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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTENTION

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Discipleship2, 223:the Hierarchy of that which merits immediate attention. Again, upon a lower level of theDiscipleship2, 226:because it is a method of personality, focused attention and aligns your personality upon theDiscipleship2, 236:of the Christ." I particularly want to call your attention to this last phrase which introduces aDiscipleship2, 237:dispensation on Earth. I would also call your attention to the words "unanimous [238] andDiscipleship2, 259:by the Roman soldiery) and also calling the attention of all future disciples and initiates to theDiscipleship2, 266:In connection with the above, I would call your attention to some words I wrote in my lastDiscipleship2, 268:a blend of lofty aspiration, of lower mind attention and focusing, and of attention to the purelyDiscipleship2, 268:of lower mind attention and focusing, and of attention to the purely physical disciplines. Today,Discipleship2, 272:light upon the personality. I would call your attention to the form of words just used. TheseDiscipleship2, 289:soul's existence becomes known and the goal of attention changes. There follows the ability toDiscipleship2, 290:importance to the disciple and warrant careful attention. As these developments take place, theDiscipleship2, 290:Having these thoughts in mind, I would call your attention to the entire theme of vision, whichDiscipleship2, 293:thought of struggle is the first one to warrant attention. I used, in this connection, the wordsDiscipleship2, 297:personal love of humanity and the focus of your attention upon human need is very largelyDiscipleship2, 298:fixed intention, with self-will and one-pointed attention. He does not realize that the will isDiscipleship2, 299:of knowable things." I would call your attention to the word knowable. It is not the recognition ofDiscipleship2, 305:aspects of the creative process will come to the attention of the student, plus revelation as toDiscipleship2, 314:instruction to which I would like to call your attention. I spoke of the coming ability of mankindDiscipleship2, 321:like at this point to call more directly to your attention the three stages of revelation; you haveDiscipleship2, 323:which has hitherto received little, if any, attention. Revelation is apt to be regaled as apartDiscipleship2, 325:alertness which has for ages engrossed their attention and it is this for which they have workedDiscipleship2, 328:this fact with great intelligence and closer attention; they would then arrive at the [329]Discipleship2, 333:spiritual events, such as: [333] The directed attention of Shamballa. An inflow of extra-planetaryDiscipleship2, 333:of their fellow members which engrosses their attention at all times. I say this with emphasis.Discipleship2, 335:or those periods in which the Masters pay close attention to the quality aspect of mankind, areDiscipleship2, 339:The great Law of Karma has received little attention from the standpoint of time; yet it is thatDiscipleship2, 346:I must - for the sake of clarity - call your attention to them anew: The Five Points of Revelation.Discipleship2, 354:significances, and it is to these that the group attention is now called. Let me point out that theDiscipleship2, 359:aspirant, the statement re planning fixes his attention upon the physical plane; he then begins toDiscipleship2, 366:In past years, I have frequently called your attention to the necessity of a vital and activeDiscipleship2, 376:center between the eyebrows) will attract their attention and the triple process of impression,Discipleship2, 381:the evolutionary scheme which should engage your attention. Earlier in these instructions I pointedDiscipleship2, 404:I would, however, brother of mine, call your attention to the fact that Shamballa is simply a wordDiscipleship2, 405:to be assembled must possess. I would call your attention to the fact that this point of revelationDiscipleship2, 406:which is the point I wish to bring to your attention; it is this conscious intention which confersDiscipleship2, 413:Triad. The Masters, therefore, withdrew their attention from aspirants upon the Probationary Path,Discipleship2, 413:in some one or other Ashram, and gave their attention primarily to those upon the mental plane whoDiscipleship2, 428:moment. All I can do is to call it to your attention; it is for you to watch and interpret currentDiscipleship2, 438:energy on to the center which is receiving attention during any specific initiation. There isDiscipleship2, 445:true to the goal and steady in expression. My attention turns towards you when you need it. I canDiscipleship2, 448:reward of effort, and his focused activity and attention is founded upon what he creates. Yet theDiscipleship2, 449:each day of living? Where, each day, has your attention been, having in mind that a disciple'sDiscipleship2, 449:focus is frequently in one place whilst his attention is in another? Do you know what I mean when IDiscipleship2, 451:correspondence. Knowers and disciples pay small attention to this dual activity. They areDiscipleship2, 451:development to which I earnestly call your attention. In my last instruction to you I gave youDiscipleship2, 466:of K.H.; and - with reverence I would call your attention to this - an aspect of the aura of theDiscipleship2, 476:To the fifth statement I seek to draw your attention. Reference is there made to the "diadem, theDiscipleship2, 476:rather than yourself, that I seek to draw your attention. People of pledged devotion are those whoDiscipleship2, 482:phase of your development should receive your attention, I would reply: Seek consciously andDiscipleship2, 490:possibility of Impression now must engross