of these letters has apparently attempted to supply the need of a brief yet
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