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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTENDED

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Autobiography, 35:had heard religious workers discussing it. I had attended many revival meetings and had seen peopleAutobiography, 66:the Y.W.C.A. where they were very good to me and attended to all the business details. Remember,Autobiography, 112:all the different churches, except the Catholic, attended and it was the one bright spot in theAutobiography, 152:were at least initiates of high degree. I attended meetings and classes and learnt a great deal forAutobiography, 158:I remember at one of the first E.S. meetings I attended Miss Poutz, who was the secretary of theAutobiography, 165:on a donkey, just entering the compound. He was attended by four lamas and all the natives in theAutobiography, 190:was started in 1921 and was exceedingly well-attended. People from the various TheosophicalAutobiography, 204:very high class girls' private school, and they attended there every day until we left Stamford. IAutobiography, 210:as he did, who had beautiful homes, who seldom attended lectures and that I hoped that he mightBethlehem, 150:to their faces. Three kneeling kings or magi attended the birth initiation. At this crisis thereDiscipleship1, 610:side. That, too, is ever properly regarded and attended to, but it is secondary. You make itDiscipleship2, 327:of men. All these planetary developments are attended by risks, and none more so than that of theEducationindustrial culture? In May of this year (1953) I attended a two-day seminar in Chicago, sponsoredFire, 12:the sacred sound. In musical collaboration they attended to the work. They built in many spheres,Fire, 711:a description of the peculiar circumstances that attended Rama's birth in Dasaratha's family.Fire, 995:investigations and his experiments until he has attended to these injunctions, and until the wholeFire, 1006:work) menace his peace. These two matters attended to - desire adjusted and the identity guarded -Initiation, 9:as one of the mysteries given at stated periods, attended by those concerned. It will also hold aMeditation, 124:body (as at night) the moment of re-entry is attended with difficulty, and opportunity exists forMeditation, 223:the inner man knows. If these three things are attended to, the law can then work and emancipationMeditation, 291:movement in the head. [291] At first it may be attended with some discomfort, if felt in theMeditation, 291:manner. This method of contact is frequently attended by perfume. In time the pupil learns how toMeditation, 335:from disease. When these four requirements are attended to adequately a definite process ofPatanjali, 44:that exceedingly rapid results are achieved, attended however with certain dangers and risks. TherePatanjali, 183:physical plane life, external and internal is attended to; the correct attitude to life in itsPatanjali, 223:come to the aspirant when he is ready (having attended to the previous means of yoga) and whichPsychology2, 73:They focus Their attention on that which must be attended to at this immediate time. I would urgeRays, 563:is a process whereby successive integrations - attended by consequent expansions of consciousness -Rays, 733:the World. At this initiation the Initiator is attended by two groups of Beings; one is a smallReappearance, 139:whilst the churches remain empty or are only attended by old people, the conservatives andSoul, 43:priest, And by the vision splendid Is on his way attended; [44] At length the Man perceives it die
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