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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTENDANT

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Astrology, 16:man must learn to control circumstance and the attendant reactions of the personality. TheAstrology, 265:mass of men. From this group of signs and their attendant constellations, three are omitted. TheseAstrology, 268:the signs and their constellations (shall I say attendant constellations - it expresses theAstrology, 315:knowledge, mounted the Fixed Cross, with all its attendant difficulties and labors. The BuddhaAstrology, 443:will produce the coming civilization and its attendant culture. This will be based on all theAstrology, 601:the will to initiate manifestation and its attendant progressive expression meets the will towardsDiscipleship1, 92:becomes possible) will be the revelation and its attendant consequences. The revelation will notDiscipleship1, 580:is upon the first ray. The implications, attendant upon this fact, will be immediately apparent toDiscipleship2, 135:produced a tremendous stimulation with all the attendant opportunities, manifestations, andDiscipleship2, 243:all-enveloping psychic atmosphere, its attendant strains and its constant wearing anxiety, plus theDiscipleship2, 245:only to increase grave responsibility with its attendant liabilities; knowledge and the pressure ofDiscipleship2, 269:the contrary, in spite of the world war with its attendant horrors and in spite of the apparentDiscipleship2, 327:always when true and real) and which is an attendant demonstration of all Lives who have passed theDiscipleship2, 425:light supernal can be known." The implications attendant upon this fifth point are amazing at theExternalisation, 126:inflow of the Shamballa force (in spite of its attendant risks) to pour into the world. TheExternalisation, 394:of Light and to bring on the war with all its attendant horrors. Secondly, the New Group of WorldExternalisation, 505:for the raising of the consciousness of the attendant [506] congregations. The Master K.H. worksExternalisation, 607:Gospel story: the fact of the mountain top, of attendant watchers, and of the words of Christ,Externalisation, 679:conflicting schools and ideologies, with their attendant movements and organizations; out of allFire, 224:manifestation of the Son through the Sun and its attendant spheres, or the solar system in itsFire, 947:be handled too explicitly on account of the attendant dangers. In the creative processes man isFire, 984:value of this section, and to the dangers attendant upon a comprehension of these matters by thoseHealing, 56:conditions, and the distressing details attendant upon the breakdown of any human organism. I amHealing, 73:of the nervous system, with all the attendant problems. These forces, seeking inlet into the denseHealing, 129:imbalance of the glandular system, with all its attendant difficulties. His over-stimulation or hisHealing, 138:involves progress, but at the same time certain attendant difficulties. The objective before theHealing, 361:the work for which He comes and to which the attendant Hierarchy is pledged is to help Him in theHealing, 457:I deal not here with the attitude of the attendant watchers, I deal only with those points whichHealing, 707:and for this the healer, the patient and the attendant physician must be prepared and should takeHercules, 46:and around it circles our sun, with its attendant planets. The words of job when he said: "CanstHercules, 48:see the elimination of promiscuity, with its attendant evil, [49] disease. We shall see theHercules, 107:In the zodiac of Denderah, Leo and the three attendant constellations are pictured as forming oneInitiation, 132:with all his forces centered in his heart, the attendant Lodge of Masters have been performingMagic, 275:He finds himself, as does our sun and its attendant planets, forming part of a whole, and just asMagic, 505:I deal not here with the attitude of the attendant watchers, I deal only with those points whichMagic, 625:the plan and bring to birth the new age and its attendant wonders. To do this, there must beMeditation, 107:national heredity and his type of body. Those attendant on his group affiliations, whether on theMeditation, 114:V - Dangers to be avoided in Meditation Dangers attendant on Group Affiliations August 2, 1920 VeryPatanjali, 222:science to his pupil. There is extreme danger attendant upon the premature awakening of the fire,Problems, 12:distinguishes most men at this time, with attendant weaknesses. Yet, in all countries, there areProblems, 106:however, be recognized that in spite of the many attendant evils which follow ever on the trail ofPsychology1, 152:as the central focal point, with its series of attendant planets, which are held in magneticPsychology1, 152:more solar systems or series of suns with their attendant planets. These systems are held togetherPsychology1, 269:and an unbridled license on the part of men. Attendant upon these difficulties, and growing out ofPsychology2, 527:will mark a definite point of crisis, with its attendant tests and trials: The stage whereinPsychology2, 536:prematurely awakened, hyperthyroidism with its attendant difficulties and its often dangerousPsychology2, 553:The metabolism of the body is upset bringing attendant difficulties. The race is advancing soPsychology2, 553:the coming century, bringing with it its own attendant problems. Its close relation to thePsychology2, 570:tunes in on these, connects them with the attendant thought forms and hence the production of thePsychology2, 606:and Mystics Revelation of Light and Power and Attendant Difficulties The problems with which wePsychology2, 613:The registering of the mystical vision with its attendant difficulties is facilitated when theRays, 39:from the Central Reality, and of all its attendant implications, descends upon the one who isRays, 659:major tasks of the reappearing Christ and His attendant Hierarchy. When the "little wills of men"Rays, 753:upon the world the horrors of war, with all its attendant disasters. [754] The realization of whatReappearance, 54:Gospel story; the fact of the mountain top, of attendant watchers, and of the words of Christ,
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