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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTENTION

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Meditation, 24:of the physical plane holds the polarization. No attention is called for from the Teachers, for theMeditation, 27:cost, the necessary channel. He attracts the attention of the Teachers. [28] In what way does he doMeditation, 35:and the artist. Then the Ego begins to give attention, rarely at first, but with increasingMeditation, 36:and the life divine to carry out the plan, the attention of the Masters being directed to the EgoMeditation, 38:The difference lies in the focusing of attention, during physical plane life. The matter is hardMeditation, 61:is to be aimed at, coupled with alertness and attention. Slothfulness and laxness lead a manMeditation, 66:the lower concrete mind. It attracts the attention of certain of the devas or angels whose workMeditation, 70:somewhat touched upon. We will now focus our attention largely upon the centers and the result uponMeditation, 74:II - wherein the solar plexus is the goal of the attention of the fire and when the emotionalMeditation, 99:occult terms, that have not as yet received due attention or interpretation. What must therefore beMeditation, 106:of agelong development. He has to direct the attention of the creative impulse to the mental plane.Meditation, 113:centers may be the object of specialized attention, yet [114] the results will be identical. DangerMeditation, 120:and thought-forms circulated that attract the attention of those under discussion. This may lead atMeditation, 121:inner planes. He becomes then a center of the attention of those who strive against the Brothers ofMeditation, 131:of the White Brotherhood that he attracts the attention of those who seek to withstand. WhenMeditation, 145:builds a form daily, with care and love and attention, of his Master, to him the embodiment of theMeditation, 149:- and to mount by the line of life, paying no attention whatsoever to the environing sheaths. HeMeditation, 156:in the etheric, and it will be an object of attention at as early a date as possible. The emotionalMeditation, 160:enlarge. In the forms used in these three cases attention will be paid to the cause of the trouble,Meditation, 163:employed by students in meditation to call the attention of some one Master. These mantrams areMeditation, 163:Their disciples, and by their means the Master's attention is attracted, and His assistance calledMeditation, 164:three Great Lords may be contacted, and Their attention drawn in any specific direction. A mantram,Meditation, 171:rules of expression and of government occupy his attention, and by studying the rules and laws, andMeditation, 179:very high order. Mantrams that directly call the attention of one of the deva lords of a subplane,Meditation, 201:the Manu, manipulating nations, directing their attention to government and politics, sitting inMeditation, 201:one or two men who will give their entire attention to finding out the intention of the Manu andMeditation, 205:is, and the topic I really seek to bring to your attention is not so much sound as sound, but theMeditation, 212:Green stimulates and heals. I seek to call your attention here to the fact that it is not yetMeditation, 244:of the nervous system, giving particular attention to the spine, and to the state of the innerMeditation, 249:up the practical points requiring immediate attention for the purposes of clarification. With thisMeditation, 251:of Civilization or Culture. Supreme concentrated attention to the matter in hand makes them whatMeditation, 274:and Pupil As you have frequently been told, the attention of a Master is attracted to a man by theMeditation, 277:scientific definite work that [277] needs His attention. Students of meditation would be astoundedMeditation, 277:entirely to Himself and is only conscious of the attention of the Master at rare and irregularMeditation, 285:that need help, and those that need not its attention. It hears with precision, and sees theMeditation, 291:grows, the Master on His side will attract his attention or signal to him approval (for instance byMeditation, 309:next cycle. Now, I would earnestly call to your attention that the schools will make but smallMeditation, 346:his body reacts against action and cries out for attention. He then seeks rest, sleep, dietaryMeditation, 346:sleep, dietary precautions And necessary medical attention. He obeys all wise instruction, givingMeditation, 347:chimeras of spectacular service engross his attention, but the instant application of all hisMeditation, 349:to note. The wise server, after action, pays no attention to what his fellow servants say, providedPatanjali, 9:exist, and the Master therefore directs the attention of the student (at the beginning of hisPatanjali, 20:desire [20] and are consequently dissipated when attention is directed elsewhere. "Energy followsPatanjali, 66:mental attitude which makes one-pointedness and attention so difficult to achieve. It is literallyPatanjali, 112:or Pranayama, abstraction or Pratyahara, attention or Dharana, Meditation or Dhyana, ContemplationPatanjali, 128:sutra is the first thing which attracts one's attention. It carries one in thought to the rootPatanjali, 144:leaves off dealing with effects and centers his attention on their producing causes. In relation toPatanjali, 160:science and students would do well to give much attention to this. It has a mantric effect and ifPatanjali, 163:mind in a reverse manner. Instead of turning his attention to the not-self or the illusory world ofPatanjali, 