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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTENTION

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Discipleship1, 309:process. Your soul is active and just now its attention is turned in power towards its instrument;Discipleship1, 318:focused in your fifth ray mind but with your attention turned towards the astral world whereon yourDiscipleship1, 322:what you say and do and an over-focusing of your attention upon the results of what you say. YouDiscipleship1, 326:wherein the Masters are found. Now I call your attention to the necessity for that crystallineDiscipleship1, 327:all words and descriptions. This self-imposed attention to true accuracy must be your most rigidDiscipleship1, 328:group of disciples warrant increased spiritual attention. I seek to let you know, however, thatDiscipleship1, 332:have mastered, the ability as a soul to call the attention of the personality. This ability is yourDiscipleship1, 333:strength and power. Continue with this work of attention. May the light of the Eternal shine uponDiscipleship1, 333:made one statement to which I would call your attention as it embodies a major truth which -Discipleship1, 334:which you make and to which I seek to call your attention is as follows: One must distinguishDiscipleship1, 338:later. But I particularly beg you to concentrate attention each month at the time of the Full Moon.Discipleship1, 345:own souls and myself, and need not engage the attention of any other person. It is an entirelyDiscipleship1, 345:part of personalities. I have only called your attention to these points of rapport, because ofDiscipleship1, 348:I have brought these steps of progress to your attention. It is of real value to a disciple atDiscipleship1, 349:To this use of meditation I seek to direct your attention, and it was towards these ends I wasDiscipleship1, 350:of engrossing interest and well worth your attention as a preparatory task for the future work inDiscipleship1, 351:personality equipment. I commend this to your attention and also the implications based upon theDiscipleship1, 358:cloud. Glamor is not dispelled by paying close attention to it. It disappears by the power of clearDiscipleship1, 358:meditation and the freeing of oneself from self attention. Can you grasp the significance of thatDiscipleship1, 358:your meditation work and the focus of your attention must be the stepping up of your awareness ofDiscipleship1, 361:and through your constant, interior thinking. My attention has been called to your meditationDiscipleship1, 362:but the one is beautiful and the other needs attention - an attention which has to be initiated byDiscipleship1, 362:is beautiful and the other needs attention - an attention which has to be initiated by a definiteDiscipleship1, 364:expansion is dependent upon your careful attention to self-forgetfulness, the right use of loveDiscipleship1, 364:last communication to you on this subject) and attention to practical, loving, efficient, regularDiscipleship1, 383:service, a service to be rendered with undivided attention. This breaking can be done almostDiscipleship1, 388:final activity of transition engrosses the dual attention of your soul and your personality, andDiscipleship1, 392:you can hear your voice, and thus pay adequate attention to your position and attitude. The fourthDiscipleship1, 393:presences who are to be found clamoring for your attention in their lives. This freedom mustDiscipleship1, 403:up in greater detail later. I would like to call attention to the fact that many of yourDiscipleship1, 404:force in whatever environment claims your soul's attention will be adequate for your full spiritualDiscipleship1, 404:issues of the soul which are brought to their attention through the medium of the material [405]Discipleship1, 406:you to make in your daily life attracted my attention and earned for you the right to a moreDiscipleship1, 409:in what I give to you of stimulation and of attention, for your reactions are so rapid and soDiscipleship1, 412:mind, as I am not anxious for you to focus any attention upon the vehicles through which your soulDiscipleship1, 415:for it produces a real lack of balance, an undue attention to details of process, and of devotionDiscipleship1, 415:the emotional satisfaction which comes from this attention; this brings about a failure toDiscipleship1, 416:out your motive and your ability to work without attention from me. It is the sign of realDiscipleship1, 417:the very fabric of your life with the strictest attention. Your third keynote is being. Learn toDiscipleship1, 419:can be called service and patience. By a close attention to the needs of his fellowmen and by meansDiscipleship1, 422:Joy is one that I have already called to your attention. The other, tranquility, I seek to seeDiscipleship1, 434:do two things: First, lay the emphasis of your attention upon the full moon work. Prepare for theDiscipleship1, 442:inevitably [442] must. The focus of your attention being upon the soul and its life and world ofDiscipleship1, 447:by you in your daily life; to this I call your attention. Your mental body is on the fourth Ray ofDiscipleship1, 449:by me in this instruction, must engross your attention and will give you much. The inner link uponDiscipleship1, 455:the breathing exercises with care and with attention. Seek also to strengthen the physical body.Discipleship1, 458:instruction. Your physical body has called for attention. Give to it all that it needs but be notDiscipleship1, 461:primarily with that which is formless, and its attention will be turned upon the subjective lifeDiscipleship1, 462:to the service of psychology that I direct your attention and to which you will find yourselfDiscipleship1, 465:act in such a manner