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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTENTION

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Bethlehem, 251:of all these doctrines consists in attracting attention to the eternal interest of man in theBethlehem, 268:is the development of that sensitivity and inner attention by means of which he can arrive at theBethlehem, 268:among God's children in many forms, from that of attention to the inner voice of conscience andBethlehem, 270:means a daily crucifixion, and for that close attention which never takes its eyes from the goal,Bethlehem, 270:God. There is no other objective worthy of man's attention, nor one which will so absorb everyBethlehem, 274:A close study of the Gospel story and a spirited attention to the words of Christ will makeBethlehem, 275:This last thought is one which warrants our attention. Arresting in its implication, it is sadlyDestiny, 5:energy of idealism, of devotion or of devoted attention, embodied in the sixth ray. The energyDestiny, 19:and impulses. I would here like to call your attention to the fact that the instinctual life ofDestiny, 20:must learn to live and to it they must pay no attention. True group love is of more [21] importanceDestiny, 21:of an inchoate goodwill. I call this to your attention as the underlying, motivating idea behindDestiny, 22:Ponder on this. I have brought this to your attention and discussed these basic modern schools ofDestiny, 66:therefore, under this point is new exoterically; attention will have to be paid to the informationDestiny, 75:personality. I would here call your attention to the fact that the astrology which I am emphasizingDestiny, 107:Age One point I would like here to bring to your attention and that is that the two great groups ofDestiny, 109:the turmoil has been to shift the focus of human attention on to the mental plane and therebyDestiny, 112:and this has made necessary also the shift of attention away from the three worlds of humanDestiny, 112:refocusing of the instinctual and intellectual attention which are the main factors in theDestiny, 114:success of [114] the Hierarchy to shift human attention into the world from whence ideas emerge andDestiny, 118:and material results, and that the focus of the attention of the magician of the day can be seen inDestiny, 118:pristine magnificence, which today call for the attention of archeologists and travelers; the formsDestiny, 120:- have taken the first two initiations that the attention of Shamballa is being increasingly turnedDestiny, 124:directorate of energies will engage the attention of some of the best minds and when that takesDestiny, 126:entirely in terms of quality and pays little attention to the material side of life and the trueDestiny, 128:the astral plane and there lies the focus of his attention, his life and his thought. AutomaticallyDestiny, 131:factor in their consciousness and that their attention should be turned from the realm of [132]Destiny, 134:of the race. This thought brings to our attention the three methods of activity as employed by allDestiny, 135:science will enter into a new era; its focus of attention will change; the possibilities ofDestiny, 144:of the first volume of the Treatise, and whose attention should be turned again from the magnitudeDiscipleship1, X:received them. One is the need to bring to the attention of the general public the fact that theDiscipleship1, 9:Only that, for instance, attracts my attention which brings more spiritual power to my group ofDiscipleship1, 15:has to be tuned out; so many voices clamor for attention, so many impressions - emanating from theDiscipleship1, 22:and in soul contact, with the emphasis and attention placed basically there. The astrophysicalDiscipleship1, 22:group consciousness - there to die for lack of attention. This type of group work is a new ventureDiscipleship1, 30:world these days requires constant pressure and attention and the work is strenuous. It may notDiscipleship1, 33:of God on earth. This will bring to public attention the fact of the restoration of the MysteriesDiscipleship1, 43:do not suffice to win your confidence and your attention, then knowing that I am an initiate of theDiscipleship1, 56:physical conditions impair their work for their attention becomes focused on the undesirableDiscipleship1, 62:done. I request that you give careful, patient attention to them so that they develop eventuallyDiscipleship1, 72:work demands. The disciple learns to pay no attention to these recurring cycles and interludesDiscipleship1, 73:found their work. This comment warrants your attention. Later, when the needed adjustments are madeDiscipleship1, 77:out your weaknesses - if I can get your sincere attention. These weaknesses exist. You are not yetDiscipleship1, 78:your teacher, am concerned, give to my words the attention which is due and endeavor to cooperateDiscipleship1, 83:a suggestion to which I would have you pay real attention. I would like also at this point to bringDiscipleship1, 83:I would like also at this point to bring to your attention the fact that an accepted disciple isDiscipleship1, 88:least outcropping of glamor. I would call your attention to the fact that the emergence ofDiscipleship1, 88:because deprived of the "feeding-power" of the attention. The whole history of true emotionalDiscipleship1, 104:work and sit in perfect silence with your attention focused upon the Lord of Love - which is theDiscipleship1, 107:accomplishment stabilized which will warrant attention from the world of men. Waste not time inDiscipleship1, 112:center is awakened but you have paid little attention to it as a means of contact and only duringDiscipleship1, 112:center is the