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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTEMPTS

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Atom, 13:down through the centuries. There have been many attempts to reply to these questions, and as weAutobiography, 21:difficult thing to commit suicide. All of these attempts were made before I was fifteen. I tried toBethlehem, 148:wonder. All the mystical writings are attempts to describe this world to which the mystics seem toBethlehem, 187:- that the constant explanations and the endless attempts to make theology conform to theDestiny, 118:magic will have no more relation to the crude attempts and oft ridiculous undertakings of theDestiny, 122:scientific. Again, when the sixth ray disciple attempts to use the new incoming energies, theyDiscipleship1, 28:the evil and heal the sick. Hitherto the attempts of men in the field of medicine, of healing andDiscipleship1, 746:imposed by the Master - and he neither wants nor attempts to sound the call when there is aDiscipleship2, 304:designs, and behind the numerology which attempts (hitherto quite unsuccessfully) to convey theDiscipleship2, 320:sometimes be remarked that these formulas are attempts by advanced aspirants to confine within dueEducation, 5:or "attaining alignment." These are all attempts to express this intuitively realized truth. VI.Education, 72:The trouble with the majority of the previous attempts to impose a form of the new age educationEducation, 83:useful and profitable field of experience. Some attempts along this line have been undertaken byExternalisation, 17:to take initiation. Then will cease the present attempts to hinder each other's work by comparisonExternalisation, 129:challenges and patriotic calls are simply the attempts of the leaders everywhere to hold the peopleExternalisation, 373:happily so live; the nation or individual who attempts so to do must [374] inevitably perish offExternalisation, 636:(subtle and undeclared or openly demonstrated) attempts to limit the freedom of the individual, theExternalisation, 661:Hierarchy, and certainly not its Supreme Head, attempts to bring about results which are doomed toExternalisation, 664:by the Hierarchy as one of the most successful attempts in all history to awaken the masses of menFire, xiv:continue to fail in their objective. That all attempts to formulate in words that which must beFire, 483:realization of this has led naturally to the attempts of the alchemist to transmute in the mineralFire, 947:conditions brought about by the united creative attempts of human beings down the centuries.Fire, 970:process as pursued by the adept, or the chaotic attempts of the little evolved. Having grasped theGlamour, xi:that generalities concerning the intuition, and attempts to define it are very common, but that aGlamour, 44:of it that I call your attention. Hence my attempts in these instructions to clarify this issue.Glamour, 63:realize. He therefore seizes upon the idea and attempts to integrate it into his plans, and triesGlamour, 89:direction. Personality alignment. These are all attempts to express the process of "right activityGlamour, 200:and activity upon the outer plane as man attempts to satisfy desire. From these forms theGlamour, 233:a pause for a few minutes in which the group attempts to throw behind the searchlight their unitedGlamour, 242:to be the form, the medium through which he attempts to express his desires and his ideas. ThisGlamour, 267:point of crisis which faces the disciple when he attempts to resolve the final pair of opposites,Healing, 125:the mental plane, where he normally [125] attempts to function, and the astral plane, where theHealing, 137:vehicle. Personality life and focus, which attempts to negate this soul control, and which isHealing, 582:long and somewhat complicated law and one which attempts to cover so much ground that at firstHealing, 591:turns its attention to its vehicles and attempts to take [592] control. The more determined theHercules, 30:the King, ordered Hercules to capture them. Many attempts had been made to do so, but always theInitiation, 7:possible to the average student. The moment he attempts to reduce to chart form and to tabulate inInitiation, 137:All these phrases are symbolic wordings, and are attempts to convey to the mind of man fundamentalIntellect, 218:of the parent; friends are unsympathetic at the attempts. In the majority of cases this is theIntellect, 226:ineffectiveness of personal life. In our earlier attempts at meditation, we jumped over suchMagic, 81:and one that is not realized by the student who attempts, at first, to tread the thorny road ofMagic, 351:matters that are occupying his attention. He attempts to experiment and tries various methods ofMagic, 424:of their probable source are the first weak attempts towards establishing the awareness on a reallyMagic, 463:of the human mechanism, or with the man as he attempts to master the technique of the magical workMeditation, 12:begins to meditate. Disorderly at first are his attempts, and sometimes several incarnations may goMeditation, 37:and under the guidance of a Master. By frequent attempts to definitely control the lower self, aMeditation, 127:of the methods that eventually will be the first attempts at cure. In the first type of cases,Meditation, 133:case, the disciple will be wise if he not only attempts to call his Ego or Higher Self for theMeditation, 146:as the exponent of all the virtues, and he attempts in his daily life to make himself what heMeditation, 149:give to him sufficient motive for all that he attempts. I have attempted to make clear to you theMeditation, 151:and outlined very briefly the path whereby he attempts to reach his goal. Today we will outline asMeditation, 171:may be duly worked out. The man therefore who attempts through meditation to contact these powers,Patanjali, 195:which the aspirant has to solve, and he who attempts to speak only that which is entirely accuratePatanjali, 259:physical brain is aware of three factors as he attempts to meditate: 1. He is aware of the objectProblems, 27:No nation can live unto itself today. If it attempts to do so it treads the way of death and thatProblems, 54:useful and profitable field of experience. Some attempts along this line have been undertaken byPsychology1, 82:in the world at this time the many and varied attempts to straighten out affairs along business,Psychology1, 114:in which he finds himself. These small outer attempts at a tentative duplication are in anPsychology2, 461:expressions of frustration in which the man attempts to release the results of his inner broodingPsychology2, 463:relates to a mental focusing and attitude which attempts to [464] relate itself to that which liesPsychology2, 504:with which a psychologist is confronted, as he attempts to interpret the dream life of his patient,Psychology2, 603:there is little that can be done; sometimes no attempts to help prove availing. The mystic has, forPsychology2, 631:in the realm of government, which are the attempts of men everywhere to apply the new, dimly sensedRays, 33:paradoxes which confront the true aspirant as he attempts to tread the Way. As we continue ourRays, 208:parts of the world, and hitherto all such attempts have proved failures. When I use the wordRays, 225:pure love with the Plan. These words are all attempts to indicate the path of progress which is -Rays, 298:this truth is only recognized when the disciple attempts to do two things: to realize itRays, 437:well (inculcated by the Christian Church, as it attempts to keep people subjugated by the sinRays, 532:9 - Refusal. It will be obvious that these three attempts to define the process of initiationRays, 560:they are only symbolic in nature and constitute attempts to indicate visually a truth. Rays, 710:does. He follows blindly the ancient rules and attempts to accept as factual that which has notRays, 750:often of less importance than the fact that the attempts to heal, to help and to establish rightSoul, 41:sand particles." Dr. Tilney says: "Numerous attempts have been made to determine what function, ifSoul, 148:power of the soul is the only guide in our attempts to decipher the meaning of this ultra-material
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