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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTENTION

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Magic, 121:The Creative Work of Sound Before centering our attention upon this rule, it would be well toMagic, 127:but emphasizing in the early part that close attention to the inaudible hearing which will developMagic, 127:in blending the two. This entails the closest attention and the power to perform two activitiesMagic, 127:simultaneously, with the mental attitude of attention to both. Students whose aspiration is keenMagic, 133:the physical vehicle is ailing and concentrated attention is therefore prevented, what will happen?Magic, 146:worlds. The word vibration must next engage our attention but it may not be dissociated from theMagic, 157:rule touches upon three factors which engage the attention of the creating agent before theMagic, 158:take up the three factors which engage our attention, and let us consider them from the standpointMagic, 159:meditation work, then a definite focusing of the attention and the breath, as the purpose of theMagic, 164:as his agent. Just so long as he can focus his attention on the ideal for which he created hisMagic, 165:fact in nature to them. I would call attention to those words, and request their careful study. AMagic, 172:that the newer the disciple the more he demands attention and considers he should have it. The oldMagic, 173:how (in emergencies) to attract the Master's attention and thus draw on His strength and knowledgeMagic, 183:disabilities which should engross the aspirant's attention. Curiosity as to the habits and methodsMagic, 183:those things which concern him not, focus his attention on the needed steps and stages which shouldMagic, 185:that a man can become a disciple and merit the attention of a Master only when his life counts forMagic, 214:destroying effect. It can, through its focused attention, directed by the intelligent will, driveMagic, 216:holds it steady and coherent through its focused attention. Again, an analogous process goesMagic, 216:well how these are controlled by the focused attention of the soul in contemplation acting throughMagic, 216:of intention in the head and the turning of the attention through the third eye towards the centerMagic, 220:the power of his mind impulses, and the focused attention of his own soul. In the six rules alreadyMagic, 239:This thought form grows in power as we pay attention to it, for "energy follows thought", till weMagic, 240:need [240] requires, forcing his mind to focus attention upon the significance of these spokenMagic, 244:physical in less degree. The flow directed its attention to the emotional life, and the drift backMagic, 245:and is devitalized, because not the subject of attention. This accounts for much of the sicknessMagic, 246:will continue just as long as the soul's [246] attention fluctuates between one or other aspect ofMagic, 246:in his form aspect, - each act of focused attention being brought about through a realized andMagic, 248:work develops facility in focusing his attention in one or other of the centers in the body. ThisMagic, 248:this withdrawal and the subsequent refocusing of attention and [249] it must be remembered in thisMagic, 251:Secondly, the mind responds to the soul (calling attention to the work to be performed), and isMagic, 261:are basic prerequisites and should receive the attention of workers and students in all groups. ItMagic, 261:to be said silently at that hour with the attention focused in the head: "May the Power of the oneMagic, 266:and no tendency towards hesitation. The attention of the thinker being focused on the mental plane,Magic, 266:When the idea is clearly grasped, the attention closely focused, and the energy or life aspectMagic, 268:thought-form building and the confining of the attention of the creator of these thought-forms toMagic, 268:from the mental plane and the confining of the attention to that specific enterprise, knowing thatMagic, 283:with them? These questions warrant careful attention and should be considered by all groupMagic, 299:Ten - Astral Energy and Fear Let us confine our attention therefore to man and more [300]Magic, 322:ahead of the race. Immediate problems call for attention - problems which are personal or racialMagic, 322:to fight and ward off. Such a method centers the attention upon the not-self and leads to addedMagic, 324:such periods come in every life cycle - then the attention should be concentrated on these details,Magic, 324:contact may be then temporarily unrealized. Such attention to affairs on the physical plane is notMagic, 325:taken. As regards the problems occupying the attention of all of you who are living in this time ofMagic, 334:of the superhuman consciousness will engross the attention of educators and students everywhere. AMagic, 339:of the Cosmos will receive due and more correct attention, and the laws and nature of that greatMagic, 340:even if not understood, is the object of attention and investigation and the day will dawn beforeMagic, 340:its nature, purposes, and life will receive an attention equal to that now given by modernMagic, 351:various occult matters that are occupying his attention. He attempts to experiment and triesMagic, 376:The disciple has to carry forward this mental attention, and, through right use of the mind,Magic, 379:of the kingdom of God