one which should receive immediate attention. Our problem is to awaken it and set itsDiscipleship1, 115:with set purpose, clear vision and unswerving attention to facts. You have ended one cycle ofDiscipleship1, 140:wise and guiding Teacher: Relinquish that close attention to the lives of those around you which isDiscipleship1, 150:connection with certain souls who warrant your attention because of their capacity to be used uponDiscipleship1, 160:your physical poise and good health, by due attention to food and exercise. You must learn to liveDiscipleship1, 160:and skill in activity - to these direct your attention. Your work for the New Group of WorldDiscipleship1, 166:without discouragement or questioning - with due attention to the time factor and with a sense ofDiscipleship1, 171:forces and your soul energy, I would call your attention to the fact that your soul energy isDiscipleship1, 172:an aligned personality with the focus of the attention in the intellect. The alignment of theDiscipleship1, 175:undercurrent of spiritual aspiration and mental attention to the impact of the soul is much neededDiscipleship1, 175:the alignment of the personality. This directed attention to the matter must have, and has,Discipleship1, 185:focused radiation to which I here call attention. This should produce effects without physicalDiscipleship1, 187:things I would like, however, to bring to your attention at this time and only two: First, that asDiscipleship1, 189:humanity and of the Great Ones calls forth. Your attention has not primarily been fixed on the artDiscipleship1, 190:force may flow. For a while the focus of your attention must be upon the heart center. To this endDiscipleship1, 191:your potency that your vibration attracted attention where your words on occult matters would haveDiscipleship1, 193:following breathing exercise, paying particular attention to the interlude, and to the line ofDiscipleship1, 194:beginning to realize, for I note in you a closer attention to the daily duties of the disciple, andDiscipleship1, 195:assigned you. Above everything else pay close attention to reaching me, if possible, at the time ofDiscipleship1, 202:out effectively, you should concentrate your attention upon this theme of wise and skillful living,Discipleship1, 202:particular need for you at this time to pay much attention to your astral or emotional condition.Discipleship1, 202:astral or emotional condition. Focus your inner attention in two aspects of your nature: the soulDiscipleship1, 205:yours. I would like here to call to your attention that there is a lack found in your equipment ofDiscipleship1, 206:on various points and to this end I call your attention to another quality which is Consecration.Discipleship1, 214:world picture whole and shift the focus of your attention from the small, individual man to theDiscipleship1, 224:out in this mantram and to them I will call your attention; the way, the presence and sight. MyDiscipleship1, 224:of the Burning Ground which can so engross the attention of the disciple or the initiate that hisDiscipleship1, 230:the meditation will be automatic and your inner attention can, therefore, be given to theDiscipleship1, 236:side) is an over-emphatic personality, with its attention focused on the personality and on itsDiscipleship1, 237:to put first things first and do not pay so much attention to the small but engrossing details,Discipleship1, 237:can speak with directness and with certainty of attention to that which may be said. The progressDiscipleship1, 250:all of you in freedom? And will you give as much attention to my words as you would to an older,Discipleship1, 251:wisely and who works for me. The focus of your attention on your training and your lifeDiscipleship1, 251:Old rhythms take some displacing. Pay closer attention to the evening review and change from theDiscipleship1, 252:cultivated must be that of a planned, peripheral attention, an identification with those to beDiscipleship1, 252:that I should elucidate: The focusing of attention in the head. [253] Alignment of the bodiesDiscipleship1, 259:Then definitely and consciously shift your attention into the mental body.... Next, consider theDiscipleship1, 272:statement to which I would ask all of you to pay attention: As money has in the past ministered toDiscipleship1, 278:and your capacity to sense reality. I call your attention to this. I am taking earnest studentsDiscipleship1, 280:is left to your own choice and discretion. Attention to group requirements and the establishing ofDiscipleship1, 283:to your fellow group members. I have noted your attention to these matters. The things whichDiscipleship1, 285:worded my thought that way so as to arrest your attention. There must be for you that definiteDiscipleship1, 287:the past six months, due to the close [287] attention you have rightly given to your personalityDiscipleship1, 288:its wise use in service is what calls for your attention. I can now alter your meditation form, asDiscipleship1, 291:work of the next few years must call for your attention. Two things I seek to point out to you. TheDiscipleship1, 293:brevity. I will call to your notice for closer attention the instructions I earlier gave you. QuietDiscipleship1, 294:in the head. I have watched the result with attention. The past six months have brought to youDiscipleship1, 298:inner, conscious man which ceaselessly turns its attention to the soul, seeking identification withDiscipleship1, 298:evoke, and which must be the objective of your attention during the coming months. You haveDiscipleship1, 307:to obstruct your progress. I would call your attention to the fact that I do not here refer to
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