your attention. You begin to study the general tenor andDiscipleship2, 490:and with full concentrated interest and attention - you orient yourself to the soul; you standDiscipleship2, 498:I gave you a year ago? I want today to call your attention to the third statement; this set ofDiscipleship2, 511:of the taught and only serves to distract his attention from the reality to an imposed glamorDiscipleship2, 514:no comment. Then may come a life when the attention of the soul, of the Master and of the groupDiscipleship2, 522:more wisely to discount yourself and to pay less attention to the glamorous of the lower self. ThisDiscipleship2, 531:by them that the larger human issues escape his attention. He settles down within the limits of hisDiscipleship2, 538:As I write this instruction I would call your attention to the subject of karma. There comes everDiscipleship2, 553:be brought more clearly and essentially to your attention; fire will be the subject of yourDiscipleship2, 560:the magnetic-radiatory vibration attracts the attention of the Master, and the disciple finds hisDiscipleship2, 565:1946 MY BROTHER: You have profited much from the attention you paid to the last instruction I gaveDiscipleship2, 568:is the use of the will which is needed when the attention of the Master is needed, in the case of aDiscipleship2, 572:cultured people, should take your time and attention as well as your work along your chosenDiscipleship2, 573:rising act of alignment. A moment of poised attention. Then sound the OM as the soul. Arrest theDiscipleship2, 576:[576] adequately clear. I would call to your attention another point. You may perhaps have notedDiscipleship2, 581:written by me anent this work. I would call your attention to the fact that statements emanatingDiscipleship2, 581:and my disciple, what can I bring to your attention that will give you strength and understanding?Discipleship2, 586:a sound and self-directing disciple. My care and attention, when you need me, are always available.Discipleship2, 604:angle or aspect of the work and paying no attention at all to the possible spiritual value. I wouldDiscipleship2, 608:Form a steady and stable focal point of loving attention to which your group brothers can turn inDiscipleship2, 611:I earlier gave you and I recall them to your attention, owing to their major significances inDiscipleship2, 623:of his observation and the focus of his directed attention The present status of the human race.Discipleship2, 628:temptation may appear, but to it you will pay no attention. I wonder if you can realize, myDiscipleship2, 634:forms so as to bring pictorially to your attention the phases of approach which you and allDiscipleship2, 643:is to be gained through your focusing your attention upon them at this time. Stand steady,Discipleship2, 649:MY BELOVED BROTHER: A.A.B. has just called my attention to the six statements which I gave you toDiscipleship2, 662:I seek to say something which will arrest your attention and give incentive to the next few yearsDiscipleship2, 671:and of achievement? This is a thought worthy of attention. Men need these days to learn this newDiscipleship2, 673:an initiation, but as a disciple warranting his attention. You see now the purpose of my remarks inDiscipleship2, 675:himself to the circumstances and give his whole attention to their surmounting (which in this caseDiscipleship2, 677:to his coming. It must aid in drawing the attention of the masses as far as may be - to theDiscipleship2, 678:to the work which I would like to call to your attention: You have a strong feeling that all theDiscipleship2, 679:- a point to which few of the members pay any attention at all. You would like to run the work withDiscipleship2, 689:in a current phrase in order to arrest your attention is this: Where do you go from here? What isDiscipleship2, 689:others except by those with a truly perceptive attention - which, if altered or developed,Discipleship2, 695:phrases and have endeavored to center your attention upon words. I would have you deal with theseDiscipleship2, 696:these two facts which I have brought to your attention. Fight not against disability or againstDiscipleship2, 697:plane, and you know this to be so. Pay not undue attention to the physical vehicle. ItsDiscipleship2, 705:to which I would call your further and close attention. They are: "Let not the doing interveneDiscipleship2, 719:The task of any Master is only to bring to the attention of the man, working through the medium ofDiscipleship2, 725:the desired service, that which engrosses your attention and prevents you from concentrating on theDiscipleship2, 733:have no fear that I shall withdraw from you the attention and the careful thought which I haveDiscipleship2, 736:inevitable effects later. I call this to your attention, my brother, because you are reaching theDiscipleship2, 739:constant reflection, and I want you to pay close attention to my recommendation that this conceptDiscipleship2, 740:Also, my brother, I give you at this time much attention in the Ashram, and my strength surroundsDiscipleship2, 742:to serve more adequately. I would call your attention to the words, "your rightful place in myDiscipleship2, 743:and the trend of your thinking; shift now your attention to directed service. Undertake a task forDiscipleship2, 744:[744] The final thing which calls for your attention is to grasp in a new and dynamic manner theDiscipleship2, 744:the point of concentration attained. If your attention wanders, sound the OM again. This isDiscipleship2, 747:positively in the ajna center, withdraw your attention from the sacral center and the throat centerDiscipleship2, 748:astral levels - a task that is occupying the attention of a very large number of disciples at this
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