within, and little attention was paid (in Their training of Their disciples)Magic, 388:of the energies which have been brought to our attention as we studied Rule X has brought us to aMagic, 393:instinctual attributes. The focus of the Eternal Attention (if I may use so unusual a phrase whereMagic, 402:flow of the cosmic processes do not engage Their attention in the first instance. At this conclaveMagic, 416:large, who are thinking truth. Let me call your attention to that phrase. The most importantMagic, 417:will become potent enough to attract political attention, provided those of you who have seen theMagic, 420:times and seasons, and so distract their attention away from the newer and sacred art of being andMagic, 420:and not upon the life of the actor. When the attention is fixed upon the soul, the physical planeMagic, 421:the glory may be manifested. In this way public attention will gradually be focused upon the newMagic, 421:creations will fall into decay for lack of attention and so disappear. He must be taught also thatMagic, 427:the spiritual realities will so engross their attention that they will have no interest in purelyMagic, 428:work to be done and this must engross your attention. This and this alone warrants the expenditureMagic, 442:various types of force and we shall now turn our attention to Rule XI. [447] Magic, 453:the initiate, and therefore need not engross our attention. It should be noted that much in theseMagic, 458:archetypal plane. This plane is the focus of the attention of the highest group of Intelligences onMagic, 463:it will be in that kingdom in nature that the attention of the investigators must be focused, andMagic, 474:will indicate thy thought. To these pay close attention. Speech is of triple kind. The idle wordsMagic, 478:This latter persists for as long as his mind attention and hence his ensouling energy is directedMagic, 480:up our thoughts and engrossing our mental attention? Its work is to purify and cleanse, so, let theMagic, 484:aura, and will grow in strength as he pays it attention until it is so large that it will shut outMagic, 491:the old thought-forms will fail to arrest the attention; they will die of inanition. There isMagic, 492:be done. He has to teach himself to withdraw his attention from the thought-form he has built,Magic, 492:and emotions are powerful enough to attract attention, positive pure thought processes are notMagic, 496:or sense of awareness is focused elsewhere. His attention is no longer directed towards thingsMagic, 497:the majority, for when the soul withdraws its attention the inevitable reaction on the physicalMagic, 502:of a life tendency and the focus of the life attention determine the mode of exit at death. It canMagic, 504:out onto the astral plane. Relaxation, close attention, and a steady drawing upwards to the centerMagic, 505:has an advantage over the man who never pays any attention to the process. Magic, 527:meditation; the achieving of that focused attention and mental quiet wherein reality can beMagic, 529:third type of activity which should occupy the attention of humanity, and one as yet littleMagic, 542:psychic and astral phenomena, and how little attention is paid to the more obvious and more easilyMagic, 553:The Creator of the solar system confines his attention to the work performed on what we call theMagic, 554:of precipitations will be engrossing the attention of the scientists. Occult students would do wellMagic, 556:period of objectivity. This we call one pointed attention, and this creative work is one of the, asMagic, 557:been laid on the achieving of [557] a focused attention and on the necessity, when that has beenMagic, 557:one-pointed fixity of purpose and its focused attention to the spiritual objective, performMagic, 559:he loves and comforts and serves; he pays no attention to his [560] personality likes and dislikes,Magic, 567:is not sufficient energy, or adequate persistent attention, and when the thought of the magicianMagic, 568:lack of vitality and because the "directed attention" of the magician is not of adequate strengthMagic, 568:importance. We will, therefore, confine our attention to this phase of the great work and considerMagic, 579:of any form is dependent upon the persistent attention of its [580] creator. Energy can be usedMagic, 583:proportions that it will occupy all of a man's attention and time, even his entire thought life,Magic, 583:Obey the inward impulses of the soul. Pay no attention to any worldly consideration. Live a lifeMagic, 591:one who has achieved the capacity to focus his attention in the head and from that high pointMagic, 593:the intense mental focusing and concentrated attention of the man, seated on the throne ofMagic, 594:comfortably back and waits, or focuses his attention upon an attempt to attract the attention ofMagic, 594:his attention upon an attempt to attract the attention of some Master, having apparently settled inMagic, 605:referred to when I brought the new group to the attention of the world. They are studying the signsMagic, 621:cleavages and hours of agony which attract more attention than the more subtle and [622] successfulMagic, 636:ambition and love of power. The refusal to pay attention to public opinion or to failure. This isMagic, 636:This is done by the application of strict attention to the voice of the soul, and by an endeavor to
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