that the soul withdraws its attention. Thus only the personality remains. ToDiscipleship1, 466:counsel you particularly to give much time and attention to the Full Moon Approach. I would alsoDiscipleship1, 470:close together; I would call this to your attention and ask you to stand with each other in theDiscipleship1, 473:as you arc now doing and continue to focus your attention upon the four rules I earlier gave you.Discipleship1, 475:with you. It is to be done rapidly, with strict attention and a one-pointed focus, using theDiscipleship1, 482:for instance, the paragraph which attracted your attention or the spoken words which brought youDiscipleship1, 483:of life. To these words of mine pay special attention or you will undertake responsibilities orDiscipleship1, 486:the process; so great has been your introverted attention to the call of your soul that yourDiscipleship1, 489:more. I would, however, emphasize the need for attention to the time of the Full Moon and to noteDiscipleship1, 490:to express. Only one thing should engross your attention at this time and that is the avoidance ofDiscipleship1, 491:is it, my brothers?) you "occultly evade my attention," for I work with you entirely on soul levelsDiscipleship1, 492:but what you are in expression engrosses your attention to the point of inertia. In my lastDiscipleship1, 494:that spiritual indifference which pays no undue attention to the physical body, or to moods andDiscipleship1, 494:them with indifference till they die of lack of attention and of a slow attrition. You pay too muchDiscipleship1, 494:and of a slow attrition. You pay too much attention to the non-essentials. The third suggestion IDiscipleship1, 498:three things to which you need to pay the most attention. Conform to the group requirements duringDiscipleship1, 501:must, at the same time, guard against too much attention to detail which is always the line ofDiscipleship1, 501:to handle them. I would, however, call your attention to the lack of balance which the forces inDiscipleship1, 501:as is possible. In conclusion, I would call your attention to the fact that your rays are identicalDiscipleship1, 502:quality in you or drive you back into a focused attention to the little self which distinguishesDiscipleship1, 506:the goal of this exercise is to focus your attention in the region of the ajna center, of theDiscipleship1, 517:a dynamic interest which would engross your full attention. This, however, is your problem to beDiscipleship1, 519:Adhere, therefore, to it with closeness and attention... And, my brother, follow the occultDiscipleship1, 524:at all unusual - though you have given unusual attention to it. It is based upon the fact that youDiscipleship1, 533:understanding to constitute the focus of your attention. Forget not that your soul ray is the RayDiscipleship1, 539:of the heart to which I called your attention. You can go far along the Path of Discipleship, myDiscipleship1, 540:in relation to your personality that I call your attention. This inner conflict, God-given and ofDiscipleship1, 540:physical vehicle. Shift your focus of attention away, however, from the physical vehicle which, atDiscipleship1, 540:physical vehicle which, at times, engrosses your attention, and shift it also away from the mentalDiscipleship1, 542:- R.L.U. SUGGESTED MEDITATION Alignment. Focus attention in the mind nature to the vibration, theDiscipleship1, 548:have watched over you with a good deal of close attention during the past four months. I realizeDiscipleship1, 550:I would commend this thought to your close attention. Discipleship1, 550:a right sense of proportion. I would call your attention with emphasis to a word which could give aDiscipleship1, 551:own individual salvation) which engrossed the attention of the aspirant. Naught else wasDiscipleship1, 553:my words and make them the subject of your close attention. Upon them make and keep notes. Then,Discipleship1, 556:that should receive the largest measure of your attention and then through it the world of trueDiscipleship1, 559:the work of the Full Moon Approach, paying close attention to the latter. Learn the way into theDiscipleship1, 560:mental grasp of truth, and upon a lessening of attention to astral sensitivity. That, it isDiscipleship1, 571:lies as yet deeply hidden; only a close attention to my imparted instructions, a humble willingnessDiscipleship1, 572:(as you yourself have termed it) and focus your attention upon your soul problem which is toDiscipleship1, 573:for you, in an effort to shift your focus of attention out of the head and into the heart. This,Discipleship1, 573:relaxation exercises; these are apt to focus the attention upon the physical body and produce -Discipleship1, 574:about three events in your life: A shift in your attention from certain focal points (well known toDiscipleship1, 575:I gave you which I again call to your attention. They summarize your opportunity and your problem.Discipleship1, 577:that can be done on all planes. This constant attention and watchful waiting must be emulated byDiscipleship1, 579:as they open up and as needs come to your attention. I need not ask you to stand by my work and byDiscipleship1, 580:fact emerges and I would like to call your attention to it. Your affiliation with this group ofDiscipleship1, 582:the limits of his task), and bring to your attention the need for achieving the goal you setDiscipleship1, 585:of fruitful service. [585] I would call to your attention some words out of an instruction IDiscipleship1, 587:world where some humanitarian effort claims your attention. Give, if you can, sixty per cent ofDiscipleship1, 595:soul. This must be cultivated with care, and no attention should be paid to the factor of time. I
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