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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTENTION

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Hercules, 37:brood mares, if for one entire day he pays close attention to his thoughts and to the words heHercules, 57:vultures circling o'er a distant rock caught his attention; then again the cry broke forth. ShouldHercules, 71:into the consciousness in moments of one-pointed attention, when the mind is held steady and theHercules, 71:and gives but a flash of thought or of momentary attention to the aspirant, are two: First, theHercules, 115:energies through Virgo, and the Tibetan calls attention to the fact that we are now entering theHercules, 144:of our problems come only when a new focus of attention is achieved, a new perspective established.Hercules, 145:[145] of the energy known as sex engage our attention on every hand. The love of comfort, luxuryHercules, 148:These [148] persons have focused their attention above the point where fear is found. TheHercules, 205:Dr. Rufus Jones, the great Quaker leader, calls attention to this fact in words which are worthHercules, 205:With these clear words, Dr. Jones calls our attention to the work eternally done in the spiritualInitiation, viii:sufficient immediate importance to engross their attention, and that if the average man adheres toInitiation, viii:man adheres to the path of duty and high-minded attention to the business in hand, he will dulyInitiation, 60:At present he is giving most of his time and attention to the work of the deva, or angel evolution,Initiation, 60:was taken over by him when the latter turned his attention to the deva evolution. Initiation, 73:discharge of all obligations and due attention to karmic debts. Special emphasis should be laid,Initiation, 75:to the good of the group, with a proportionate attention to the individuals and their evolutionaryInitiation, 105:whereby the Buddha can be reached - called the attention of the latter, and sought his agency withInitiation, 113:not through the sense of hearing, or through attention to the inner voice directing andInitiation, 122:karma being now adjusted, he can give his attention to the working off of planetary karma, and theInitiation, 138:to whichever center is the object of special attention. This varies according to ray, or theInitiation, 139:dependent upon whether the centers receiving attention are the etheric or the astral at the firstInitiation, 180:for any particular cycle, and the turning of the attention of the cosmic ego of a Heavenly Man toInitiation, 183:of his daily life. It will be found in attention to duty, in the surmounting of tests and trials,Initiation, 196:of every kind be stopped, and the strictest attention must be paid to diet. A disciple must confineInitiation, 198:for Applicants Rule 7 Let the disciple turn his attention to the enunciating of those sounds whichInitiation, 201:Hatha Yoga practices, or concentrating the attention upon the physical organs, but through theInitiation, 201:develop normally, whilst the applicant bends his attention to loving his brother perfectly in truthIntellect, 3:It is a subject that has engrossed the attention of thinkers in the East [4] and in the West forIntellect, 10:meaning to life which have hitherto escaped our attention, and have they escaped our attentionIntellect, 10:escaped our attention, and have they escaped our attention because we have latent powers andIntellect, 36:which he lives. Dr. Overstreet calls this to our attention in words that carry the true mysticalIntellect, 59:of physical, emotional and mental life, with its attention focused objectively, goes through aIntellect, 72:transferred from the things that now engross his attention, and his emotions, to the more esotericIntellect, 78:of consciousness has shifted, and steadily his attention has been focused on an ever widening rangeIntellect, 82:of coordination. Its method is that of focused attention, of mind control, or of meditation, and isIntellect, 86:or later be succeeded by an equally serious attention to matters of higher and even of highestIntellect, 96:is obedience to the Master. This is no servile attention to the commands of some supposed hiddenIntellect, 97:simpler than that. The real Master, claiming our attention and subsequent obedience, is the MasterIntellect, 99:it. Meditation. The prolonged focusing of the attention in any direction and the steady holding ofIntellect, 99:meditation, the stage which should engross their attention for a long time - practically to theIntellect, 104:insensitive to all outer calls upon its attention. This, however, is not brought about by anyIntellect, 104:new and bigger interest, and by the one-pointed attention of the focused mental faculties to a newIntellect, 105:or centered on the object of our immediate attention, without wavering or distraction. It involvesIntellect, 105:perceiving consciousness to a certain region is attention or concentration." - Bailey, Alice, TheIntellect, 106:of perception. Another word for concentration is attention, that is, one-pointed attention. It isIntellect, 106:concentration is attention, that is, one-pointed attention. It is interesting to note what FatherIntellect, 106:says in this connection. He points out that "attention is a direct path to full perception, toIntellect, 106:realized to some degree in the phenomenon of attention, is also the sole subjective conditionIntellect, 106:new and intriguing subject, and to have one's attention focused on some fresh and dynamic matterIntellect, 107:life. Accurate