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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTEMPTED

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Meditation, 48:body will be one of the [48] first things attempted. Incidentally (in speaking of these schools) IMeditation, 146:the ideal self until all the virtues have been attempted and the Ego is suddenly contacted. [147]Meditation, 149:motive for all that he attempts. I have attempted to make clear to you the distinction betweenMeditation, 154:have largely generalized and have not in any way attempted to enter into particulars. It is neitherMeditation, 237:vast that only its outline has in any way been attempted. That each sentence written in thesePatanjali, 78:(Means one and two) is this regulation to be attempted. Students would do well to study these meansPatanjali, 124:Every form, therefore, is but the symbol or attempted representation of an idea and [125] this isPatanjali, 399:fixed one-pointedly upon reality. This is first attempted through the control of the vehicle ofProblems, 96:instead of in a spirit of love, as is attempted here. Let us look for a moment at the situation ofProblems, 126:They have taken the Bibles of the world and have attempted to explain them, passing the ideas theyProblems, 160:of men. Worship also has played its part and has attempted to organize groups of believers into anPsychology1, 104:the normal human consciousness. The present attempted investigation and explanations are inadequatePsychology1, 113:union may be offered; but no personality work is attempted. Disciples handle their ownPsychology1, 114:made, the experiments in training to be attempted, and the technique imparted will not be givenPsychology1, 115:break a law and hinder their development if we attempted to enforce conditions which come notPsychology2, 85:the Scriptures of the world and those who have attempted to elucidate them, have been occupied withPsychology2, 85:all such virtues, good inclinations and attempted sound qualities represent the emergence intoPsychology2, 179:who have entered upon the Path of Probation have attempted to raise humanity and have failed. ThosePsychology2, 273:one of the Major Approaches which is being now attempted. Only as history is made and we learnPsychology2, 479:should be progressively and sympathetically attempted. According to his type so will the effort bePsychology2, 692:of a real skill in action must be your attempted demonstration, as you seek to awaken yourRays, 73:the door and the past are left behind. St. Paul attempted to express this idea when he said:Rays, 122:phase of the educational process will be attempted when the earlier steps or stages have beenRays, 173:"I and the Father are One." This He also attempted to elucidate in the seventeenth chapter of St.Rays, 208:and only tentative experiments have as yet been attempted. The first objective of these experimentsRays, 296:that for which the Christ stood, and have then attempted to impose their comprehension of thatRays, 512:thinking anent this process of Intention must be attempted. Then follows the preservation of aRays, 514:a Word of Power. Of what use would it be if I attempted to give the Word of the first ray, whichRays, 514:and soul fusion has to be consciously attempted and to some measure achieved, and then theseRays, 517:of which these archaic word-forms (which I have attempted to portray in Anglo-Saxon letters) areRays, 654:therefore expressing intelligent love), will be attempted. This statement is necessarilyRays, 681:is no nation in the United Nations which has attempted to swing the tide of evil by ranging itselfRays, 709:learns to add that of the group which he has attempted to serve with love and understanding. AllRays, 742:country is free from this control, or from this attempted control. These powerful groups are swayedReappearance, 37:thrall, even though relatively few have really attempted to demonstrate the same quality of love asReappearance, 42:under these a test of His work could be attempted; today these three conditions are proven facts.Reappearance, 44:of expressed and voiced invocation has been also attempted since 1935, and the energy of theReappearance, 98:in Aquarius, and thus complete the task which He attempted to do in the Piscean Age. He and HisSoul, 56:and possibility - and if such an external agent attempted to compress universal substance, or inSoul, 72:the subject of discussion, of argument, and of attempted definition. It has been, and still is, theSoul, 95:infirmity of knowledge which obliges us, in our attempted description of it, to borrow comparisonsTelepathy, 52:Science of Contact It would be useful if you attempted to master and to assimilate what I have to
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