166:and likewise of the Perceiver. In this sutra the attention of the student is drawn to the primaryPatanjali, 180:or Pranayama, abstraction or Pratyahara, attention or Dharana, meditation or Dhyana, andPatanjali, 183:final one to the real man or thinker. Means VI. Attention. Dharana. Concentration. Fixation of thePatanjali, 197:to fulfil the following requirements: Strict attention to every formulation of words used, The wisePatanjali, 223:consequent unity of the entire lower man through attention to the etheric breath and rhythm. ThisPatanjali, 226:that this fourth stage can become possible. His attention is concentrated upon the attainment of:Patanjali, 227:man is brought into proper response through attention to the four means of yoga already considered,Patanjali, 229:the remaining means of yoga, abstraction, attention, meditation and contemplation can be properlyPatanjali, 229:no independent expression of their own. Before attention, meditation and contemplation, (the lastPatanjali, 234:the planets and the stars. 29. By concentrated attention upon the center called the solar plexus,Patanjali, 234:to the condition of the body. 30. By fixing the attention upon the throat center, the cessation ofPatanjali, 234:hunger and thirst will ensue. 31. By fixing the attention upon the tube or nerve below the throatPatanjali, 244:application of the mind, or the paying of close attention to the object chosen for concentration,Patanjali, 245:by a description of the fixing of the attention upon a form of God. "The incarnated form of thePatanjali, 245:support. This should be understood to be fixed, attention, when the mind stuff is fixed upon thisPatanjali, 245:let that be heard by thee, 0 Ruler of Men. Fixed attention is not possible without something onPatanjali, 245:his own mind until, 0, King, the fixed attention becomes firmly fixed upon Him only. While [246]Patanjali, 246:does not wander, he should then deem this fixed attention to be perfected." (Naradiya Purana LXVII.Patanjali, 246:lower man into a state of one-pointed coherent attention, all parts of his nature being directed toPatanjali, 246:nature being directed to the attainment of fixed attention or a concentration of all the mentalPatanjali, 246:unsteady and outgoing, but is fully "fixed in attention." Vivekananda translates "dharana" asPatanjali, 247:object." The man's attitude becomes pure fixed attention; his physical body, his emotions,Patanjali, 248:Quality and subjective relationships engross his attention and the form aspect is lost sight of,Patanjali, 251:plane existence. They no longer attract his attention. He is not concentrated upon, or engrossed byPatanjali, 251:upon, or engrossed by them. He can focus his attention at will and can hold his mind steadyPatanjali, 263:states of mind relating to the three worlds. His attention is focused upon a specific object, andPatanjali, 285:the few remaining effects. Through strict attention to the motive underlying every act of thePatanjali, 294:the practice of love, the focusing of the attention upon the heart life and service, and thePatanjali, 304:achieved and its Results 29. By concentrated attention upon the center called the solar plexus,Patanjali, 310:achieved and its Results 30-31. By fixing the attention upon the throat center, the cessation ofPatanjali, 310:of hunger and thirst will ensue. By fixing the attention upon the tube or nerve below the throatPatanjali, 326:they will assume undue importance, engross undue attention and prove stumbling blocks to thePatanjali, 327:work. Later a second triplicity will engross his attention, [328] The thinker, The mind, The brain,Patanjali, 384:right control of the life force, abstraction, attention, meditation and contemplation. (See BookPatanjali, 384:right control of the life force, abstraction, attention, meditation and contemplation. It might bePatanjali, 395:of desire-impelled mind images which occupy his attention and form the motive power of his life arePatanjali, 399:for the man to reorient himself so that his attention is no longer attracted outward by the streamProblems, 18:regimented. This negativity must be overcome and attention must be paid to the careful training ofProblems, 37:literature of the world is also brought to his attention. The general level of civilizedProblems, 48:correctly and usefully and by an urge to attract attention. These are simply the initial gesturesProblems, 50:do. Then in Europe, we have had educational attention concentrated upon a few privileged groups,Problems, 58:aspects of civilization will be brought to his attention and the dry-as-dust information, dates andProblems, 58:should also, under the new era, receive fuller attention; the child will be spurred on toProblems, 94:to be found; parties are clamoring for attention and adherents; religious groups are spreadingProblems, 95:are attracting at this time much public attention. If they can be solved a tremendous step forwardProblems, 95:of America and one which is attracting great attention. This problem is unique in the sense that itProblems, 101:points to which the Jew at no time seems to pay attention and yet it is these things in theirProblems, 121:some line of action and forcing it on public attention by propaganda and by campaigning. It willProblems, 148:and inexperience betray which have engrossed the attention of the churches to the exclusion of theProblems, 150:today is only just beginning to engross human attention; its lowest aspect, Goodwill, is only nowProblems, 151:light and love. Christ also brought to human attention three deeply necessary concepts: The extreme
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