speech would necessitate accurate attention to that which is said, read or heard,Intellect, 107:student, therefore, will carry this close attention into the affairs of everyday life and willIntellect, 107:can be expressed in the simple words: Pay attention. In talking to people, in reading a book, inIntellect, 108:emotional vehicle. The withdrawal of the man's attention from the sense perceptions and hisIntellect, 108:to meditation. The capacity to focus the attention unswervingly upon any chosen seed thought. Intellect, 112:and a more intense meditation. The attention has sunk inward increasingly, and outer things haveIntellect, 124:in the greater Whole. Ludwig Fischer calls our attention to the fact that all our faculties "areIntellect, 125:the factors which have hitherto engrossed its attention can be negated and a new field of awarenessIntellect, 128:Ibid., page XV of Translator's Preface. Through attention to life purpose, through concentration onIntellect, 128:keen interest in the sciences which engage the attention of our best minds, and through meditation,Intellect, 130:into action by the mind when it again turns its attention downwards. We must remember that in usingIntellect, 131:temporarily forgotten and no longer engross the attention, nor is any form of sensation the aim.Intellect, 131:not seeking the "consolations of religion." The attention is focused in the mind and the onlyIntellect, 131:its place. The seed thought has attracted our attention, and awakened our interest, and this hasIntellect, 132:- Attraction, Interest, [132] Concentrated Attention and prolonged one-pointed Reflection orIntellect, 132:and its reorientation. The centering of a man's attention in the world of thought, instead of onIntellect, 134:he preserves at the same time an intense mental attention and a one-pointed orientation to the newIntellect, 136:later on in the same chapter of the breathless attention, the hard-earned and hard-held waiting forIntellect, 140:their part, but with a differing orientation and attention. It becomes simply a question of focus.Intellect, 141:we are told that "this threefold power of attention, meditation and contemplation is more interiorIntellect, 142:whole process is the sustained concentration and attention of the mind "whilst the soul, theIntellect, 155:the world of divine realities. Now the focus of attention changes, and Deity turns its eyes uponIntellect, 179:their causes and objectives, are engrossing the attention [180] of psychologists everywhere.Intellect, 199:questions immediately arise and should receive attention. First: Can anyone, who has the desire,Intellect, 201:This is due to the fact that the focus of attention is away from the things of the senses, noIntellect, 206:the world around us. We force ourselves to pay attention to all that we do, whether [207] it isIntellect, 208:that he needs to do is to change the focus of attention. The answer to the second question as toIntellect, 210:is carried forward. It involves a more dynamic attention and a more powerful meditation, but theIntellect, 214:intellectual personality, with its focus of attention in the region of the pituitary body, beginsIntellect, 214:is rendered receptive by the process of focused attention. Then the light, we are told, breaksIntellect, 215:the work, until it proves false, or until our attention is no longer engaged. An hypothesis is notIntellect, 217:if we start the day with the focusing of our attention on spiritual things and on the affairs ofIntellect, 226:to see, or some line of action which calls for attention; we begin to think of some one we love,Intellect, 226:sums this up for us as follows: "Our shattered attention - we do not dream how shattered until weIntellect, 228:attempting to meditate. Then say, with focused attention: "More radiant than the sun, purer thanIntellect, 231:minutes [231] will have gone by without your attention wavering, so great will have been yourIntellect, 237:will help to produce the condition of active attention. Many such outlines are available, and canIntellect, 237:any thought process, followed with undeviating attention, which leads "inward" from the outer formIntellect, 257:head and not in the emotional region. Focused attention to life and its problems, and some potentIntellect, 259:men, find that the animal nature requires attention when they begin to meditate. They discoverMagic, 5:study, but in this book we will center our attention on the life aspect, and the practicalMagic, 6:telepathic, psychic, and peculiar occupy the attention even of skeptics, scientists, andMagic, 15:or corrected, and the steady focusing of the attention either upon a seed thought, a scientificMagic, 15:the art of clear thinking, the focusing of the attention, and consequent receptivity to truth haveMagic, 51:a recollected attitude of mind, and by careful attention to the method of a constant review of theMagic, 66:plane with a concentrated physical brain attention which is in no way deviated by the innerMagic, 77:they have of mental application and concentrated attention. It involves also the steady working outMagic, 80:a period that must be surmounted wherein the attention of the Ego is centered necessarily on theMagic, 86:the vale of illusion, the symbol oft engrosses attention and that which it represents is forgotten.Magic, 86:personality, which is the problem engrossing the attention of aspirants now, for they are theMagic, 109:in the spiritual Kingdom, and centers his attention on the work to be done. He enters into deep
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